I tried to get AIDS on the Internet, and in less than 24 hours I was ready to meet my “donor.” That’s how easy it is

To be honest, when I brought this article to my boss I was hoping it refuses, instead his response was more exciting than when I proposed an interview with a Brazilian supermodel with semi-naked photos supplied. I have to. The first step was to try to understand, through my friend Google, what is the reason that drives these people to practice bugchasing, or “a sexual practice whereby some individuals would practice unsafe sex with HIV-positive individuals, with ‘ deliberate intent of contracting the HIV virus. ”
After I documented by various sources, from CNN documentaries to Wired’s articles, I realized that the theme of this activity related to Bareback (the practice of sexual relations without protection), is the contracting HIV and then have sex total “peace”, and yes, because after contracting a virus since its discovery has killed more than 25 million people you are really quiet.
I started looking for places (virtual) where I could find the Bugchaser; initially they came across Bug Chaser Personal, Mecca of the followers of this “movement”, but I later discovered that the closure has been prepared. Never mind, in less than five minutes I discovered GayBareback, a portal where after registering you can meet “donors” or “seekers.” As well as a showcase for the various profiles, there is a text chat and a video, even if users are connected few, three including myself. I think to myself, “Just as well, it means that there are few interested.”
It was enough to move on Google’s American location to see sites of this kind multiply. Having found that the facilities were always the same, ie “Forum”, “Chat” and “Showcase,” I started to move toward a first approach to some “donor.” The largest community is currently active Poz Convert, and has several hundred active users every day. As a good heterosexual I immediately looked for some damsel with whom understand this question and understand how when you get really real. My enthusiasm has subsided after only five minutes when I realized that I would not have views of vaginas. Not one, not even as a joke.
This practice, dare I say fortunately, seems to be widespread among men, strictly homosexual. Armed with courage I decided to sign up, and after a pretty varied questionnaire that ranged from skin color to being addicted or not, I contacted a guy, this Rick05, where 05 represents hope the day of birth and not the year, that after about six hours he replied. Pretending to live in London, I let him handle it, and the first questions were very general, then move on to much more explicit questions about previous experiences which of course I had not. After a series of electronic correspondences asked me if I’d like to meet him, to even talk about. Since that time I have not responded, but I realized how easy and fast (about 12 hours in my case) to find a “donor” of AIDS.
Conducting further research I could not notice the dates of the first blogs on these practices, some in fact are dated 2002/2003, although only recently it has started to talk, perhaps thanks to social networks. Finally, does reflect the answer that Dr. Frascino gave 13 years ago, when social networks did not exist, for a guy who he suspected of having a “Bugchaser” as a boyfriend: “I personally believe that your boyfriend has just a fantasy, and fantasies are dangerous only if put into practice. Studies have found that often these are just fantasies. ” Today, 13 years later, I took a few hours and an Internet connection to “catch AIDS.”
If you want more information about AIDS, ask for help, or confide visit the LILA, Italian League for the Fight against AIDS.

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