Best Gin small producers (and 4 themed books to read at all)

It is trendy but it is also good. Here are eight unknown seeds, but also three beautiful books to read, to collect necessary and useful. And a cockatil for GQ praparato from Gin Corner of Rome

Eight gin from Santa Cruz in Reggio Emilia going from Paris and Rotterdam before stopping in Rome for a master’s gin. Are small or medium-sized producers, where the packaging does much, but the difference is all contained in the bottle. This is the case of Distilleries de Paris which, in addition to producing vodka, rum and brandy, is known to connoisseurs for a gin from the aromatic structure citrus (bergamot) and slightly spicy.

Moving not far away, in Glasgow, Scotland, who goes against the current but does not produce whiskey gin: Makar tip on the double distillation in copper stills ancient.
On the other side of the ocean, along the Pacific coast, in Santa Cruz, California, is a young man named Sean Venus that, since 2014, manufactures in its two gin distillery, Venus 01 and 02 (aged in barrels American oak). The first focuses on 10 “botanicals” among which, in addition to juniper, lemon, ginger and lavender.
Returning to Europe, in Spain Santamanìa bet on a premium London Dry Gin with a spicy aftertaste coriander and liquorice.

Perfect for MADryD Martini, made with gin and vermouth.
from small chemical bottle to VL92, whose name derives from that of an old Dutch sailing ship whose goods (exotic spices) were considered too sophisticated for gin preparations. No product, boldly citrusy and spicy (cilantro).

For those who think that the more good gin is produced only in these countries, it should think again before two Icelandic producers: Vor Iceland and Martin Miller’s. The first is entirely produced on the island: the barley is grown on the Arctic Circle in a cold climate, which guarantees full flavor and strong. The second one is produced in England, in Langley in the heart of the Black Country, using juniper berries, licorice, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, orange peel and lemon. But then travels for a total of 4800 km round trip to Iceland, where it is reduced to a position with the water of the Icelandic glaciers, the purest water in the world.
To close an Italian product: Gin Clandestine distillery Mistico Speziale, a name that brings to mind the cocktails drunk within the walls of the speakeasy, the illegal bars the era of Prohibition. The aroma is resinous, dry and firm typical of juniper berries, coriander spiciness is given, balanced by the angelic presence that enhances the balsamic and floral notes of cardamom and calamus.

In bookshops or on Amazon
Among the fresh print books: Gin Annual 2015-16, which communicates with a number of international manufacturers, from Alexander Stein Monkey 47 (to which the new GQ March dedicated a double page 174-175) by adding some curiosity on the tonic, kind we get from Joice & Raissa de Haas sisters (hence the name of the drink). Collectible volume published by powerHouse Books on distillers of more hipster neighborhood of New York: “Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Distilling and Cocktails from the World’s Hippest Borough”. Beautiful pictures, good recipes, good stories, like that of two veterans of gin, Joe Santos and Emil Jättne.
More mainstream but still useful book published by De Agostini and written by Giorgio Gianoli the easy way easy, Cocktails: for those who do not want to make mistakes, you will find recipes of the most classic, starting with the Martini.
To close another book published by powerHouse Books, “Energy: cocktails to get you up.” Ironic but really useful especially for those who are in total hangover. The recipes in this book, even gin, are a panacea. Nothing but coffee and lemon and cold shower …

And finally, for those who were to be in Rome on March 23, can not make a jump to The Gin Corner Hotel Adriano in Rome, where there is the first lesson of the Gin Master Antonio Parlapiano. For this occasion, Patrick Pistolesi, Bar Manager of The Gin Corner has thought of a cocktail that is dedicating to GQ:

60 ml London Dry Gin
10ml Yellow Chartreuse
10 ml Domaine de Canton
20ml Lime Juice
Top of Schweppes Ginger and Cardamom

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