Ferran Adrià is back in the kitchen, but only for a Dom Pérignon

The best cook in the world and the best wine in the world have created an unforgettable night: the event “This Is Not a Dinner”, in Barcelona, ​​for a double celebration. The presentation of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005, and the launch of the project “Decoding”

It took Richard Geoffrey to put Ferran Adrià in the kitchen. The first is the Chef de Cave of Dom Pérignon, guardian of history and style, the creator of the precious vintage vintages. The second is the chef of El Bulli, five times nominated for “best in the world” by “The Restaurant Magazine” before closing the room (despite having booked tables from there to eternity almost) to move on. And that is, in pure research – primarily on food, to educate the generations to come – in the elBullifoundation spaces. Geoffrey and Adrià have created together an evening event to celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005, and the first three months of collaboration with elBulliLab that will last three years: Dom Pérignon Decoding.
2005 amazing vintage
The Dom Perignon Vintage 2005 will be long remembered. Because the result of a very hot summer until August and then rainy early September, when the botrytis, a gray mold attacks the Pinot Noir.

Richard Geoffrey will be located in front of one of the difficult decisions of his career: decide for an early harvest or wait for the grapes to reach full maturity? Geoffrey is a man who likes to take risks, and the result is a year of sharp contrasts and a production of small numbers. A record of sophistication, “The vintage 2004 remained available for two years, a record for our production”, calculates the Chef de Cave. “With a quarter of the bottles obtained the year before, the 2005 vintage will not go beyond six, eight months.”

This is not a Dinner
It is around an extraordinary wine that Ferran Adrià has therefore built the menu of “no dinner” thought and setting designed as an experiential play in the spaces of Palo Alto, former Poblenou factory that houses show room, artist’s studio, photo shoots and events vintage. Away from the kitchen from 2011, the chef who has been able to deconstruct the food (and around which to his knowledge has created a business model) has staged 29 snacks divided into four groups, Minerality-Intensity-Integrity-Harmony, to enhance the virtues of Dom Pérignon 2005. Dall’arachide camouflage the fried rabbit ears, through the mummy of narrow red mullet in cotton candy, the path is started in reverse, starting from the cake that is not afraid to be misunderstood as he walks towards the salt. Some of these snacks, tapas in the manner of Adrià, who over the years has developed 400, will remain inextricably linked to the brand: in the future, this is the idea, they will accompany the Dom Pérignon in aperitifs to be ordered in a few highly selected local. The most beloved of Richard Geoffrey (as many of the guests), it was the ginger snacks with flowers and yogurt, “He touched me. I find it very sexy. ”

The area for the “Dom Pérignon Decoding” within elBulliLab, in Barcelona: here the men of Ferran Adrià will study for three years, what is unique about the Dom Perignon champagne
The area for the “Dom Pérignon Decoding” within elBulliLab, in Barcelona: here the men of Ferran Adrià will study for three years, what is unique about the Dom Perignon champagne

Ferran Adrià decoding Dom Pérignon
The cooperation has just begun, but the men who commute between France and Spain are thrilled Sapiens method, the system developed by Adrià to approach a subject, roll it out on a map twinge of notions, enciclopizzare all, locate ‘ unusual to find a new interpretation. In an area of ​​elBulliLab, the envoys of the house are “dismantling” its own history to understand what pieces of the puzzle will be used to reconstruct a new brand vision. It is what they will do for the next three years, if not longer. The goal? Opening to the world, share a culture defense for centuries, make it even more unique experience Dom Pérignon.

Ferran calls, Cirque du Soleil responds
The next project of cook who never stops? Work started on elBulli1846, the new space of Cala Montjoi where a team of 20 people will again meet creativity and gastronomy, but this time combined with performances and master (everything will be distributed via the internet, this is the promise), Adrià prepares to usher in a non-restaurant with a non-menu, but a lot of the scene around. Name: Heart. Address: Ibiza. Opening late May 2016. His fellow adventurers, in this round, will be the minds of Cirque du Soleil (which also dedicate a production at the Expo, on the bill in Milan from May 6 to August 23). Book airline flights. We will have to make follies.

10 players who are almost crazy for a role

There is not just Heath Ledger. By Robert DeNiro Jared Leto, the new Joker, the most famous cases on the border between interpretation and madness
“Heath Ledger did not do Joker” said director Christopher Nolan after the death from poisoning caused by the combined effects of sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs and analgesics, which occurred after the interpretation of the Oscar more psychopathic villain of the history of comics in the movie The Dark Knight . “I could not stop thinking, my body was exhausted, but my mind was racing a thousand per hour” said Ledger on days that lent itself to the body and mind schizophrenic clown who will soon be starring Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. Heath Ledger as other professionals in the big screen have gone very close to losing his head and let themselves carried away by the script, to play a character disturbed or suffering, which proved to be a demon ready to seize the artist, unable to master it for the duration of the film.
1. Robert DeNiro – Cape Fear: The Cape of Fear
In the film of 1991 directed by Martin Scorsese, De Niro plays the killer psychopath Max Cady, who gets out of prison and begins to haunt the lawyer Sam Bowden family, his lawyer in a rape trial took place years before.
It is known that to prepare for the role the actor has spent about $ 5,000 to reduce his teeth as they appear in the film, and that you’ve done many tattoos do with the vegetable dyes that take months to fade. He also spent much time reading and studying crimes by true sexual nature, drawing inspiration for his character. The interpretation which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor has made me shudder even to Scorsese, and no doubt has remained in history.
2. Nicolas Cage – Birdy: Wings of Liberty
Cage starred in several specific roles in his career, Stress from Vampire Face Off Ghost Rider, but in this 1984 film directed by Alan Parker stars as a veteran is left disfigured in Vietnam. Following severe burns the actor had to hold his face bandaged for much of the film and be off four teeth to get closer to impaired psychological dimension of Sergeant Al Columbato, locked up in a military psychiatric hospital to fight the ghosts of the past and relate Birdy, a patient with catatonic schizophrenia starring Matthew Modine. “After five weeks with a bandaged head, when I removed the bandages my skin was completely infected with acne and ingrown hairs,” said Cage, emphasizing the physical effort and mental well for this role.
3. Joaquin Phoenix – I’m still here (I’m Here)
Joaquin Phoenix is ​​known for being unpredictable and eccentric actor in real life. Everyone will remember his announcement in 2008 that would have left the cinema to become a rap artist, a choice that led then to the creation of the documentary film I’m Still Here in 2010. After half a year of bizarre public appearances and behaviors that portrayed him changed and careless with a long beard and several pounds heavier, his documentary has shocked the public and the critics, who believed that Phoenix had come a bit ‘too much in character fooling everyone. As also stated Casey Affleck some time later, Joaquin Phoenix has become that character ranting and crazy just to advertise his project: “We did not want to tease anybody, we wanted to create a space, you believe that what was happening was real” .
4. Kate Winslet – The Reader
One of the most talented actresses of the moment, Kate Winslet, won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2009 for her role in The Reader – The Reader directed by Stephen Daldry, film adaptation of Bernhard Schlink’s novel. This role has been particularly challenging for Kate said: “It took months to get into character. It ‘was like recovering from a serious car accident and try to understand what had happened. ” However we can say that it is worth having the conquest of the sought statuette.
5. Adrien Brody – The Pianist
In the 2002 film directed by Roman Polanski the actor has played a talented pianist, Polish jew, who must escape deportation during World War II. “This role has had on me a very profound effect, and I wondered if he had had an effect on my sanity. I felt closer to the suffering and sadness that always exists in the world, “Brody said in an interview. Slimmed to weigh only 65 kg, the actor had to give up social life for six months, to focus on his character victim of extreme suffering, risking significant consequences for himself both physically and psychologically.
6. Jamie Dornan – The Fall
If you play a strong character tests an actor in a movie, let alone a TV series. Became famous for her role in the controversial Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan is a psychotic serial killer in the TV series BBC The Fall alongside Gillian Anderson. Husband and father of family day turns into a murderess of innocent women and isolated in the cold nights of Belfast, while the police investigates him. To better address the role and get into the mind of a serial killer the actor confessed to having stalked distance a woman fell from a train for several blocks. “You can not avoid getting slightly marked from playing someone like him for two seasons. I carry with me some of his elements in a disturbing way. I find that we can relate to him … I understand it deeply. Keep a bit ‘of that anger and hatred “.
7. Shia LaBeouf – Fury
Abandoned the role of light-hearted boy and ironic the Transformers franchise, Shia LaBeouf is often at the center of gossip for his behavior over the top in the style of Joaquin Phoenix. However, they are real facts or advertising ploys, his personality seems unstable but his commitment as an actor is total. Last of David Ayer film, Fury, was put to the test in order to interpret the gunner Boyd Swan with a tooth less, the cut face, and forced not to bathe for months. As pointed out by Brad Pitt, her partner in the cast: “It was totally immersed in the part. It is one that lives as anyone. I was lucky to work with many great players, but he is one of the best I’ve ever seen. ”
8. Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight
Heath Ledger is the most extreme example of this phenomenon of identification of an actor into a character, which requires energy and sacrifice. To prepare to play the Joker The Dark Knight actor was locked in a London hotel room for a month, writing a diary and experimenting with all the different items until you reached the total and flawless vision of the character . He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2009, but has never had the chance to see the finished film because of his sudden death. It has not yet been confirmed whether it was suicide or an unlucky intoxication by a mix of drugs with which he fought his depression and other illnesses.
9. Jared Leto – Suicide Squad
“I did quite a deep dive into. It ‘was fun fiddling with those psychological games. If you do not break the rules you can not eplorare new territories. I think we will not be able to dispose of the rest of my life, “said Jared Leto talking about his interpretation of the new cinecomic Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer and waited in Italian cinemas for the month of August 2016. The actor Dallas Buyers Club He plays the role of a new psychedelic and disturbing version of the most famous villain of Batman, which is allied with Deadshot, Harley Quinn and other comics dangerous criminals to complete a mission from a secret government agency and thus obtain one reduction of sentence. According to the rumors on the web for several months, the actor has taken a strange attitude to get into character, as isolated from the rest of the cast, give to fellow Margot Robbie a box with a dead rat inside, or throw on a table the carcass of a pig from which flowed out of the projectiles. “When he arrives on the set the world stops. What he did is so powerful, so threatening, so palpable, you can feel it. The crew stopped work to watch it, “said the director.
10. Daniel Day-Lewis – Every film that made
Daniel Day-Lewis is an actor who likes to focus a lot on his roles, devoting years to a movie without bothering to collect compulsorily numerous titles. He spent six months alone in a desert to film The Last of the Mohicans, and on the set of Lincoln called himself Mr. President, and did not speak with British actors not to spoil the accent of the character. While interpreting the crowds “butcher” Gangs Of New York took lessons as an apprentice butcher sharpening knives and wearing light clothes because in line with that period of history, a choice that has earned him pneumonia. In 1996 for The Seduction of Evil it would not have washed for the whole period of the locations for understanding the 17th century hygiene and lived on the set without water or power. In short, you could call an extremist of Stanislavsky method, but his dedication to the roles that agree to interpret is unique in contemporary cinema.

AC / DC, the new singer is … Axl Rose?

A DJ in Atlanta claims that the singer of Guns N ‘Roses could sing with the AC / DC for ten US tour dates, extended for the abandonment of Brian Johnson. If true, it would sound like?

Easter egg of AC / DC could come out none other than Axl Rose: in the last hours there was the rumor that would give the singer of Guns N ‘Roses as the voice of Australian hard rock band in the world tour “Rock or Bust”, in tranches US.

Axl Rose at the microphone AC / DC could be a surprising conclusion to the story that ultimately takes the bench in the rock world.
Last month, in fact, AC / DC have “lost” their singer Brian Johnson, who risks losing his hearing and had to give up the shot.
On another, there have been various rumors, that Angus Young would fire Johnson because the health problems of the singer seems to be due to his fixation racing unprotected.
Gossip, bounced around the world and resulted in the intervention of comedian Jim Breuer, was then denied by the same Breuer “I exaggerated”, but apart from embroidery, one thing remains certain: Brian Johnson had to leave the tour, to prevent hearing loss.

In early March, the official website of the band, AC / DC had officially announced that the health problems of Johnson forced him to abandon the tour and the first dates in the States (who should have traveled on March 8) would be reprogrammed , probably “with guest vocals.”
On this detail, of course, have been let loose several hypotheses, which now bear the name of Axl Rose: to spread the idea that it should be emphasized, is still at the level of rumors, the head Alternative Nation, which reported the intervention of Jason Bailey, speaker of a broadcast Atlanta Radio 100.5.

DJ, informed by “very reliable sources”, he revealed that Axl Rose is in Atlanta, where AC / DC should resume the tour, for a reason: “As far as I know, Axl met with AC / DC because It has not yet concluded the agreement that would see the entry of the first concerts, ten. From what I was told, Angus (Young, ed) is a type that does not include shades, everything is black or white. It’s the kind that, knowing that Brian for health reasons can not continue as frontman, and he would have to withdraw after the last tour, but they wanted to continue to play live and make music, he said ‘if you do not make it, you Thank you for your services, but the show must go on ‘. They are in town (Atlanta, ed) and they did auditions for a singer, then drew Axl for a second time, according to my source. ”

It also seems that the son of Angus, Malcolm Ross Young, has published an article on Facebook Ultimate-Guitar about, commenting positively: “It’s all true, can and will do it”, only to delete the post. He must have been scolded by his father because nothing is official yet?

Just have to wait any official confirmation, although for fans of AC / DC is the curiosity, mixed with doubt, how could sound the voice of Axl Rose on the band’s hard rock songs.

Cheers, good St. Patrick’s Day!

Oh, joy! Today is the time of day when you a beer to a beautiful stranger is easier

St. Patrick, whom the folklore parade, and from whom a parade of beautiful green color of which are colored the streets today (and pubs) all over the world, including toast, tales of leprechauns and pots of treasure and memories of large enterprises … especially sports.
Because the feast of the patron saint of Ireland, outside of Ireland, today it is a great event ‘pay’, a nightlife of pints, smiles, dances and choirs in which even the shyest single dive without a net. Dreaming of flirting with beautiful green dressed unknown.

A resort in the desert, romantic and eco-friendly

It is the one designed by Baharash Architecture for the south of the United Arab: 84 suites for 14,500 square meters of solar panels, which wind around an ancient oasis
From above seem almost a staple, he fell from above and landed there, in the middle of the desert. But what Baharash Architecture designed for the southern region of the United Arab is actually a veritable wonderland resort, for an unforgettable stay in the dunes.

The structure will be built near an oasis for centuries benchmark for the Bedouins crossing stretches of sand, the water will be used for watering plants, small fish farms and all the recreational activities of the event. Without waste. For the rest, under a roof of over 14,500 square meters of solar panels that will provide all the necessary power, they will find as many as 84 suites of various sizes space, all with mirrored glass to ensure the privacy of the guests.

But not only that: will be located a fitness center, a spa for organic treatments, a bar and a restaurant, which will (also) dishes based on fruits and vegetables grown on site.

A perfect place for a couple’s vacation, romantic and one hundred percent environmentally friendly.