The first restaurant nudist opened in London

16,000 bookings in just a few days for the temporary restaurant that before you even open, has already won the English capital
Buniady is a word of Hindi origin that means vital, natural, basic, and it is the name chosen for the first nudist restaurant will open in London in June this year.
This will be a temporary-restaurant whose survival will depend on the success of the initiative; the conditions seem to be any, on the site in fact, within a few days, have already reached more than 16 thousand reservations.
The message resides in a return to primeval nature for man: not only the absence of clothes, but also a basic ingredient menu km 0 cooked on grills heated by wood fire, in terracotta plates, edible cutlery and minimal furnishings bamboo and wood lit by candles.
This return to the roots will also result in a waiver of all the symbols of modernity: the local customers will be asked to leave the locker room in smartphones and cameras.
The restaurant, which will also offer the opportunity, in a separate room, eating clothes, will propose a menu between 55 and 65 pounds per person with food, drink and tasting included.
A more honest that figure seen the standards of the English capital.
To serve, of course, naked waiters.

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