Valentino signature La Traviata

Sunday in Rome was held the first of Traviata, directed by Sofia Coppola and costumes by Valentino Garavani
A recessed so the Opera House of Rome l do not ‘had ever seen: one million and two hundred thousand euro.
Director: Sofia Coppola.
Art Direction: Nathan Crowely (the genius of the images, in curriculum: Batman Begins and The Dark Knight)
Costumes: Valentino Garavani who signed the Violetta gowns (and sewn in the studio); Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative directors of the House, have designed the Flora’s dresses and those worn by the choir (in collaboration with the tailoring of the Opera)

He told so, no one would imagine what it was but trattavasi de La Traviata. And in fact it was an unrepeatable spectacle. In Rome, Teatro dell’Opera.
Who was there said that Rome, on the first night, really looked like the old Rome of the great cinema.

Only fifteen evenings: from 24 May to 30 June.

Sofia Coppola’s Oscar for Lost in Translation, said, “I did not know to expect and I would not have found the courage to direct an opera, but then Valentino asked me” and apparently has not been able to say no.
Her stylist says, “has a strong musical sensibility and aesthetic sense. Sa grant classic and modern “.

Viewers of exception: virtually everyone.
Nobody wanted to miss such an event (arrived for the occasion, from Cannes, even Mr. and Mrs. West, Kim and Kanye).
In short, it becomes difficult not to want to go.

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