Here it is revealed the story of the birth of the Onitsuka Tiger Stripe

At exactly fifty years after the birth, the Japanese brand reveals the background of the shoe, which made its debut at the Games in Mexico City in 1968

Their great debut was at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968, when the entire Japanese delegation entered the stadium with the foot of the Mexico Delegation, presenting to the public the Onitsuka Tiger Stripes. And if those who forget those images. That went around the world, and that certainly contributed to the success of a shoe, that after almost fifty years is still at the foot of the younger generation.

Yet sebbbene its widespread use, little, until now, was given to know about his birth, he was born as the “lucky” sneaker? The opportunity to recount its origins comes in conjunction with his fiftieth birthday, when in addition to re-edit the model, the Japanese brand has decided to reveal the backstory and interesting anecdotes.

1964 Onitsuka Tiger knew he had to find a unique and distinctive sign for its products and give you a big recognition value.

The company launched such an internal competition, encouraging all employees to propose a ‘idea, was attended by more than 200 employees. So many that encouraged a scientific approach: step by step, developers narrowed their selection, until you have five models from which would rise to the final choice. These entered the design stage, where he began the real research. Together with the athletes and experts at Kyoto University, the designer brand they tested the proposals allowing for a feature in particular: what design offers the best and tangible increase in performance? The answer fell on Onitsuka Tiger Stripes.

Their concept involves the integration of vertical stripes in the design dell’allacciatura, thus ensuring more stability to the upper and significant improvements, both in fit and in the durability. Factors that have proven to have a direct impact on athletic performance. This approach not only convinced developers Onitsuka Tiger, but also researchers and college athletes who participated in the project.

Today to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Onitsuka Tiger Mexico republished the Delegation taking the colors of the Japanese flag. The special edition model sports a sole of a classic vintage white and soft white Onitsuka Tiger Stripes that wrap the red suede. In addition, printing on the insoles, which refers to the lanes of the track and the Olympic Stadium, creates the number 6, forming in this way, whenever both shoes are put side by side, the 66, the ‘year of birth of the Onitsuka Tiger Stripes. A box vintage yellow / black rounds, while the other four color schemes enrich an evocative collection: white / blue, blue / white, green / white and black / black.

Valentine’s Day: the most romantic places for a couple’s getaway

A dinner by candlelight in the Maldives or a historic train in the English countryside: 15 ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most romantic and original as possible
Sara Bovi – January 28, 2016

Valentine’s Day is coming and you do not know how to surprise your better half? For once let it stay perfumes and chocolates, flowers and plush and sbizzarritevi giving your love traveling. Short or long, it does not matter: it is the experience, he lived in pairs, to make only the feast of love par excellence.
For this we have selected for you some ideas to spend a really romantic February 14th. Proposals nearby or far away to spend a few days – or just a few hours – together with your (or your) partners. From the Maldives, for a dinner couple on the beach, to the United Kingdom, for a romantic getaway aboard a historic train. Or simply the Lazio, with a dinner at a restaurant that has only two seats.
The 10 most romantic islands in the world: Learn more
If you’re looking for inspiration for Valentine’s Day, browse the gallery. The hardest part will be choosing which destination is more romantic.

Karl Marx, the most studied in the faculties of the American economy

Karl Marx, the most studied in the faculties of the American economy
The text is the most popular courses in the Communist Manifesto. Just in the homeland of capitalism

It Karl Marx the economist most studied in US colleges. Certainly in the light of historical facts such as the depreciation of the goods-work, the falling rate of profit in manufacturing, unemployment and impoverishment, proletarianization and thinning of the middle class, migration from fields to factories (where we are), the philosopher Trier identified several problems related to the industrial revolution and the development of capitalism; but study it as a teacher in the “homeland” of capitalism? Perhaps because they are becoming scorching the “side effects” reported the last century by Marx in the Communist Manifesto.

It is the Manifesto in fact the text that leads the ones most frequently adopted in the American university courses according to data recorded by the Open Syllabus, project collecting – reports MarketWatch financial newspaper that publishes the top 15 economic texts most studied in the US – books and theses awarded to students in a database created by algorithms on published data.

Well, the Communist Manifesto beats The Wealth of Nations, the famous text by Adam Smith, considered the father of the theory of capitalism. For absolute number of “attendance” Marx’s work appears twice as often as that of Adam Smith (3189 versus 1587), although in terms of “coefficient of instruction” – the number of times in which a text is in fact used for the preparation and study – Smith is just a notch below Marx (95.5 against 99.7 of the German philosopher). In both parameters, the first podium is good to Marx.

In third place is the contemporary economist Paul Krugman with 1,081 citations and a score of 89.4 teaching. Other renowned economists on the list of the most studied, among them Mankiw fourth with Macroeconomics and Milton Friedman in sixth with Capitalism and Freedom, but with just 556 appearances and only the coefficient of 65.7; Then Joseph Stiglitz (528 / 62.8) and the great John Maynard Keynes, but his General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money earns him a 348 / 44.2 placing it in eighth place, well away from summit . Close the top-10 another big, John Kenneth Galbraith in The Affluent Society and numbers, 177 and 22.5, which pales before the first class Marx.

Super G. Or how to start skiing after 20 years

Super G. Or how to start skiing after 20 years
Accomplice to the invitation in the first hotel in the Italian quota, I put the foot skis. One thing if you are not yet happened, you should do it too

“Alexander, we would like to invite you to the Super G”. My return to the slopes after nearly two decades began with a phone call. “It’s a new hotel, unique in Italy. It is in Courmayeur, but directly on the slopes. You skiing? ”
“Until high school, then I no longer happen.”
“It’s like riding a bike”
“But if I havoc?”
“But it should be, there is the master”
“I have the equipment in the cellar”
“We’ll think about it”
“Ok, I give up. I come to ski. When do we leave?”.

Super G is the brainchild of two friends have skied a bit ‘anywhere in the world: are Andrea Baccuini, former general manager of Filmmaster, now a strategic consultant for several Italian companies, and James Sonzini, a spent at Pirelli, currently CEO the Italian subsidiary of a private equity firm in London. Two that on any track of the globe went they told him, “but because you come here, you who have the most beautiful mountain in the world.” Obviously that mountain is the giant, the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe.

One of the superstars of any textbook of geography. A crazy place – my instinctive definition, that there had never been, in the morning when I woke up and out of the hotel and I found him there in front – who suffers welcome austere problem unfortunately widespread from Sicily to ‘ Alps (to make the journey up the peninsula to the contrary). Or rather, he has suffered. Because the idea of ​​SuperG is precisely to be projected in the twenty-first century the tourism share. Housed in an old structure (“We had always seen, had always been there, but it was so bad and dilapidated that even we realized that there was more,” says Andrea), Super G is the first Mountain Lodge of Italy. It has 8 rooms, including 2 suites, dedicated to the great revolutionaries of history (from David Bowie to Banksy to Nikola Tesla and above), a restaurant / champagne bar (all delicious, but every meal has to end with the Tiramisu XXL), a bar / Sandwicheria, gym and spa area, a kid room. But above all there are two spectacular terraces in favor of the sun, where the 14 part après-ski. Everything right on the slopes. To get to the Super G, leave the car in the dedicated parking at the hotel, cable car side, and then salts. It may also happen to be late, now when it is dark, that radio steps Wonderwall Oasis and that everyone, absolutely everyone, you sing along softly, while Courmayeur under you is getting smaller and smaller and the Giant He approaches you with all its grandeur, its mystery, its silence.

We, the children of the seventies and eighties, sciavamo almost everyone. My school organized a ski camp in Castiglione della Presolana, a clearing only slightly inclined, and little but always snowy in the province of Bergamo. Then someone gave to snowboarding, but many we lost on the road, skiing. With low-cost, alternatives to the classic weekend in the mountains have become increasingly – and also cheaper. For those who have, the weekend, in the new world of flexible work. “Now it has become an elite sport,” says Arturo, my teacher for the day, concluding his teeth with a “unfortunately” that speaks volumes.

Look ributtarti down the slopes, with lots of fun and sfracellandoti the right, without hurting you, here are 5 tips:
1. Be sincere. It is not to be arrogant or shy. Or ashamed. If it is a certain number that is not skiing, or you are not fit, deny it just brings risks. Or unfounded fears. Anyone can resume. Just figure out where you stand in the street;
2. Look for a good teacher. Do not trust those who make discounts. It is always good to learn, after all walks of your health;
3. The best times are in the morning. Wake up early, that after 14 there is the après-ski, with flutes, cheeses and meats, DJ sets & more;
4. In twenty years has changed everything. The skis are shorter. The obsession with the snow thrower disappeared. Skiing is much more fun and you can even a little ‘to dress as you please (at least this explained to me on the phone, “there are people who wake in jeans.” Well if you’re recovering from scratch, trust me, as if harnessed I had to go to war at the North Pole);
5. Are you comfortable. Be pampered. The mountain is cold, hard, bad. Unforgiving. The days in the winter do not last long. Your time is precious. I remember the endless marches with parents and friends before then, concussions made of curves, cable cars on cable cars, icy roads, nausea, up early, sgnappette altitude, mediocre meals, car reeking of smoke, pills against nausea, butts against nausea, spells against sickness, endless pauses at the roadside because of nausea. Super G brought me closer to the mountain, making me forget in a single blow all the terrible weight of concussion that I had always associated. And you can always rent the equipment, for a glorious return one shot in the snow.

Miley Cyrus, the new life begins with Woody Allen

The “bad girl of pop” could put his head in place (also because it is entrusted with the former) right with the director, in turn, struggling with his first time with a TV series (Amazon): Miley will be the new Allen’s muse?

About the project, ie a TV series for Amazon, Woody Allen has often shown “worried”.

Then, however, he must have made peace with the idea. So much so that the cast is inserting two stars recall – albeit very different. One is Elaine May, the other is Miley Cyrus.

Pop singer could perhaps take advantage of the set of Allen groped for a breakthrough: now that he is also engaged (with ex Liam Hemsworth), might want a new image.
After a couple years of follies and excesses, Miley could make the most, beside the master, his ironic relieving the sexual provocation.

Moreover, for her it is not the first test by actress was born as Hannah Montana and recently starred with Bill Murray in Murray A Very Christmas.
But it will be his first time with Woody Allen, with whom however the eighty-three Elaine May has already been dealing in Criminals with Scientists (2000).

You not yet know much more about this project, except the detail of the setting (the seventies).
A few months ago, in Cannes, Allen had slackened, telling their own difficulties to the idea of ​​making a film into six parts and their own inexperience with the TV series.
Fortunately, the director had confirmed the commitment not to disappoint Amazon, which left him carte blanche in terms of creativity (and, apparently, a very attractive budget).
Who knows if, after ‘”was Scarlett Johansson,” a Woody Allen struggling with to his first TV series, Miley Cyrus will be the new muse?