Penelope Cruz: “Now I’ll laugh with my friends Zoolander”

In the sequel to the parody of the world of models and fashion with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, the actress is a special agent of the fashion division
Sweater abundant, comfortable boots, jeans, Penelope Cruz is a strange mixture. He looks harmless of a (very) beautiful girl just out of the station to go shopping in its Madrid, but in the management of the delay of an hour and a half interview training exploits Hollywood diva: between the journalist and she There are three degrees of separation – the press office that organized the meeting, the press office of the film, the personal assistant, and he is the only one authorized to solicit the lady. Others dare not, or can not. The training is also evident in the ability with which Penelope wriggling from any question about her husband Javier Bardem. He prefers to talk about Zoolander 2 (in room on February 12), the sequel to the most popular model in the world (Derek Zoolander, that Ben Stiller, here also the director) and the facial expressions that have turned him into a myth (the Blue steel, Magnum, the Ferrari is actually the same, and very stupid), a parody of the fashion world output without much success in 2001 and then became a cult.
Among the super models Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, who is she?
A special agent of Interpol, fashion division. Images…
A kind of cop style?
In a sense. But also a real agent. There is a mystery in the movie, I have to solve it.
We will also see her unleash a Blue steel?
It is one of the great secrets of the film …
Not all the actresses would accept a role as zany.
I am a fan of the first Zoolander and so it was a nice surprise to receive a phone call from Ben Stiller, while I was in the supermarket to buy diapers. We had met only once at the home of mutual friends but I said yes immediately.
The film is set in part in Rome.
City that I love, a second home. We could turn to places that are usually closed, as the basement of the Baths of Caracalla: incredibly beautiful although a bit ‘claustrophobic, after ten minutes I wanted to get out. And the boutique Valentino three in the morning, empty, that strange feeling. There are many tributes to Italian cinema in the film, Rossellini, Pasolini, Fellini – Ben loves him very much. Zoolander gifts style: for example there is a time “Dolce Vita” where we go in motion with a cigarette in his mouth but without lighting it, just for the look …
The fashion world because he resembles the one told in Zoolander? She attended for some time.
I found some absurdities like the atmosphere of the parade; in some photoshoot. But I appreciate the hard work of those who live in this wonderful work and talent of designers – as my dear Oscar de la Renta who was a lovely guy, a true gentleman and will always be special; or John Galliano. In private life I do not have time to be fixed with fashion: I am a mother, looking for cute clothes but comfortable shoes with which to race. Then the premiere I have the privilege of wearing clothes that every woman wants, then why not? In short, the fashion for me is not more or less important than what it should be.
And Hollywood? After many years he returned to live in Madrid. Why did he leave the United States?
Most of my family lives here, as my childhood friends: the end you realize that you are the most important things.
It is easier to raise two children here in Los Angeles?
For me, yes, because my family is here, in fact.
How is your life in Madrid? You can leave without being stopped every minute for a selfie?
Yes. I go everywhere, street, supermarket, pharmacy, cinema. Every time someone asks me a picture, but usually with kindness.
He takes care of the housework, as well as expenditure?
I like cooking. I’m not a chef but the pasta carbonara, the real one with the pillow and I’m good.
In a few weeks will still work with Fernando Trueba, 17 years after The Girl of your dreams will interpret as the sequel to the film that launched outside Spain?
With Trueba it was easy because our relationship was never interrupted and the character of the Macarena like. The difficulty will mostrarne same time the essence and transformation.
For her there have been changes in recent years. With two young children you can still afford to be left for two months on a set?
Even before becoming a mother I had changed rhythm. For a long time it was kind of a work addict. I gave birth to a number of characters, such as plants watered them but one day I asked myself: I have that character? My plant was drying. To turn 5 films a year I was twelve months on the set and I could not even more to devote to the preparation, which is my favorite stage because it makes me feel “new” in the shoes of those who have to stay for months? I had no time to ask, to dedicate myself to the craft which made me happy.
The reputation and a job he loves not enough?
No. I did not have time for silence, to read, to learn things that are not cinema, to do nothing, for friends, for family. It lacked time for life. As they say, do not you do more. If you do not have a balance everything jumps.
Now he found it?
Yes. I always have the privilege of a job I love, but my priority is being a mother.
However, they continue to consider it one of the sexiest women in the world, who married one of the sexiest actors in the world. How does it feel?
I do not know how to respond, because that’s not how we see ourselves.
Schermisca not, they say it all for twenty years.
And I’m always amazed. I see many faces I have a face that can turn very unusual and I think it is a quality. I am grateful for what the newspapers say about me, but every time friends and family tease me. And I laugh too.
He understood what character are you?
I do not think a life is enough to find out. Every day you have a little more information. But “who you are” is the biggest question.

At least you know who is right now?
I know that I feel good. I take care of myself, I understand they’re worth my health, my family, a job that I love and that gives me a lot of freedom. I think it is important to have an attitude of gratitude.
This feeling well how important the wealth?
I have a healthy relationship with money because I know how to be happy with or without them. Make life easier, useless lie. But in my childhood I had just what I needed to make ends meet. My parents worked hard to support his family, their ethics was admirable and they sent me their values. So I stay in a hotel like this but I also know how to live in a small house like that where I grew up.
It is still yours?
No, but I went to see her a few months ago after many years. Exciting. It was really small, a couple of rooms for five people, but to me it looked like when I lived there because there was anything I needed, that is my family. I remembered it as a palace: to say that I was a happy little girl, right? •

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