10 players who are almost crazy for a role

There is not just Heath Ledger. By Robert DeNiro Jared Leto, the new Joker, the most famous cases on the border between interpretation and madness “Heath Ledger did not do Joker” said director Christopher Nolan after the death from poisoning caused by the combined effects of sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs and analgesics, which occurred after the interpretation of the Oscar […]

Cheers, good St. Patrick’s Day!

Oh, joy! Today is the time of day when you a beer to a beautiful stranger is easier St. Patrick, whom the folklore parade, and from whom a parade of beautiful green color of which are colored the streets today (and pubs) all over the world, including toast, tales of leprechauns and pots of treasure and memories of large enterprises […]

A resort in the desert, romantic and eco-friendly

It is the one designed by Baharash Architecture for the south of the United Arab: 84 suites for 14,500 square meters of solar panels, which wind around an ancient oasis From above seem almost a staple, he fell from above and landed there, in the middle of the desert. But what Baharash Architecture designed for the southern region of the […]