Workshops coolest of Italy: Valais Garage

Like him, the Harley-Davidson Touring customize the know in a few. That’s why John Wallis is a master of the bagger
The phone Gianni Valais, 45, looks like a desperate man. Too much for a living, customizes behind Circeo, between Terracina and Sabaudia. “The fact is that here there are still 18 degrees, no rain for two months and people almost never stopped riding motorcycles. At least the New Year I wanted to stay a little ‘quiet, but … “.
Harley signed Valais Garage seem built specifically for the endless straights of Pontine Reclamation, for the soft curves that adorn the sea of ​​Cilento. In the last ten years he has specialized in customizing the bagger, as in the United States have always called the Harley-Davidson, Indian and the other cruiser equipped with windscreen and panniers (bags) side. In the eyes of chopperisti, the bagger are great for traveling, but the style of the bike of dad. They know of old. Only that even chopperisti age and instead be shuffling the spine by rigid frames, today at bike week in Sturgis and Daytona see them get the bagger customized.
Sometimes custom bagger are extreme as the chopper in the proportions, in the radical choices of the chassis and aesthetics outrageous. All that area, moreover, becomes a canvas he could give no aerografista. Front seem high thanks to the handlebar apehanger and large wheels as giropizze, which can reach 32 inches in diameter. Instead traveling behind low shot in the style of the car lowrider. Other elements, such as the double headlights, the whole instrument panel behind the fairing and bags integrated in the line of the body, are explicit quotations of automobile design transferred on two wheels.
Gianni Valais has specialized in custom bagger looking up, to the old masters of the custom Paul Yaffe and Arlen Ness and the specialist Klock Werks. Today the US does it so well, that the Americans themselves recognize the skill and class … Italian. “They were very impressed by the Red Skull, my Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic red. We have seen an interpretation all Italian lines treated to the thousandth, in parts craft and impressive line while spinning. Our bagger are made of aluminum and valuable though it seems, are lighter and dynamics of the starting points. ” Which are usually touring Harley-Davidson used Electra Glide Ultra Classic and the Street Glide, the most suitable because it already stripped of the superfluous and the lowered suspension as standard. “They are found from 13 thousand euro and from there salt to taste, from four thousand to ten or 15 thousand euro, it needs to have modified the front end, the body and the right accessories. But I have clients who have spent 50,000 Euros and we travel, because the bagger bike show are built to make way, and a lot. ”
The basic ingredients? To maintain a stock HD frame, Wallis advised to arrive at most a 21-inch wheel with shock absorber cartridge in the fork. Behind there is a kit to drop the springs 13 to 12 inches. The bagger is not a one-way ticket if you do not go over 26 inches in diameter transformation is reversible, ensures Valais. “Indeed we sell many kits saddlebags, fenders and other body elements easy to mount, and then disassembled. Eye always on quality, though. Ours is a small niche and profitable customers with very, very demanding. ” 2016 will see Gianni Valais bagger engaged in its most ambitious and visionary, now renamed for Fluid Project. A touring extreme elegance and fluidity that will be presented in early 2017, before slipping on long, straight roads of Dubai.

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