Cortina d’Ampezzo, like reliving the eighties in a weekend

Just hop on top of Belluno, lurking in a five star in the Dolomites and it rejuvenates in a snap
It happens only in Cortina d’Ampezzo, possibly. Parties, run, grind hundreds of kilometers, accumulations experiences / girlfriends / husbands, meet people, and yet every time I come back here is like taking a trip back. Why did you feel that the eighties are not really finished in 1989. How was this possible? Allow us to explain in 7 points.
1. Everything is mega, super, big, exaggerated
From New Year celebrations (from lust) to the legendary party Gianluca Vacchi, the son of super-rich industrialists who at age 50 draws pajamas evening, going around in slippers, collect tissue / starlets, it’s always party and repeated obsessively: Enjoy! You see it and you expect, from one moment to the next, it appears one of Vanzinas brothers and give you a pat on the shoulder before yelling Ciak! As if the 80 they had never finished. To say. Passes the Bilbò or Villa Sandi for an aperitif / champagnino and you find it difficult to enter because the passage is obstructed by Pagani red flame and / or Mercedes G63 AMG, better known as 6X6: a kind of Hammer, but also more expensive (by a million dollars).
2. And even bikes are “fat”
Yes, because they are called fat bike tires monstrously fat and cost as a scooter. A vespino, sorry. It’s the latest fashion of the moment for those who love cycling and bike would go on to bed. So if you can use it on the snow (or sand) it feels very accomplished. Which happens riding a fat bike, that is what it was for the children of the 80’s BMX, motocross bike. There were to rise above and you felt a God. More or less even with this. Only that it takes the helmet because from Col Gallina, over 2000 meters above sea level, you hurl at Cortina on the slopes still completely white. No track, zero cycle track, all adrenaline. And you feel it again gggiovane.
3. Turn fur for Easter
As if nothing had happened in over 30 years of animal rights battles: no conscience vegan, these parts; the wolves are too many; hooray hunting. Just walk into any five-star, take a walk in Corso Italy, go to the grocery store to the Cooperative which does business since 1893: if you are over 25 years you wrap in a coat / a stole / a jacket / a mink vest . Easter also. More eighties so. And then, in the chalets, the fur even hang it on the walls instead of wallpaper. Leaning casually a sheepskin (or lamb) on fir benches in the dining room, on a white chair the Eames brothers, on the couch (skin him as well). There are deer antlers instead of door handles, stuffed moose heads nailed above the fireplace. It is the Montagnards-cafonal style.
4. Maracaibo is still a hit
As I Like Chopin Gazebo or Moonlight Shadow Mike Olfield, soundtrack of the legendary Christmas Holidays (’83): shoot the throttle on the ski slopes on the Faloria, Cristallo, the Five Towers, the Tofane. Really. You just do not find more Karina Huff in baby pink suit with padding on the shoulders à la Star Trek. But a few more almost forty in such Moncler.
5. The Vip is alive and fight with us
In the sense that the local VIPs which was the setting of fine cinepanettoni still exists and sometimes it happens that the plan Billo sit down and say, “I’m not beautiful: like me.” Then he sings. In short, if in Sharm el Sheikh Umberto Smaila has found America with piano bar, in Cortina Jerry Cala back often and puts on a show. As if it were still, 1983. Only a drink from 40 euro and who knows how many things were you doing in those years with 80 thousand pounds in his pocket.
6. But now go the “Slons”
Ie no snow lovers skiers, those who love the snow but rather than put your skis on stuff themselves with casunziei, dumplings, spatzle, polenta, apple pie and whipped cream. In summer, try the rock, maybe. Do shopping. Fill the Spa. They sleep under the stars in the Starlight room, a room of her own glass parked on top of Col Gallina. And enjoy life. Very Eighties.
7. Although …
… The roaring tourism of that decade has passed. Now a hotel comes away with a last minute even at 300 euro (per week), the pretzels are cheaper than in Milan, at the end of ski season are lowered by up to 70%, the spritz wine shop on Via Mercato is accompanied by abundant bacon, herb cheese, black bread of Merano. But just take a Bombardino while singing Duran Duran Wild Boys to foil the conspiracy of time passing.

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