Belmond Copacabana Palace: luxury and scandals in the sun in Rio

Visit one of the most famous hotels in the world, frequented for decades by the international jet set. By Orson Wells in Madonna, these are your stories

Legend and scandals. Built in 1923 by ‘French architect Joseph Gire request of then President Epitacio Pessoa Copacabana Palace,’ Copa ‘for loyal customers and carioca and’ been since the beginning considered the hotel more ‘refined in South America. Its structure is inspired by the great French Riviera hotel, the lavish decor, yet perfectly in line with the atmosphere of the city ‘made it home for many celebrities’. From Albert Einstein to Lady Diana, via Madonna, Brigitte Bardot and Katy Perry all star system, presidents and bon vivant take refuge when the Copa Rio. Insider tip: Do not forget the legendary guests who have visited the hotel sometimes bringing scandal. Orson Welles left by his girlfriend Dolores del Rio decided to launch from his suite on the sixth floor all furniture (including piano) in the hotel pool.

But the album of the hotel there are also friendly as intoxicated Janis Joplin and Bardot besieged by paparazzi just to be left alone gives the shots on Terrezza Copa and so ‘on …

The Glamour contemporary With its 216 rooms the Belmond Copacabana Palace recalls the grand hotels of the films of Old Hollywood with an impeccably modern and efficient service and decor faithful to its history but ‘refreshed’ wisely. Luxurious suites that overlook the beach, lap pool and a Sunday brunch whose decadence reminiscent of Fitzgerald works with lobster served on silver trays, rivers of champagne and supermodels to complement the decor are just the initial reception; The modern spa is divided over three floors offers treatments of all kinds … to prepare the skin to sunlight, for ristorarla or, more ‘simply have to not deface the starry Mee .. divine pan-Asian restaurant where a waiter who receive you will be expert seem to come from a book by Mario Testino … which also considers the Copa his home in Rio. Insider tip: Start the day by the pool and then surrender to the spa staff … offer advice for treatments is the choice more ‘appropriate as well to Mee. Behind the smiles and the relaxed attitude typical of Rio is a level of professionalism ‘that touches excellence.

Getting there in a big way: Most scheduled airlines serving Rio de Janeiro … but film studios, the stars, the superproduttori Hollywood and the beau monde prefer privacy and speed. Paramount Business Jets, with its fleet private jets and helicopters is the company to which it addresses the jet set to fly to the city; from the nearby St. Paul for the weekend as from New York to celebrate Christmas and the New Year to the lavish New Year’s party of Copa.

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