In the vault of Ruinart with Erwin Olaf to Miart

La Maison Champagne still leading at the Milan Fair of contemporary art with the great Dutch photographer

There are at least two good reasons to visit the Miart (at Milan until April 10): the first is the opportunity to discover new and interesting artists and important works of contemporary art. The second is enclosed in a glass of champagne. And not one, but any of Ruinart champagne, one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion house of the Reims region. But not only to enjoy French wine. Ruinart, in fact, a very long time accompanies his name in the world of the arts, especially contemporary art. So this year in the exclusive lounge set up inside the Fair, in Milan as in Basel and Miami, Ruinart delights us not only with its fine champagnes, but also with a very original construction. The author is a great Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf (in top right photo), which has been struck by the vivid vision of the ancient cellars and vault Ruinart. From here came the bellisisma series of photographs and posters in black and white display at Miart.

Extremely impressive walls, walls that bear the traces of a long history. With graffiti, shapes and images that emerge almost by accident. An exhibition, in short, to visit absolutely … with a glass of champagne in hand.

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