The recipe Cracco

The recipe Cracco: marinated egg yolk, tomato soup and vegetables sour Carlo Cracco, six seasons of the talent MasterChef judge, revises his classic and showcases marinated egg yolks, tomato soup and vegetables all ‘ agro: “the egg is a symbol of birth, so a good omen for a new adventure of GQ,” he says.
To Davide Oldani, instead, is a “Smoke-In” velvety purple and red cabbage, strichetti the burnt wheat, which he describes as “a gentleman dish”: “Because my kitchen is like a tuxedo, has its own rules but it has been updated and modified. My velvety purple cabbage is so: elegant, but not in a cast. ” Andrea Berton, finally, red prawns raw and cooked Sicily, crispy amaranth, olive oil Taggiasca and beetroot sorbet
Marinated egg yolk, pappa al sour tomato and vegetables
For 4 people:
1 kg coarse salt
250 g sugar
4 egg yolks (marinated)
500 g puree of dried beans
12 g mustard seeds
sour vegetables: carrots, radishes, green beans, snow peas
200 g white wine
230 g vinegar
350 g water
100 g sugar
30 g salt
1 g every 100 g of agar agar
Pappa al pomodoro
500 g of cooked tomato sauce
180 g dry bread
Extra virgin olive oil
(2 tablespoons), salt q.s.
Chili (1 pc)
Bring to a boil and add the tomato sauce off the heat the bread until it reached a “cream” firm and steady. Season with oil, salt and add a pinch of red pepper. Mix the salt, sugar and 500 g of beans, put the egg yolks to marinate for 4-5 hours, rinse under water. Beat egg whites left over from 4 eggs and lay them between two sheets of baking paper, bake at 150 degrees in the oven for about 5 minutes. Blanch the vegetables, fill the bags for the cold vacuum with carp and let stand at least 4 hours. Place the egg in a shallow dish, combine in any order the sour vegetables, grain mustard, the egg cooked in the oven and a jelly spoon tomato.

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