Kinesiology, health and energy: what Kinergetics

The road to being comes from metabolism and emotional. Here is our conversation with the kinesiologist Pierfrancesco Boggiano, one of the few instructors of the Italian method Kinergetics
Talk without taking part in the debate between those who support and those who considers only a pseudoscience is not easy, given the huge success that has had especially in the United States and other English-speaking countries. Why Kinesiology, discipline developed in the 60s by the American chiropractor George Goodheart Joseph Jr, is for many a big question mark, and his theories built on the concept (usually eastern) energy meridians in the body and an unbreakable bond between the physical component, the biochemistry and the emotional remain quite distant from Western thought.
Yet – although in Italy it is not legally possible to count you among the care or medical practices – its goal is to bring or bring the person treated to a state of well-being. Physical and mental. A goal shared by Kinergetics, the method of energy balancing that the Australian Philip Rafferty has developed starting from the traditional kinesiology.
“Imagine health as a triangle made up of three sides: the structure, metabolism and emotions. For balance, these sides must be as equal to each other, or maintained in an optimal state – says Pierfrancesco Boggiano, kinesiologist, and among the very few instructors of Italian Kinergetics -. The balance can be broken by trauma, from physical pain, from disease, from poor nutrition, from a metabolic imbalance, stress or a personal problem. The method Kinergetics helps the individual to gradually towards the energy balance. ”
But how do you identify these imbalances and their possible causes? “It starts with a series of muscle tests kinesiologics, ranging in check if the responses of the various muscles of the body to a solicitation, a pressure or a push are strong or weak. Every weakness is clearly attributable to a specific energy imbalance. The difference in Kinergetics, and other methods kinesiologics advanced, with respect to the base kinesiology, is that an imbalance is not being maintained at a time, but instead tends to consider the situation in its entirety, taking account also of the Metabolism and emotional sphere, which always have direct feedback on the physical. ”
Emotional trauma of the past never completely solved, physical injury, the sensitivity to a food or a buildup of substances that the body can not dispose of, creating inflammation are just some of the problems that the operator can identify. And the jaw, apparently, is one of the central points of the question. “About 90% of the muscles of the body is in some way correlated with the temporomandibular joint – explains Boggiano – that is why it is important that the jaw is put back into balance, especially as regards the physical pain. For everything else, by people with mental difficulties related to the metabolism, it can be simply understood by the client’s body: the body is asking where to make the correction, within the time and in appropriate ways. At this point the operator is to understand the type of correction to be made, if at the level of organs, glands or chakras, and then proceed with the Fast Fix, correction of basic Kinergetics “.
Doing so may stretch back to the initial state of balance between structure, metabolism and emotions. “The desire to heal is critical when dealing with a health issue – said the instructor -. I am therefore convinced that we can not consider the physical component of a person without pulling into question the mental. It is the basis on which it is based Kinergetics, kinesiology and more generally all disciplines inspired by the oriental medicine. “

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