Here it is revealed the story of the birth of the Onitsuka Tiger Stripe

At exactly fifty years after the birth, the Japanese brand reveals the background of the shoe, which made its debut at the Games in Mexico City in 1968

Their great debut was at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968, when the entire Japanese delegation entered the stadium with the foot of the Mexico Delegation, presenting to the public the Onitsuka Tiger Stripes. And if those who forget those images. That went around the world, and that certainly contributed to the success of a shoe, that after almost fifty years is still at the foot of the younger generation.

Yet sebbbene its widespread use, little, until now, was given to know about his birth, he was born as the “lucky” sneaker? The opportunity to recount its origins comes in conjunction with his fiftieth birthday, when in addition to re-edit the model, the Japanese brand has decided to reveal the backstory and interesting anecdotes.

1964 Onitsuka Tiger knew he had to find a unique and distinctive sign for its products and give you a big recognition value.

The company launched such an internal competition, encouraging all employees to propose a ‘idea, was attended by more than 200 employees. So many that encouraged a scientific approach: step by step, developers narrowed their selection, until you have five models from which would rise to the final choice. These entered the design stage, where he began the real research. Together with the athletes and experts at Kyoto University, the designer brand they tested the proposals allowing for a feature in particular: what design offers the best and tangible increase in performance? The answer fell on Onitsuka Tiger Stripes.

Their concept involves the integration of vertical stripes in the design dell’allacciatura, thus ensuring more stability to the upper and significant improvements, both in fit and in the durability. Factors that have proven to have a direct impact on athletic performance. This approach not only convinced developers Onitsuka Tiger, but also researchers and college athletes who participated in the project.

Today to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Onitsuka Tiger Mexico republished the Delegation taking the colors of the Japanese flag. The special edition model sports a sole of a classic vintage white and soft white Onitsuka Tiger Stripes that wrap the red suede. In addition, printing on the insoles, which refers to the lanes of the track and the Olympic Stadium, creates the number 6, forming in this way, whenever both shoes are put side by side, the 66, the ‘year of birth of the Onitsuka Tiger Stripes. A box vintage yellow / black rounds, while the other four color schemes enrich an evocative collection: white / blue, blue / white, green / white and black / black.

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