In the vault of Ruinart with Erwin Olaf to Miart

La Maison Champagne still leading at the Milan Fair of contemporary art with the great Dutch photographer

There are at least two good reasons to visit the Miart (at Milan until April 10): the first is the opportunity to discover new and interesting artists and important works of contemporary art. The second is enclosed in a glass of champagne. And not one, but any of Ruinart champagne, one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion house of the Reims region. But not only to enjoy French wine. Ruinart, in fact, a very long time accompanies his name in the world of the arts, especially contemporary art. So this year in the exclusive lounge set up inside the Fair, in Milan as in Basel and Miami, Ruinart delights us not only with its fine champagnes, but also with a very original construction. The author is a great Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf (in top right photo), which has been struck by the vivid vision of the ancient cellars and vault Ruinart. From here came the bellisisma series of photographs and posters in black and white display at Miart.

Extremely impressive walls, walls that bear the traces of a long history. With graffiti, shapes and images that emerge almost by accident. An exhibition, in short, to visit absolutely … with a glass of champagne in hand.

Holidays in the Mediterranean, including perfumes, texture and souvenirs from the Dolce Vita


Jackie Kennedy walking barefoot through the narrow streets of Capri? Unforgettable. And Brigitte Bardot sipping a coffee with her sexy pout in the square in Saint Tropez? Amazing. Those were the years of the Dolce Vita, those in which small seaside towns of Capri, Saint Tropez, Taormina, Portofino turned into goals-magnet of the Hollywood jet set. In the background a maquis, lush, profumuta, full of bright and warm colors. Scenarios, the latter, who continue to inspire the world of cosmetics. So then the creams become squeezed citrus to sprinkle on the body, the trick leads the sun on her cheeks and the smells seem to just want to tell tales of the sea and diving into the blue.

How to associate the Portofino retro charm to a perfume? By Neroli oil, extracted from the essence of orange blossom. So Tom Ford Neroli Portofino explains the genesis of water, a citrus-amber bouquet that leaves the air a warm and irresistible wake. While the white flower of the honeysuckle vine, typical of the island of Capri, comes the new women’s Eau de Toilette Light Blue Love in Capri Dolce & Gabbana. Did you forget your last summer in Taormina? Will “rispolverarvi” memory (olfactory) Cedro Taormina Acqua di Parma: refined cocktail flavor to the citrus notes of citron and petit grain with those of aromatic basil.

The first restaurant nudist opened in London

16,000 bookings in just a few days for the temporary restaurant that before you even open, has already won the English capital
Buniady is a word of Hindi origin that means vital, natural, basic, and it is the name chosen for the first nudist restaurant will open in London in June this year.
This will be a temporary-restaurant whose survival will depend on the success of the initiative; the conditions seem to be any, on the site in fact, within a few days, have already reached more than 16 thousand reservations.
The message resides in a return to primeval nature for man: not only the absence of clothes, but also a basic ingredient menu km 0 cooked on grills heated by wood fire, in terracotta plates, edible cutlery and minimal furnishings bamboo and wood lit by candles.
This return to the roots will also result in a waiver of all the symbols of modernity: the local customers will be asked to leave the locker room in smartphones and cameras.
The restaurant, which will also offer the opportunity, in a separate room, eating clothes, will propose a menu between 55 and 65 pounds per person with food, drink and tasting included.
A more honest that figure seen the standards of the English capital.
To serve, of course, naked waiters.

The life of Riley in Cannes

Experience the city of Costa Azzurra in style: the arrival by private jet, a lap on the desert island seeds, up to the smell made to measure

Epicenter of the jet-set nightlife, cross-age and interests and crowded superstar … Cannes has never been so alive. Here for you a mini-guide of things to do including billionaires pleasures, culture and little luxuries for connoisseurs.

1. The arrival in style
Whenever possible it is strongly recommended to start the vacation home, even from the runway; with an arrival in style in a city that certainly is not afraid of luxury and comfort. With its extensive fleet of private jets and helicopters Paramount Business Jets is the company to turn to and they address different names in Hollywood and European golden youth.

2. Create a fragrance tailored
Dream of any sophisticated man is having your own fragrance, a distinctive note which unites not to anyone else. This is possible thanks to so-called “noses”, men and women who follow your advice with you to create a personalized fragrance, according to your tastes, personality and needs.

A ‘magical experience and all-encompassing to be granted only and only by Galimard

3. Escape from the clamor
In the event that the Lamborghini roaring, the sound of the music of the most famous DJs in the world and the constant coming and going of helicopters they will stew in less than two kilometers from whatever is Ile Saint-Honorat, small wild paradise belonging to a congregation of monks, it is a perfect place for a historic day “battery charging”

4. The iconic place
Take a walk to Notre-Dame-de-Vie, where Picasso spent his last years of life: a magical place, full of charm, where you can breathe the most authentic essence and genuine hospitality and relaxed atmosphere typical of southern France.

5. Groped fortune
Magnates and tourists, young and very old, for addiction or simple curiosity, thousands and thousands of people are trying their luck in one of the most glamorous casino in the world, the Barrière Croisette Casino. Even if you do not have the ambition to lighten your wallet is worth a visit as the representative of the vices and virtues of the city.

Pep Guardiola brand ambassador for Gore-Tex, wearing Herno Laminar field

Here the choice jacket from the current coach of FC Bayern Monaco to show off both in the field and during leisure time

Pep Guardiola, current coach of FC Bayern Monaco, both in the field and during leisure wears the Herno Gore-Tex line “Laminar”. Herno Laminar continues his sartorial engineering project in partnership with Gore, manufacturer of technical fabric Gore-Tex and Gore Windstopper. The Laminar Herno collection is inspired by the needs and the style of modern life, perfect both at work and at play. The garments are produced with sophisticated and highly innovative techniques.

Guardiola chose raincoat with detachable cappuccino 2layers fabric Gore-Tex. Outer shell made from polyester blended with heat seals and inner membrane Gore-Tex. To maintain a perfect body temperature head is padded with fine goose down. The double lacing – press buttons and zipper – and the elasticated wrists make it perfectly waterproof windproof.