AC / DC, the new singer is … Axl Rose?

A DJ in Atlanta claims that the singer of Guns N ‘Roses could sing with the AC / DC for ten US tour dates, extended for the abandonment of Brian Johnson. If true, it would sound like?

Easter egg of AC / DC could come out none other than Axl Rose: in the last hours there was the rumor that would give the singer of Guns N ‘Roses as the voice of Australian hard rock band in the world tour “Rock or Bust”, in tranches US.

Axl Rose at the microphone AC / DC could be a surprising conclusion to the story that ultimately takes the bench in the rock world.
Last month, in fact, AC / DC have “lost” their singer Brian Johnson, who risks losing his hearing and had to give up the shot.
On another, there have been various rumors, that Angus Young would fire Johnson because the health problems of the singer seems to be due to his fixation racing unprotected.
Gossip, bounced around the world and resulted in the intervention of comedian Jim Breuer, was then denied by the same Breuer “I exaggerated”, but apart from embroidery, one thing remains certain: Brian Johnson had to leave the tour, to prevent hearing loss.

In early March, the official website of the band, AC / DC had officially announced that the health problems of Johnson forced him to abandon the tour and the first dates in the States (who should have traveled on March 8) would be reprogrammed , probably “with guest vocals.”
On this detail, of course, have been let loose several hypotheses, which now bear the name of Axl Rose: to spread the idea that it should be emphasized, is still at the level of rumors, the head Alternative Nation, which reported the intervention of Jason Bailey, speaker of a broadcast Atlanta Radio 100.5.

DJ, informed by “very reliable sources”, he revealed that Axl Rose is in Atlanta, where AC / DC should resume the tour, for a reason: “As far as I know, Axl met with AC / DC because It has not yet concluded the agreement that would see the entry of the first concerts, ten. From what I was told, Angus (Young, ed) is a type that does not include shades, everything is black or white. It’s the kind that, knowing that Brian for health reasons can not continue as frontman, and he would have to withdraw after the last tour, but they wanted to continue to play live and make music, he said ‘if you do not make it, you Thank you for your services, but the show must go on ‘. They are in town (Atlanta, ed) and they did auditions for a singer, then drew Axl for a second time, according to my source. ”

It also seems that the son of Angus, Malcolm Ross Young, has published an article on Facebook Ultimate-Guitar about, commenting positively: “It’s all true, can and will do it”, only to delete the post. He must have been scolded by his father because nothing is official yet?

Just have to wait any official confirmation, although for fans of AC / DC is the curiosity, mixed with doubt, how could sound the voice of Axl Rose on the band’s hard rock songs.

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