Ferran Adrià is back in the kitchen, but only for a Dom Pérignon

The best cook in the world and the best wine in the world have created an unforgettable night: the event “This Is Not a Dinner”, in Barcelona, ​​for a double celebration. The presentation of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005, and the launch of the project “Decoding”

It took Richard Geoffrey to put Ferran Adrià in the kitchen. The first is the Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon, guardian of history and style, the creator of the precious vintage vintages. The second is the chef of El Bulli, five times nominated for “best in the world” by “The Restaurant Magazine” before closing the room (despite having booked tables from there to eternity almost) to move on. And that is, in pure research – primarily on food, to educate the generations to come – in the elBullifoundation spaces. Geoffrey and Adrià have created together an evening event to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005, and the first three months of collaboration with elBulliLab that will last three years: Dom Pérignon Decoding.
2005 amazing vintage
The Dom Perignon Vintage 2005 will be long remembered. Because the result of a very hot summer until August and then rainy early September, when the botrytis, a gray mold attacks the Pinot Noir.

Richard Geoffrey will be located in front of one of the difficult decisions of his career: decide for an early harvest or wait for the grapes to reach full maturity? Geoffrey is a man who likes to take risks, and the result is a year of sharp contrasts and a production of small numbers. A record of sophistication, “The vintage 2004 remained available for two years, a record for our production”, calculates the Chef de Cave. “With a quarter of the bottles obtained the year before, the 2005 vintage will not go beyond six, eight months.”

This is not a Dinner
It is around an extraordinary wine that Ferran Adrià has therefore built the menu of “no dinner” thought and setting designed as an experiential play in the spaces of Palo Alto, former Poblenou factory that houses show room, artist’s studio, photo shoots and events vintage. Away from the kitchen from 2011, the chef who has been able to deconstruct the food (and around which to his knowledge has created a business model) has staged 29 snacks divided into four groups, Minerality-Intensity-Integrity-Harmony, to enhance the virtues of Dom Pérignon 2005. Dall’arachide camouflage the fried rabbit ears, through the mummy of narrow red mullet in cotton candy, the path is started in reverse, starting from the cake that is not afraid to be misunderstood as he walks towards the salt. Some of these snacks, tapas in the manner of Adrià, who over the years has developed 400, will remain inextricably linked to the brand: in the future, this is the idea, they will accompany the Dom Pérignon in aperitifs to be ordered in a few highly selected local. The most beloved of Richard Geoffrey (as many of the guests), it was the ginger snacks with flowers and yogurt, “He touched me. I find it very sexy. ”

The area for the “Dom Pérignon Decoding” within elBulliLab, in Barcelona: here the men of Ferran Adrià will study for three years, what is unique about the Dom Perignon champagne
The area for the “Dom Pérignon Decoding” within elBulliLab, in Barcelona: here the men of Ferran Adrià will study for three years, what is unique about the Dom Perignon champagne

Ferran Adrià decoding Dom Pérignon
The cooperation has just begun, but the men who commute between France and Spain are thrilled Sapiens method, the system developed by Adrià to approach a subject, roll it out on a map twinge of notions, enciclopizzare all, locate ‘ unusual to find a new interpretation. In an area of ​​elBulliLab, the envoys of the house are “dismantling” its own history to understand what pieces of the puzzle will be used to reconstruct a new brand vision. It is what they will do for the next three years, if not longer. The goal? Opening to the world, share a culture defense for centuries, make it even more unique experience Dom Pérignon.

Ferran calls, Cirque du Soleil responds
The next project of cook who never stops? Work started on elBulli1846, the new space of Cala Montjoi where a team of 20 people will again meet creativity and gastronomy, but this time combined with performances and master (everything will be distributed via the internet, this is the promise), Adrià prepares to usher in a non-restaurant with a non-menu, but a lot of the scene around. Name: Heart. Address: Ibiza. Opening late May 2016. His fellow adventurers, in this round, will be the minds of Cirque du Soleil (which also dedicate a production at the Expo, on the bill in Milan from May 6 to August 23). Book airline flights. We will have to make follies.

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