N Concept, the prototype Sony headphones that you do not wear on the ears

The directional speaker should be worn around the neck. I have a prototype, but the Japanese may soon decide to put them on sale

Sony unveiled at SXSW – the South by Southwest festival held annually in Austin, Texas – a prototype of revolutionary headphones: a device that, rather than fit in or on the ear, to be worn around the neck.

The new product – code-named Concept N – is composed of directional speakers that send audio to the top, so it’s only you to listen to music in order not to disturb the others, but it allows you to use the headphones not isolate yourself from the outside world.

The idea was born to try to reinvent the concept of cap: Sony has tried to find a solution for those who want to own music or audio content but at the same time must be able to hear what is happening around him, for example, who is on foot or by bicycle. The device is also equipped with a video camera with which to take selfies or pictures to the surrounding environment, controllable through voice commands. Together with the “necklace”, Sony includes a pair of earphones cone-shaped, in case you wish to return to have traditional listening experience.

According to the Japanese with the Concept N you can actually hold a conversation while you’re listening to music.

The site The Verge could carry out a test preview, experiencing the goodness of the Future Labs Japanese job: directional hearing was clear and clean, and the volume was not high enough to annoy those who were nearby. To be reviewed instead voice commands that tend to get lost in a chaotic and noisy environment. At the time Sony has not disclosed plans to put on sale shortly Concept N, but since other manufacturers had similar plans for the future – such as the LG Tone Infinim – it is possible that there may be a breakthrough in the short .

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