By Camillo B., in Rome, where the table is (also) a game

From breakfast to late night drink, menu furnishing, everything is full of beau vivre and play. A meeting place for those who live or work in the Prati

enterprise and rigor of the Savoy. But Camillo B. the atmosphere is different. From breakfast to late night drink, menu furnishing, everything is full of beau vivre and play. The owner Alessandro Tudini oversaw the revival of the Roman club making it a meeting point for many professionals in the Prati have offices and studios.

Environment: entrance leather chairs, sofas and colorful designer lamps. And bicycles on display, old prints on the walls and, here and there, board games from the ancient taste like chess and backgammon. For the workaholic: bar in the Office, who just can not disconnect from work can organize small meetings. Or just read a book and drink a detox extract.
Local-camillo-b-roma-2-450Il best table is table tennis table, furniture design and dinner it hosts the groups most numerous and the weekend is set for brunch. In the afternoon, however, goes back to being the field of the challenges with snowshoes. There is also a table football fifties.

The menu: the chef Thomas Coco serves healthy and tasty, attentive to the world and the seasonal veg like Caponata with chickpea chips and nuts and marinated octopus with paprika. Traditional recipes are all magazines: Carbonara with Sarawak pepper, the standard two ricotta (fresh and cured).

Gluttony: a breakfast, croissant or tiramisu tart cherries and dried fruit. A snack, the Camillino (a homemade biscuit with vanilla parfait Bourbon and pistachio) or rice pudding with passion fruit ganache.

In the glasses: cocktail between historical changes and signed Camillo B., are over fifty alternatives for an aperitif or a nightcap.

Dress code: Street ties and high heels.

Where to powder her nose: the bathroom is reminiscent of ships twenties, with exposed pipes and metal doors. Come on board.

Local-camillo-b-roma-450CAMILLO B.
Piazza Cavour 19-21, Rome
Tel 06.6832077
Dinner: 30 Euros (excluding drinks), brunch (Saturday and Sunday): 20 €.

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