Putin Put Out, viral satire Klemen Slakonja

Three million views in a week for the video of comedian Slovenian Klemen Slakonja that after Putin promises new parodies: Donald Trump and Angela Merkel. Video
Tiny Slovenia attaches Russia, the US and Germany with his best weapon: satire. Nothing particularly destructive and even original, but a parody of the comic Klemen Slakonja hits the mark thanks to the enormous charge of vitality released by the music video on Youtube Putin putout that collects the consent of more than three million people in the space of a single week.
A promising start to the second in a series of satirical comedy song, after the one dedicated to Pope Francis, which will be followed by a Donald Trump and Angela Merkel, the Slovenian artist intends to achieve with the project crowdfunding #TheMockingbirdMan.
The kind that Klemen Slakonja revealed he knew master is the comedy song, the satirical song dedicated to the most popular political figures known in Italy thanks to Maurizio Crozza, to Oblivion, and social context, the Sora Cesira.
The strengths of Putin putout are in the title and in the style chosen by Klemen Slakonja. Putin putout is a pun detector of an ego-centered world where everything is related to the will of the leader, a name that seems to have drawn their own destiny by winning. Anything that is not Putin putout.
The pun is supported by a demented vein that recalls partly the Gangstam Style and leans sull’insensatezza of institutional communication campaign of the Russian leader portrayed as a macho that anything can (in English dog that is pronounced like the Ken of Barbie ) and he wants.
This official iconosgrafia are based gags in the video. Putin riding a horse bare-chested, defeats a battery of chess players, hunting wild animals and dance in tights showing an obvious bulge in the front also initiate a frenzied dance punctuated by music that looks like a real summer hit.
The reality that the adult is more adulterated herself and a second youth in the dance. Putin shows the circus nature of his power and the vast emptiness that knows how to leave as soon leaves the scene. Putout.

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