The tv is crazy about Riley Keough,

With its escort of adventures in The Girlfriend Experience is more flames grandfather, establishing itself as a new scandalous star of the small screen. And not only, as the film that brought her to Cannes (American Honey)

“When it comes to being inhibited and things like that, that’s … .diciamo that are not.” So Riley Keough responded a few weeks ago to a journalist who asked her if she felt embarrassed to shoot some of the most “intimate scenes” by The Girlfriend Experience, the TV series about the world of escort aired in Italy on Infinity TV. The rest of the entertainment world, and its rules, Riley knows them since childhood. His grandfather Elvis, his mother Lisa Marie Presley, his father the musician Danny Keough and her stepfathers – only for short periods, however – Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

“For me, growing up in a famous environment has never been strange, but the norm. I had no other terms of comparison. ”
His debut in show business came about 14 years, 2003, parading in Italy for Dolce & Gabbana, the one to the movies in 2010 with The Runaways, with a small role opposite Kirsten Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

Since then, the model and actress in Los Angeles (and where else could it be?) Street has come, so that is one of the protagonists of the Cannes festival in 2016 with one of the most anticipated movies of the entire festival, American Honey. It tells the story of a teenager left to itself that decides to join a group of (frantic) sellers of a travel magazine that covers the US Midwest to do subscriptions. The journey becomes a pretext for a continuous basis to sex and drugs party. With rookie Sasha Lane as the protagonist, the cast then counts on Shia LaBeouf., While Keough is one of the party girls.

On the red carpet of Cannes Riley was already in 2014 to accompany Foxcatcher (but only for “friendship), while last year, despite its participation in Mad Max: Fury Road, he had not had time because of other commitments work. “I like the environment, but do not like the gossip or the tabloids. I try to avoid places where people are likely to come forografate “.

Maybe, but on Instagram it has over 107 thousand followers. “But it’s different. I choose when and where to shoot. ”

If in the past, thanks to the various projects in which he participated, the media focus on her was high, with the lead role in The Girlfriend Experience its popularity has experienced a boom that she did well accompanied with the interviews: “I was immediately intrigued by the character. It is not a nice person, is a borderline sociopath who really loves sex and has no interest in discussing emotions. Not your typical female role in short, it seems written for a man. How could not charm me? “.

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