Like glasses in history have changed

Overview The exhibition at the Design Museum Holon, Israel, traces the key stages of evolution of the seventeenth century to the present glasses, looking at the future through the lens of virtual reality
“Sometimes we tend to forget that the primary purpose of the glasses has always been to correct a defect; but in fact the glasses do not hide the defect, in fact, I emphasize through design.

The exhibition will not only allow to observe the cultural history of the glasses, but also to discover the role of designers in their evolution. ” The speaker is Maya Dvash, curator of the exhibition Overview of Design Museum Holon.

Until April 29, the exhibition will penetrate between the Israeli museum galleries for discovering the curious world of glasses, and sunglasses, in an overview of past, present and future.

The past, to be precise, is represented from the private collection of French Claude Samuel, through which you can see the changes that have marked these precious accessories from the seventeenth century to today: over 400 species that become symbols of eras, new discoveries and of cultural phenomena, including for example those worn by pop icons such as Elton John and John Lennon, the traditional snow goggles bone worn by Eskimos populations or sketches designed for fashion house Pierre Cardin by the father of Samuel.

In addition to this valuable retrospective, the exhibition also features a creative part dedicated to this, entitled “What are eyeglasses?”, With models developed by 40 Israeli artists from fashion, jewelery and industrial design.

The future is represented by the space dedicated to virtual reality that the museum’s Design Lab has set up in collaboration with the French Institute of Israel, the Forum des image and the Holon Cinematheque.
But there’s also a touch of Italy in this exhibition, and it is probably the most intriguing: the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Embassy in Israel contributed to the creation of the section entitled “Vision Test” which allows visitors to discover the interaction between sight and design through activities and optical illusions that play with perspective, colors and observation points.


Ibiza, Space closure in 2016

The legendary local Balearic has come to an end. The rumor comes from Carl Cox, the club gets into the hands of Yann Pissenem dell’Ushuaia Beach Hotel.
In a few months, a piece of Ibiza will be gone forever. And with it, perhaps, a piece of the heart of those who, over the years, has been able to enjoy the magic of the place. The prestigious Space is set to close its doors at the end of summer 2016, when all programming is complete. The reasons at the time, does not come from official voices, but only by those who have made the history of the club.
What until recently it was only a rumor, now confirmed in the words of one of the largest of the local Iberian, or Carl Cox. The words of the British DJ reveal the first bits of melancholy, despite the confirmation of his showcase this summer. According to him, the key to everything would be the owner Pepe Rosello:

I worked for many years here at Space. Pepe consider a father, both professionally and from the human. I grew up with him, made me aware of what it means to manage and play in a place of this caliber, so I will be forever grateful. Now it will change the face, the club as we have known it will close its doors to reopen other. For me it makes no sense to continue under another management, it is a matter of simple affection and respect for tradition.

80 years of Rosello, therefore, are also being felt on the shoulders of the Space, which will be acquired by Yann Pissenem dell’Ushuaia Beach Hotel. The Director of the other prestigious facility Ibiza, from 2017, will change the face of the club and turn it into a functional structure to its business. It is not impossible, far from it, maintaining a leading role in the European music scene.