From Madonna to Paris Hilton: for VIPs holiday choose the Mediterranean Sea.

From Madonna to Paris Hilton: for VIPs holiday choose the Mediterranean Sea.

From Salento, via Ibiza, Capri, Ponza and Greece.

There are many celebrities who for the summer holidays this year have chosen the Mediterranean Sea.

Madonna in Salento with her daughter Lourdes, Mariah Carey carries around her children on a mega yacht, Paris Hilton has fun at parties between the island of Ibiza and


Mediterranean Sea for the model Irina Shayk and Ibiza for his former Cristiano Ronaldo.

eco-friendly villas in Ibiza: the complex Cala Conta

This urbanization, traditional architecture of Ibiza, combines the typical characteristics of the island houses the

cutting-edge technology.

The architectural beauty, location and respect for the environment are the features that make Cala Conta the best private

urbanization of luxury villas in Ibiza.

The villas are all oriented towards the west, until the last to enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the Mediterranean:

the panorama offers also great views of Illa del Bosc and Conejera.

The villas are all eco-friendly and all have a very low environmental impact and high energy efficiency systems.

The complex counts on a geothermal and recycling rainwater air conditioning service.


The recipe for turning the grated cheese in pods, baskets and cannoli

In videoricetta dedicated to friends of GQ chefs Zibo Chefs Itinerant explain how to model the grated cheese, to add a touch of novelty to our dishes. Just a microwave and a minute of time
Dinner with friends, dinner with the family, dinner with colleagues. And then dinner with the group of the gym, dinner with the football team, dinner with classmates in high school and dinner with the neighbors. Rassegnamoci, with Christmas fast approaching and the parties we know that: a) any attempt to preserve our ideal weight is absolutely useless; b) we should multiply the evenings on the calendar to be able to fulfill all the commitments. Whether the dinner in question are repeatedly organized at our house (because we are the good ones to cook, because we have the extension table or because we’re the ones with the tenants of the building less boring) takes the drama: what to prepare different from the usual spaghetti? Or alternatively, how to camouflage the usual spaghetti to make it look different?
Idea: impress guests with small creations made with grated cheese, which is grain, Parmesan or a mix. A wafer to be set between the dough, or to use as a base for sauces and dips; or maybe a basket that can accommodate risotto, gnocchi & co.
“Oh, okay, but who knows what they are difficult to do,” someone might object. Error. And dimostrarcelo are chefs Alexander and Julius Zibo Chefs Itinerant People, which in this video made by Elia Acunto explain how: just a microwave, a sheet of baking paper and a little ‘of grated cheese
In just over a minute we can get any form is necessary for our flat. Even a cannoli, maybe stuffed with aubergine cream, pine nuts and tomato confit as one of our videoricetta.