Honda Project 2 & 4, a monster in half

It has the engine of a MotoGP and weighs a third of a normal car

What happens if you work for one department of research and development of the company’s most technologically advanced in the world, in the field of engines, and this issue a “race” between you and all of your colleagues in other R & D team to develop the coolest prototype that there is?

It happens that you can think of the most foolish things of the world and win the contest as well. Not just things like, we put the engine of a motorcycle on a car? But things like, we put the engine in a MotoGP on a machine? So your business in MotoGP it really runs. It also makes the best bike that has been around for about twenty years now.

It is more or less so than did the Honda Project 2 & 4, a kind of go-kartone, in line with the latest trends (KTM buzz and Lotus), moved by the powerful V4 which equips the RC213V engaged in the top class of Grand Prix racing.

999 cc, 215 hp at 13,000 rpm and 118 Nm at 10,500 rpm, for 405 Kg. Take account of having more than six hundred on your golf and you’ll have a rough idea of ​​what drives this business.

A real monster although, looking at it, you can not help but think about the fact that that same engine, equips a small missile on two wheels that pounds it weighs only 158. Ah, in that configuration, then, runs well in free power and horses makes 260. Who is the real monster then?

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