The means of transport of the future for urban transport? They are already among us


The year was 1989 when in movie theaters around the world appeared the Hoverboard, popularly renamed Flight-shoe, object of desire for anyone who had seen the film. Set, among others, in 2015. We selected the futuristic new means with which you can emulate Marty McFly in the streets of your city, you ready?

Born and manufactured entirely in the United States this skateboard-like featured “home-made” is a combination of technology, engineering and adrenaline. Operation is simple, you just get on with both feet and integrated sensors will allow you to move in total freedom, just like a skateboard. The features are amazing, in fact, a single charge of 20 minutes you can travel 10km and at a maximum speed of 24 km / h, and there are plenty of built-in LEDs for use in conditions of poor visibility.

Browsing through the pages of the forum can be seen that the board is having a widespread, even in Europe, a sign that the object will soon become more common even here in Italy.

Kickstarter these boys have collected more than $ 600,000, but after the campaign the units sold continues to increase, in fact from the time of order to delivery takes about 10 weeks, and as many as 2,000 Euros (shipping and customs included).

A constructive level OneWheel is unique, precious materials and assembly quality is at the highest level, which ensures the use of the board even in extreme situations, such as at the beach or in the dirt. The frame is made of metal, while the sensors are housed in two wooden boxes, all accompanied by a tire VEGA used in Go-Kart race that ensures maximum stability in all situations. After I’ve tried do not want to go down more, word of GQ.

This bizarre device is depopulated, especially in America and the VIPs, due to its simplicity of use and the futuristic design. It consists of two wheels connected to two sensors, and just like a Segway moves in relation to the inclination of the weight of the driver. After five minutes of learning even a person not very sports-addicted can master it, and the fun is guaranteed.

The characteristics vary widely depending on the use, but they are guaranteed (in the approved models) the 11Km of autonomy at a maximum speed of 10 km / h. We have tested in rough terrain, sidewalks, streets and indoors and in every situation we were able to move without difficulty, although to enjoy it is always advisable to use road or smooth surfaces, such as shopping centers or supermarkets, and just like the OneWheel integrates two LEDs rather bright for nighttime excursions.

The purchase is recommended to adults, especially for those who have to make small to medium distances (also about ten km) to go to work or university, and children, which surely will find this device a valid alternative to the “old” bike. You can buy it by the most renowned PhunkeeDuck or IoHawk 1500 Euros approximately, or from certified vendors in Italy as Hoverboard Italy at a little over 500 Euros, maybe customizzandolo with BoardBlazers, small LED stickers can personalize and brighten your new device, Skate or Hoverboard it.

And ‘certainly the one with the more classic design, but not the less innovative; Mellow is in fact a device that can convert into electricity each skate. It ‘made in Germany and is the result of the brilliant Johannes, a German boy recent graduate who dug well on Kickstarter collecting € 310,000 for his futuristic project.

The idea is unique, in fact, unlike its competitors has decided to create a device – capable of being mounted on each skateboard – which would make it electric, and not a board with a unique design equal for all. In doing so each person can use the motor on their table, small or large. Despite its small size the power given off by Mellow is impressive, in fact selecting the most extreme driving modes (via App and Bluetooth) you can reach 40 km / h for 15 Km. And if you want to accelerate and brake? Simple, you just press a button on the wireless remote.

We tested a prototype does not have a brake and with a remote craft (the final version is scheduled for September 2016 and will integrate the brakes) along the canal and the new area next to Garibaldi in Milan and were amazed. Even without reaching the maximum speed the driving experience is unique, and super light weight allow easy use in any space, even in the city rather busy, and if you stay dry can replace the battery, just like a video camera . You can buy Mellow from 1099 € on the official website, you will not regret.

Sull’orma of Segways also led the electric unicycle, most famous as the Solowheel, thanks to the integrated gyroscope allows the self-balancing. After he climbed with both feet on the side steps you need to “walk” in order not to fall, in fact, the first few minutes you’ll spend them with the butt on the ground. The facility is not sure of its advantages, but with a little practice you will be able to tackle the increasingly complex with agility and speed.

The characteristics vary widely depending on the models, available with either one or two wheels (placed in parallel) guarantee a speed of 15 km / h and a range of 15 / 20Km, excellent figures for people used to go to work by bike or on foot. The price is very variable, it is sold by 300 (eBay) 2500 EUR (Solowheel), even compared to other futuristic vehicles is recommended for athletes or those who have a good balance. Fun but little immediate, and sometimes risky.

Emilia Romagna is the gastronomic paradise Italian

He is telling the prestigious guidebook Lonely Planet, celebrating the strong points of the culinary tradition of Emilia: meats, red wines, cheeses, fresh pasta and stuffed. Not forgetting, of course, the meat sauce
There is a wonderful place where the clouds are made of Parmigiano Reggiano, the air you breathe a sweet smell of freshly made sauce and tortellini fall from the sky and drops of balsamic vinegar. It is the Emilia Romagna region, defined as the true Italian gastronomic paradise by Gregor Clark of the prestigious guidebook Lonely Planet. A judgment which follows the one emitted by Forbes, who some time ago had elected the cuisine of this region as the best in the world.
In his journey through the provinces of Parma, Modena, Bologna and Ferrara, the reporter was literally enchanted by the culinary heritage: salami famous as the Parma ham, Felino salami and ham from Zibello, of course, but also red wines as Pignoletto, Lambrusco and Sangiovese. And then the Parmesan cheese, the cheese most beloved of the globe, and the sauce in all its possible combinations with pasta, fresh or stuffed.
Already, the pasta. Mr. Clark would have been particularly impressed by Emilian to take it and make it rough to the right point, to create a unique riot of noodles, lasagna, ravioli with herbs and stuffed with pumpkin hats.
Of course, the reporter says he also appreciated the artistic and excursions on the Apennines and the Po delta. But the feeling is that – at least for him – they were only pleasant diversions to pass the time between meals and the other .

Instagram: 30 photographers to follow on social networks

The most interesting profiles on Instagram are sometimes hidden and have ‘few’ followers. Here is a brief guide counter
Instagram works something like this: if you have thousands of followers is possible that you are a good photographer, but if you’re a good photographer does not mean that you have thousands of followers.
Followers and quantitative metrics are like (and vain) that Instagram often show little quality.
So today we announce 30 account (see the gallery above) around Italy and the rest of the world of people making good pictures, but who have less than 10,000 followers and therefore, probably, have not yet been reported among the “suggested”, a list of users that Instagram noted especially to those who open a new account and then “hunger” to follow and find interesting people.
A function that this is often changed over time: today more or less every two weeks Instagram update this list visible especially in those who subscribe to social networks and then “hunger” to find interesting people in addition to their circle of friends.
In the two weeks in which it is reported among the obtained at least 10,000 new followers.
To be suggested on Instagram must be indicated on a form provided only by whom it was previously, but it is not an automatic mechanism, there is always a human hand select and decide.
In short, do not care about the followers and browse the gallery above.

Fun by Contraste with wines of Moët Hennessy

The new restaurant in Milan Matias Perdomo chosen as the first Embassy in Italy of Estates & Wines

Fortunately, there are still people having fun in the kitchen. Someone who, in times of chef hunters stars, stays with a smile in the clouds, putting them at the center of each table to lay out the starters to be taken by hand before beginning. Someone who plays on contrasts and it also writes in the name of your restaurant.

Contraste is a fun surprise, opened recently in Milan, in a house on Via Meda 2, on the idea Uruguayan chef Matias Perdomo, and the sous-chef Argentine Simon Press, accompanied in the room by Thomas Piras, Italian maitre, and a key (follow us, we will explain why). So amazing that Estates & Wines, the wine division of Moët Hennessy, has decided to make the first Embassy in Italy of its labels – wines of great quality that marked the recovery of crops forget or launching new terroir, from the Cloudy Bay New Zealand to Cheval des Andes of Argentina.

The international vocation of the kitchen is one of the main reasons for this marriage.

“Diversity, excellence, discovery and pleasure are our values,” explains Francesca Terragni, director of marketing and communication Champagne, Wine and Spirits of Moët Hennessy Italy, “which are found in Contraste. The bond was born almost spontaneously, a natural extension of what we have in common. ” And then there is the taste for the unexpected, in fact, that feeling playful that catches you, for example, while the extraordinary sweetbreads accompany cheese and pepper (ideal meeting point between Rome and Montevideo) with a glass of Cheval des Andes 2008, the best year of this Grand Cru of the Andes to the complexity, elegance and sophistication. Or that you surprised when Piras takes to turn around the tables (few, fortunately, and well spaced) to ask what would you eat.

“Our cuisine wants to be the reflection of the desires and wishes of our customers,” says Perdomo, who colleagues-star already has considerable following of female fans. “That’s why we spend a lot of time talking to them before ordering.” So no written menu or forced flow (“We want the players are our customers, not the ego of the chef,” declares Perdomo and we have started the stopwatch to measure how able to last …), because, fortunately, also the restaurant there are still people who want to have fun.

The 10 brawls between star and gossip of 2015

It could also be called Taylor Swift against all. She is the most litigious, star of a triangle at all insult with Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. But there are also J Ax and Nina Moric in our ranking
Even the stars, among them, did not send her to say. Unlike ordinary mortals, however, the celebs that have to be discussed with colleagues will not settle for clarification face to face, but they use all means at their disposal, including social media and social events. As every year, also in 2015 there were times of storm among the stars, among catfight, dissing and various lawsuits. Here are the 10 best fights of the year among the stars.
Taylor Swift Vs. Nicki Minaj
The terrain of the clash were the nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards: Nicki Minaj collects “only” two nominations and is unleashed on Twitter, putting it in terms of “do not want to reward a black singer and curvy”, blaming rather explicitly with Taylor Swift. That, calmly responds.
Nicki Minaj Vs. Miley Cyrus
Right on the stage of the MTV VMAs, Nicki Minaj makes peace with Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus but attacks, guilty of having talked about the controversy of the rapper – and if Miley as “hostess” of the VMAs, sided, Nicki offended twice and on stage he gives the “str *** a.”
The blonde singer, however, does not intimidate by Nicki “bulla” and between the two barbs fly and looks vitriolic.
Taylor Swift Vs. Apple
The new platform of digital music Cupertino planning a launch that includes three months of free streaming, without paying the artists. Taylor, already bitter enemy of Spotify, does not agree and wrote an open letter to Apple to get her to pay the musicians for the three-month trial. Guess who won the day?
Quentin Tarantino vs. police
The “bad boy” splatter film took part in the demonstration against police brutality the US, but mocks him, he who made films with a high rate of violence and warning officials not to cooperate with his next films.
J-Ax vs. The Voice
Ax was the first rapper to sit on the jury of a talent show and we were two years between winning and nuns “axforismi” style rap’n’roll. When he presented his program Sorci Verdi had spent caustic words of The Voice, which then finally abbandonatoc, with an official statement: “I have decided not to redo the talent Raidue The Voice. The cause of my choice is attributable to the behavior just clear to me by the production that has created a climate not very reassuring and uncomfortable enough to affect my participation in the new edition of the program “.
Taylor Swift Vs. Katy Perry
One adopted by Taylor Swift in respect of ‘”hated” Katy Perry is a new technique scuffle is to declare that he will not speak anymore of the rival. When silence hurts more than a thousand words …
Fedez vs. Jovanotti
The heavily tattooed rapper going strong on Twitter, which often became the ground of his battles against Gasparri, Leek, Post … and many others, including even Jovanotti, who seemed to have tweeted in favor of Salvini. A Fedez not escaped and sought clarification to Lorenzo, but he calmly replied: “Racism is not idea but monstrosity (and offense), I refer to the ideas (europe and euro) on which I disagree.”
Will Smith vs. Donald Trump
The statements of Donald Trump annoy many, including star. The last to take sides against him is Will Smith, who has assumed even go into politics, pointing directly to run for President, to obstruct Trump.
Nina Moric vs. a girl
Never contradict the buxom showbiz: a girl has “dared” to insinuate that the beauty of Nina Moric had been doctored by the surgeon and the showgirl she covered with insults, including “pachyderm”.
Kendall Jenner vs. the bulle
The sister of Kim Kardashian is one of the leading names of the catwalks of high fashion, but her colleagues from the famous surname not tease. The young should not even bother: we think fans to defend it.