Harry Potter: get a new book, but it is actually a theatrical script

It is titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and resumes the narrative 19 years after the end of the last book. The new history of the now adult boy wizard is the script of a play staged by the end of July in London. With the approval of J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter series is not over: next summer will arrive in bookstores (English, in Italy there is still no date) a new book adventures of the most famous magician in the world. This is the eighth chapter, entitled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (translated: Harry Potter and the damn son), but be warned: you will not be a novel, but the screenplay of a play.

The news was the publisher Little Brown and no, unfortunately for the hardcore fans, Rowling – the author of the original saga – he is not exactly the author.
A sign of the Harry Potter and the script Cursed Child we thought Jack Thorne – author of TV (series Skins, This is England ’88), who set the new history nineteen years after the events narrated in the last Harry Potter novel and Deathly Hallows.
J.K. Rowling, however, is not completely foreign to the book, to be released in the UK on 31 July, the birthday of the writer and of the boy wizard. Just Rowling will oversee the play, directed by John Tiffany, staged at the Palace Theatre in London from 30 July.

Here is what Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: “It is always always be Harry Potter and it’s not much easier now that he is an employee of the Ministry of Magic overburdened with work, husband and father of three children aged scolare.Mentre Harry struggling with a past that refuses to stay in his place, his youngest son Albus has to struggle with the burden of a family legacy that he never wanted. While the past and the present merge threateningly together, father and son discover an uncomfortable truth: sometimes the darkness come from unexpected places. “

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