Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​2016

Crewe house has lifted the veil to m.y. 2016 of its Speed, the sports version of the Continental GT. Many horses and the usual mind-boggling price for the favorite car of Fabrizio Corona

Every time I see a Continental GT I think of Fabrizio Corona. I’m sorry, friends of Bentley, I know you deserve a testimonial to the height of your class, but the truth is that in the last dozen years – since, that is, entered the market – your powerful coupé has become unmistakably one of the favorite cars tamarri worldwide.

Your fault! The GT is indeed beautiful, powerful, luxurious and dearest. What do you want? An update may be an answer. Not surprisingly, in recent hours, the brands belonging to the Volkswagen group has lifted the veil of the last Speed ​​variant version, the sports version (but not the sportiest – that’s the GT3-R) of the Continental range.

The version currently on the market of the Continental GT Speed, launched at full speed on a highway of “Northern territory” of an unspecified state.

The m.y. 2016 mounts a renewed W12 6.0-liter, credited with a power of 642 hp (+7 compared to the past) and a maximum equal to 840 Nm: enough for it to reach the 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, from a standing start, and a maximum speed of 331 Km / h. With the new model will be provided, also, the so-called Black Edition (available both for the coupe variant that for the convertible). To distinguish it from the Speed ​​”base”, the coloring of some aerodynamic details, miniskirts and some profiles of the rear axle, in addition to the mirrors – and in addition to a carbon fiber mountain (like potato chips Tex Willer) scattered here and there inside.

You like it? The new Speed ​​will be available from next summer usual dizzying price.

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