That time when David Bowie refused to collaborate with Coldplay

Not only he said no but was also a no dry and synthetic (“Not a good song”)

For all big fans of the potential for a big disappointment.
I have learned to their cost Coldplay when they proposed the White Duke collaboration on their piece they found to have ‘a touch to Bowie’. Jonny Buckland and Will Champion told NME that the rock legend just disappeared replied to their offering education but with a few simple words: “It’s a great song, no?”. A finding hard to swallow. But honest. And the two musicians also admit this: Bowie selezionava well, was not willing to put your name on whatever he was offered. ”
Console themselves: there who has done even worse. For example, Ricky Gervais.
Invited to his show Bowie participated surprise then improvise a song in which the comedian called a small man with a pug nose. And here, too, as he’s wrong? The great can also allows very frankly.

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