Braava Jet, Roomba them that you wash the floor

The younger brother of the vacuum cleaner robot is designed to wash the floor throughout the house, saving you a lot ‘of fatigue
The use of robots for home cleaning was the key to success of iRobot, which launched worldwide the Roomba vacuum cleaner. These devices make the rounds of the house, are controllable via smartphone, clean any more hidden corner and then return to base to get in office. From today the US company takes another step forward by presenting the first floor-washing robot that mops all over the house, saving you a lot ‘of fatigue.
It’s called Braava Jet Mopping Robot and is a miniature Roomba that instead of simply removing the dust, you can also wash floors, spraying water in front of him and passing the mop through the cloth stuck below the surface. You can choose from three modes: the base that eliminates only the dirt, the wet washing for tiled floors or to dry for parquet. Simply load of water and detergent tanks, attack the cloth and you’re done. Braava Jet will start to clean the house, moving autonomously, avoiding obstacles thanks to the integrated sensors and covering the entire surface washable thanks to an effective navigation algorithm that maps the room and optimizes the paths. In addition, since it has only one button for switching, you will be able to figure out which one you prefer mode to suit the cloth colleagues “reading” the type of cloth through an optical sensor.
The robot takes about an hour to clean an area of ​​20 square meters, while the battery life is approximately one hour and a half. Unfortunately Braava Jet does not support the ability to be controlled remotely from your smartphone so you have to turn on the device and put it in person in charge manually, but it is definitely one of the robots for the most complete and cost home so far available ($ 199).

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