Holidays in the Mediterranean, including perfumes, texture and souvenirs from the Dolce Vita


Jackie Kennedy walking barefoot through the narrow streets of Capri? Unforgettable. And Brigitte Bardot sipping a coffee with her sexy pout in the square in Saint Tropez? Amazing. Those were the years of the Dolce Vita, those in which small seaside towns of Capri, Saint Tropez, Taormina, Portofino turned into goals-magnet of the Hollywood jet set. In the background a maquis, lush, profumuta, full of bright and warm colors. Scenarios, the latter, who continue to inspire the world of cosmetics. So then the creams become squeezed citrus to sprinkle on the body, the trick leads the sun on her cheeks and the smells seem to just want to tell tales of the sea and diving into the blue.

How to associate the Portofino retro charm to a perfume? By Neroli oil, extracted from the essence of orange blossom. So Tom Ford Neroli Portofino explains the genesis of water, a citrus-amber bouquet that leaves the air a warm and irresistible wake. While the white flower of the honeysuckle vine, typical of the island of Capri, comes the new women’s Eau de Toilette Light Blue Love in Capri Dolce & Gabbana. Did you forget your last summer in Taormina? Will “rispolverarvi” memory (olfactory) Cedro Taormina Acqua di Parma: refined cocktail flavor to the citrus notes of citron and petit grain with those of aromatic basil.

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