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Espadrilles inaugurates in Ibiza and points to new stores and e-commerce

The footwear brand was born in Bologna. “We were the first to market them in Italy”

From the Pyrenees to the Bolognese hills. From the world of multi-brand retail to the new single-brand and online market scenarios. Ferrari Zenobi, an emilian company founded in the 1970s by two shoe industry agents, has always associated its name with Espadrilles, a registered trademark in Casalecchio di Reno, synonymous with a summer and naif shoe capable of cross the modes of each time. “We were one of the first to market this product in Italy,” says Martino Ferrari. He is today, along with his brother Lorenzo, in charge of this company founded by his father and his partner, who left the family in the early 1990’s. Specializing in the marketing and distribution of the espadrilles (or espadrillas) notes, in addition to seasonal collections, Ferrari Zenobi recorded a turnover of 3 million euros in 2016. And 90% came just thanks to a kind of footwear invented by the peasants of the Pyrenees around the fifteenth century and today spread in virtually every corner of the planet.

HOW THEY ARE DONE – “In Spain there is a factory that makes them for us using the traditional sewing technique,” Ferrari continues. It is a light, summer, fresh product made with natural products. ” The sole, in fact, is made of spelled or hemp, while the top of the shoe is sewn by hand with the cotton cloth. Just as peasant people did between France and the Iberian Peninsula but with different variations to satisfy the different tastes of the general public. “We also distribute other brands, such as the American Walker acquired in the 1980s,” continues Ferrari, “but the main one remains Espadrilles.” In Italy, where 90% of revenue is received, the Spaniard brand of the Bolognese company is distributed in around 600 multi-brand stores, while overseas major customers are located in Japan, Switzerland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Dubai and Bahrain . “In most cases, they are chains that sell Espadrilles in a number of stores,” he says. “Traditionally, we’re very close to our multi-brand retail customers, but the first experiences with the online shop since 2013 have brought satisfactory results and so we decided to spend more and more. At present – continues – the share of revenue from e-commerce is between 6 and 7%: by the end of the year we hope to reach at least 10. ” On the net, therefore, the ecological shoes marketed by the small Ferrari Zenobi (five employees) are gaining momentum, so the company has decided to launch more and more targeted in this area. But this is not the only strategy adopted to continue to grow. In March and June, the first two Espadrilles one-stop shops were inaugurated: one at Olbia airport, the other in Ibiza, for a total investment of around 100 thousand euros. “There will certainly be other such sales outlets, but for the moment it is still to be defined – concludes Ferrari -: we first want to evaluate the results of the first two. Espadrilles is a product strongly linked to the summer season, choosing to leave Sardinia and Ibiza was not casual: for sure, even for the next openings, we will look at similar areas. In Italy and abroad”.

Mykonos: Discovering the best island bars

In your vacation on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos, besides the fantastic beaches where sunbathing and bathing in turquoise water, you do not have to miss the trendy bars and lively. Many of the famous ones look out over the most popular beaches, with a 24-hour party. Here are our tips on where to go.

Fun on the lively island of Mykonos is nothing without a stop in its best bars. Overlooking the beach or located in the center of Chora, on the most bewitched island of the Cyclades, you will find plenty of opportunities to have a good cocktail, listen to music, and start dancing and, of course, get to know many new people in a cosmopolitan environment. Here are the best clubs on the island where you drink, dance and have fun, day and night.

Jackie O ‘. This is the island’s most famous bar. It has two locations, one in the center of Chora, the main town of Mykonos, the other on the gorgeous Super Paradise Beach, one of the most beautiful and most popular beaches on the island, the movida is at the top. The bar in town is small but very quaint, looks out over the ancient harbor and serves great drinks, good music as well. On the beach, however, is much larger, it also serves food and organizes memorable parties from late afternoon to night. It is a gay friendly locale with drag queen shows. Address: Jackie O ‘, Super Paradise and Mykonos Town 846 00

Semeli Bar One of the most popular and popular nightlife in Mykonos. The Semeli Bar directly overlooks the sea, at Little Venice, bay with houses that directly over the water in Mykonos Town. From the terrace of the terrace on the sea you can admire a wonderful view, with views of the famous windmills of the island. The restaurant has recently been refurbished by the famous Greek architect Pavlos Ninios, with its modern and elegant interiors and light-filled atmosphere. Exceptional cocktails served and the cheerful atmosphere, crowded with people. Address: Semeli Bar, Small Venice.

Kalua Beach Bar Another beach bar, this time at Paranga or Paraga Beach, known as the hippie beach. The Kalua is directly on the beach just steps from the shore and is open all day. In addition to being a bar there is also a restaurant. Here you can have lunch, take a drink, have an aperitif and listen to music with famous dj sets. Address: Kalua Beach Bar-Restaurant, Paraga beach.

Queen of Mykonos. An elegant bar in the heart of Mykonos Town. This is a place to relax and socialize, with cafe service and cocktail bar. Open early in the morning, for breakfast, until the early hours of the next day, this restaurant is ideal for coffee in the morning to sip on the outdoor tables or for evening drinks to party until late night. Fun is guaranteed. Address: Queen of Mykonos, Enoplon Dinameon street.

Kastro Bar Restaurant. This venue, bar and restaurant is also located in Little Venice, overlooking the northern end of the bay, with a spectacular view. A place to go to the sunset, to enjoy the sunshine coming down to the water and to sip fine wines and cocktails with a background of classical music. A sophisticated and elegant place where you can enjoy excellent traditional Greek cuisine and exquisite desserts. A place not to be missed. Address: Kastro Bar, 1 Agion Anargiron street, Little Venice.

Airplan Netflix arrives in Europe

Surf Air costs a lot, but paying a monthly fee allows you to travel as often as you want, arriving at the airport 15 minutes before

For a few weeks, Air Surf Air has also operated in Europe, an airline with a particular business model. With Surf Air you do not have to buy a ticket, check in, get to the airport early hours and queue check on departure and on arrival. Instead you pay a monthly fixed price that allows you to take all the aircraft you want to catch, arriving at the terminal fifteen minutes before the departure of the flight and traveling on a small plane carrying about a dozen people. At the moment, Surf Air has active connections between London Luton, Zurich and Ibiza airports, but in the coming weeks they will open with about fifteen European cities, including Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Monaco and Milan.

How much it costs and how it works
Surf Air is not cheap: the standard subscription costs around € 3,500 a month. Soon you should be able to subscribe for a small subscription that will account for about half of the total, allowing you to take all flights over a distance of 600 kilometers. In return, however, the airline offers a long list of advantages as well as being able to travel as often as you want. To embark on a Surf Air plane you do not have to face the normal flow of controls at the main terminal: its planes leave from private terminals, so all you need is to get to the airport a quarter of an hour before flying and entrust your luggage to flight crew. According to the company, this procedure saves an average of two hours on travel: and for those who have to travel a lot in the course of a month, it can also save money. Ten journeys per month are around 350 euros per trip, ie less than traditional airlines are asking for a first class ticket for a trip between two European capitals.

The ideal customers of Surf Air are therefore companies and business people who travel often for work, or wealthy people who often enjoy their own home to the sea (this is why one of the first open routes is London-Ibiza). The company’s managers hope that Brexit will make good gains: many companies will move to the continent, forcing their leaders to make commuters between cities like Munich and Frankfurt and their homes in London. The company also aims to create links that other companies have not invested so far. For example, the Milan-Geneva line, which is currently not served by any regular route.

Surf Air was born in California in 2013 and uses the Pilatus PC-12, a small airplane produced in Switzerland and usually used as a private jet. This is not the first time an airline attempts to introduce a business model based on a monthly subscription, and previous experiments have almost never been very successful. Beacon, an airline based on a similar idea, closed in the summer of 2016. Surf Air seems to be fine right now, mainly due to the choice of connecting American airports with a reduced traffic. This summer he bought RISE, a Texan airline based on a similar principle. After the acquisition, Surf Air claims to have over 4,000 members. His goal for Europe is to get 50 planes in service in the coming months.

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender: Surprise Wedding?

Sea, sun and bridal gear. Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender married in Ibiza?

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender married. Or at least this is what they seem to tell the famous “three clues” that make a test. The two actors, who have been dating since 2014, when they met on the La Light on the Oceans set, have given a sort of extensive demonstration of something very important to Ibiza in the weekend and which had been voicing for a long time.

The three clues refer to this: the first, as reported by the Daily Mail (and documented by the photos) is the fact that both at the weekend wore bridal gowns; the second is tied to the great amount of friends who gathered in Ibiza for a big party organized by the couple and the third is the number of paparazzi present.

So Alicia and Michael are officially husband and wife? We look forward to knowing it in the next few hours, or in the next few days. Certainly they are not the only ones who have chosen the way of marriage in great secrecy.

#Italiadestate: the flavors of the vineyard, my vacation with Magna Gina


Bimba dei Anni 50, I used to spend a holiday in Loranzè, in Canavese, my cousin Gina’s guest, for all Magna Gina. We reached Ivrea with the Aosta, a small train with old wooden carriages and completed the journey with a short stroke.

Magna Gina, a widow and a young son, filled me with attentions and delicacies and involved me in her very active life. She woke up early and went to the washroom powered by a canterie brook that was doing my company at night and with her rinsing my clothes climbing over a rock to be at the water level at 8 am I was already wet. Magna Gina then wore me dry clothes and then with gerla and baskets of supplies she left for the vineyard. At the end of the trail, when I was climbing, I was already tired, and poor Gina, silver hair and golden heart, made me into the gerla and carried me to the top of the hill.

The path was a climb to the Earth’s Paradise: around me there were trees full of fruits of all kinds and I just had to stretch out a hand to pick up the mulberry and bamboo leaves, apricots, plums, small pears, white peaches, Figs, avoiding the bees that were buzzing in the heat. The vineyard was covered by terraces with water-gathering tanks that housed frogs and toads, while green and blue dragonflies squirming among the bushes of the thousand flowers spinning in everywhere.

At the top of the hill a large gate supported by pillars, bearing the inscription “Villa Marra” and next to “Parva domus magna quies”. The entrance was preceded by a staircase opening on a plateau on which the mansion was standing. It was a simple construction, without electricity and no convenience but for me it was a treasure trove: on the ground floor there were the kitchen and dining room while the bedrooms were on the upper floor.

The furnishings were old, if not antique, and for this it was doubly fascinating to start from the oil lamps to the yellow collections of “The Sunday of the courier” that I was browsing kidnapped. Around the house there was a court with the top of white rosellines under which the table for lunches and snacks was fitted, the water pump, the fish of the red fish that I ingested with the wastes of the hosts that the old Parish priest gave me.

The ladies who were sewing or chatting sat on a rooftop terrace, a balcony on the Canavesan plain as the men spent their afternoons playing bowls in the playground at the bottom of which there was a stone cave with seats and The coffee table with bread and salami and fresh vinegar.
On the side of the courtyard there was the chicken coop with hens of various breeds, and my favorite were the “Americans” who lay small eggs and on which a gallant king was reigning. On the back was the hazel, where there were squirrels and ghosts: my cousin Giuseppe was afraid that they were afraid of my talk and that I would only have been able to see them. It has happened very rarely.

All this kingdom was governed with a firm hand by Magna Gina: it was laborious like a bee and every creature of the vineyard, every flower, to each person she was giving her cure and affection that still warm the heart of those who lived with her today.

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Experience contemporary living with a charming Grecian twist in this exclusive boutique hideaway.

A private sandy beach beckons daily, while the island’s historic capital is within easy reach.

With a private beach at your doorstep, enjoy the meditative rhythm of the sea as you bask on a comfy lounger.

Stroll to the nearby tennis court and serve up some aces. Zakynthos city and harbor are also a short drive from the villa.

A cultural, shopping and gastronomic hub, the city is also rich in historical architecture.

The airport is just five miles away, while the private VIP transfer is the ideal beginning and end of your stay in Zakynthos.

Holidays in Sicily with a glass of wine in hand

Five wineries and their wines to taste this summer, traveling long and wide on the island

Between past and future
From the unique territory of Etna and the craftsmanship of generations who work on the slopes of the volcano, a “new” wine is born. Or rather, a new excellent expression of Nerello Mascalese, High Mora Feud of Mid-Cusumano. First vintage 2014. Why between past and future? Well, meanwhile it is a product that is born in a precise landscaping and historic farming context, with still old dry-walled screws. Half feudo is actually a cru obtained from a vineyard of 80 years averaging 2 hectares of cultivated saplings. The future is in the bottle, in its content, resulting from a contemporary philosophy and innovative technology, which allows you to obtain a high quality product. But perhaps more than philosophy, in the case of Cusumano, it would be more correct to talk about poetics. Poetics of wine and poetics of making wine today. The company explains it well in a nice video, spread just for the launch of the wines of the Alta Mora line.

With the malolactic in wood, the Nerello finishes in big barrels and this first edition, the wine is still young, already imposes itself as an important and authoritative bottle. Its intense and complex scents, but fresh and delicious in the mouth, so that it can be perfectly matched with seafood pasta dishes.


Black and white
Fresh black wines are also born from the dark black ground of Etna. Like those produced by another important company in the area, Cottanera. We are talking about two precious bottles: Etna Bianco Doc 2016 and Calderara 2015. Two different interpretations of the Carricante, the extraordinary autochthonous vine spread on the Sicilian volcano, the soul of many of the best Sicilian whites. His first interpretation is the Etna Bianco, which affords the yeast in steel for at least 6 months. More than a base wine, horrible expression, is a bottle that portrays the Carrier with an essential palette, with almost the only basic colors, citrus and mineral notes of this wine. And the body decided in the mouth.
While the Carrier of Contrada Calderara tells another story. It comes from vineyards of 45 years old up to 750 mt above sea level. Fermented and aged 12 months part in wood part in concrete tanks. In short, nature is part of it, but also the cellar wants its. So here we do not find only the citrus freshness, but also the greater flavor. And still the floral and herbaceous notes on the nose. Both wines combine perfectly with raw fish dishes.


Looking for the perfect bottle
Perhaps Stefano Caruso and his brothers are convinced they have found it. In the sense that they have come back to produce the wine that best expresses the philosophy of their wine-making work, the philosophy behind the whole production of the Marsala Caruso & Minini company. A philosophy, born of the competence and passion of Nino Caruso, then of his heirs. And precisely the name Nino brings the prince’s bottle of the cellar, the superb Rosso Sicilia Igt. (15% alcohol), which we had the opportunity to enjoy at the ancient Baglio di Marsala of the family of producers (see the opening photo above). Nino is born from two distinct stages of vintage with a strict selection of grapes (Nerello, Nero d’Avola, Frappato and Perricone). The second harvest occurs after a natural baking of the bunches. The wine then affinates four years in French and American wooden tonneaux, but made in Sicily, and another 12 months in bottle. Another particularly representative wine of Caruso & Minini is certainly the Perricone, also known as Pignatello. Sachia is the name of our bottle with this purest grain. A fresh and powerful wine, fragrant nose and elegant on the palate. 6 months in steel tanks and 3-4 months in bottle. Work on this autochthonous Sicilian grape is another challenge won by the Marsala winery. Finally, we point out three more bottles to try: the Catarratto Isula, the Black Avola Reserve Cutaja and the sumptuous Syrah Riserva Delia Nivolelli.


Speaking of Sicily one can not but mention a Cricket. A Cricket, for example, like the Kados of Duke of Salaparuta from the estate of Risignolo. It is a bottle that well represents this variety, with its floral bouquet. For about 40 days, half of the grapes ferment in barriques, while refining takes place in vitrified cement tanks. The fruit of the work in the vineyard and in the cellar is therefore a wine of remarkable complexity and structure and a combination of great pleasure in the mouth. More demanding and important is certainly Bianca di Valguarnera, Insolia in purity.

Mejores villas de lujo para sus vacaciones exclusivas.

Qué lugar es mejor que Cerdeña para unas vacaciones de ensueño?

Alquiler villas con piscina, cerca del mar, inmerso en la exuberante y fragante vegetación mediterránea.

Equipado con todo el confort, villas de lujo en Cerdeña son la opción ideal para aquellos que, como usted, están buscando

la máxima belleza en completa privacidad y tranquilidad.

Las villas de lujo que se puede alquilar son de dos tipos: el primero, la tranquilidad de garantía totalmente independiente

y la autonomía absoluta.

Estos últimos son en cambio parte de un complejo, y por lo tanto se encuentran dentro de un hotel.

A pesar de ser físicamente independiente y separado de las habitaciones, le permiten disfrutar de todos los servicios que

el hotel pone a su disposición.

Estas villas de lujo son adecuados para aquellos que, mientras que la investigación de una cierta libertad, no quiere

renunciar a las comodidades que ofrece el hotel.

Tipos de Villa de lujo para sus vacaciones son tantas y diferentes entre sí.

Están ubicados en diferentes lugares de la isla y están estructuradas de manera diferente: por lo tanto, adaptarse

fácilmente a las necesidades de diversos tipos.

Malta splendida villa per le tue vacanze

Questa lussureggiante villa dispone di un design all’avanguardia, tra cui una miscela di linee pulite e nitide, decorazioni minimaliste e materiali prestigiosi, che si combinano per produrre un flusso naturale tra le aree esterne e interne della proprietà.

Grandi porte in vetro sfocano le linee tra dentro e fuori, invitando quelle persone al coperto. La piscina stessa vi invita a fare un tuffo, che vanta una caratteristica Zen-like e un bordo infinito induttivo che ti fa sentire come sei veramente al di sopra del mondo.

La tranquillità regna una volta che tuffate in piscina e la vista spettacolare che in alto; L’intera valle si apre sotto di te, e il Mediterraneo scintillante può essere visto in ondulazione in lontananza. Il ponte soleggiato offre strutture per il pranzo all’aperto e sedie a sdraio, che vi consentono di rilassarvi con la vista mozzafiato della valle e del mare.

Vanessa Hudgens and the unexpected accessory to beat the heat

The singer has given with its complement “wild” for hair, that with which to guard against the sun (among other things)


We all have ours. A fedora hat, a cap with a visor, a raffia pamela, … When temperatures rise, they multiply – like loaves and fish – capillary accessories that fulfill a triple function: to attenuate the thermal sensation of heat, to protect our face from Sun rays and give us a more “dignified” air when we decide to embrace the summer and its philosophy: washed face, natural hair behind the beach and / or pool, excesses, etc.

The good weather opens the ban on many novelties in terms of style; There are, for example, botanical illustrations, short monkeys or fluorine colors. But Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have shown us with their summer stylings that, among them, the obsession with hair complements and motives (already mentioned) prevail.


Vanessa Hudgens entrusts to the beret this triple function of refreshing, sheltering and beautifying the woman. Although the choice may be somewhat unexpected, the beret expands its life-span with the purpose of serving as effectively as autumn-winter looks like spring-summer looks; An exercise of reinvention proper to the fashion industry.

The ex girl Disney has found in a black model, abullonado and with a detail braided on the visor the cocktail of ingredients necessary to beat the heat and to dress up all its outfits, be it a fluid dress of sailor stripes with clogs or a cropped top And plastic flip-flops

Ibiza Holiday

Situated in a private and exclusive area close to the idyllic village of San Juan, this spectacular five-bedroom, six-bathroom villa makes Ibiza living feel like a dream come true. Set over two levels, the contemporary property offers uninterrupted westward facing views, immaculate landscaping and a chance to experience the authentic northern countryside in all its unspoiled glory.
The spacious and open design flows harmoniously together; the luxurious property features high ceilings, a fully equipped, high-grade kitchen and a sun-drenched common living space. All bedrooms offer sweeping sea views, lead onto a private terrace or veranda and are equipped with luxurious en suite bathrooms.
Leading from the stylish interior dining area is a large open terrace enveloped by a sail shape infinity pool. Surrounding the property are extensive grounds featuring jasmine bushes, jacaranda trees, almond blossoms, orange, fig and olive trees complete with a soul stirring Mediterranean backdrop.
Perfect place if you seek for relaxation for your Ibizan holiday.

The rules for a perfect gin tonic

We talked to the Cocktail Manager at the Gin Festival to let us know the secrets to preparing a gin tonic.

From bitter medicine to becoming one of the most popular drinkers in the world, gin and tonic has made its way. The story of this drink originated in British colonies and more precisely in the Indian subcontinent. Here in the second half of 1800 one of the greatest health threats was malaria, a disease that was fought with tonic water – that is, a quinine-prepared drink, an antimalarial extract from the bark of the china tree. But the sensible British palate did not like his excessively bitter taste. So settlers began to add to their tonic water one of their favorite distillates: gin.


Over the centuries, gin and tonic has reached virtually all corners of the world and has evolved and has changed shape. A change occurred on the one hand thanks to the courage of large and small (sometimes micro) distilleries, which without forgetting the juniper have experienced the use of new botanicals. From the standpoint of the mixologists who wanted to go beyond the borders of the always great, but not necessarily exciting, lemon slice.

The latest news comes from Spain. Here in recent years they have taken the most classic of British drinks and have revolutionized it both in the approach and in the flavor. Ordinary glass is the balloon piece, that is, a cup similar to wine. But the novelty is what is served in, that is, gin tonic where experimentation makes it a master with the addition of fruits, spices, bitters and even jams. The purpose is simple: create a refreshing drink and exalt the characteristics of each gin.

A school of thought that has crossed the boundaries of the Iberian peninsula and has even conquered Great Britain. Just think that, an itinerant festival that is among the biggest gin-devoted British events, has embraced this philosophy. “The large cup of glass allows you to add a large amount of ice, while the tall stem helps keep the heat away from the drink, ensuring that you stay cooler longer,” explains GQ Peter Barrett, Cocktail Manager and Events Assistant at the Gin Festival. “Additionally,” he adds, “when the seal is added it allows for a visually appealing drink.”

To choose the right seal, he explains, one has to start from the main genome of gin and the set of botanicals used to create it. Most brands recommend the best way to serve their product and indicate what is best to put into their gin. But often the best thing is to play with the aromas and choose your own garnish. “First he tastes gin and tonic and tries to identify the words that best describe their character,” continues Barrett. “Is it lively and with the distinctive notes of lemon, delicate and floral, or has hectic and dry notes? Once you understand this you can use garnishes to enhance an aroma or add a contrast note to gin. ”

For gin citric try with coriander, basil or thyme. For those more floral lavender or cucumber. If grassy notes stand out, use rosemary or apple, while they dominate the spices spilled on orange, cloves or pepper. Finally if the gin is particularly dry it opts for pink grapefruit or lime.

From the theory to practice, the good news is that preparing a perfect gin tonic is simple. And the few ingredients it needs make it easy to serve both home and out (a few things try to sip a gin tonic during a boat trip).

The rules to follow according to Peter Barrett are not so many, but sacred. First, use a glass with a stem. Then do not skimp on the ice and put it a lot. Then add one or two shots of your favorite gin and gasket. Finally, complete with ⅔ or ¾ of a toner bottle of the best quality.

“Today there are so many versatile and interesting ginos with an infinite variety of aromas and styles, which means that there is really a real gin out there for anyone,” says Barrett.

“There are also many high quality toner brands available to accompany these gin, which means there is still plenty to explore and you can discover ever-changing new flavor combinations. The choice you have today with G & T, “concludes,” is infinite. “

If a haute couture designer interprets Italian tradition …

If a haute couture designer interprets Italian tradition …

As a creative director for Rochas and Schiaparelli, Marco Zanini has put his own personal stamp on both the world of ready-to-wear and the haute couture.

Since he left Shiaparelli in November 2014, it has become quiet around him – but that is right for him.

He deliberately concentrates on quieter projects that do not require a large stage, which radiate modernity for him.

One of them is a collection designed for the Italian traditional house Santoni.

The special feature: while Santoni is specialized in leather goods, in particular shoes, he also designed ready-to-wear for the label.

The Italian designer told us in an interview what exactly this is all about and why the whole thing is “A Colleciton edited by Marco Zanini”

Her collection for Santoni is called a “micro collection” and it was important to you that it is not communicated as “Capsule Collection”,

but as a “Collection edited by Marco Zanini”. Why the whole thing? Are not these words just anyway?

I find that words and certain terms are extremely important in fashion. Fashion is itself a language with which we all express ourselves.

In what words do you describe your collection?

I would title the whole thing as a project. It is not a collection that is dependent on seasons in the sense of a larger ready-to-wear strategy from Santoni.

For me, the collection has its right to exist, because it stands so without any comparison, and because it is such a small selection of perfect basics.

What is typical of these typical Santoni and what is typical of you?

Actually, there are quite a lot of overlaps – many do not know interestingly that I have a real passion for classics.

This timelessness was what I wanted to bring into every part of this collection. And, of course, there was a focus on the highest quality

of materials and cuts, a certain excellence and a fine sense for colors and their tones.

What is the purpose of your collection?

For me, all this has certainly something radical: it is supposed to be a subtle perception of luxury that only experts can recognize.

This is also based on a preference for anonymity. Only the initiates know how to appreciate this luxury and therefore deliberately choose it.

Is this also what you see the Appeal of Santoni?

Naturally. And there is also something very important that only really fine brands can offer: “Made in Italy”. A timeless quality predicate for itself.

Mallorca Spain

Watch the boats ply the Port d’Andratx from your private hillside perch at Villa .

This newly built luxury villa will help you fill your camera with panoramas of the harbor and breathtaking sunset shots.

Contemporary interiors and five suite-style bedrooms ensure that you and up to ten friends or family members enjoy a Mallorca holiday in blissful comfort.

Built into the hillside, the house stretches along the slope to offer views from several levels.

You’ll want to spend most of your stay on the sunny terrace, where a waterfall plunges dramatically into the infinity pool and plenty of lounge chairs await your


Open the umbrellas or adjourn to the covered sitting area for shade, and watch the sunset from a cozy al-fresco dining area that has a barbecue and fireplace.

Spark a little romance with some stargazing from the rooftop terrace, relax with a session in the sauna or pour a glass from the wine fridge and settle in by the

indoor fireplace.

The bright, modern interiors of Villa Marivent are both stylish and thoughtful.

In the living room, a sectional lets you face either the sea or the fireplace, and subtle shades of cream and gray set a refined tone.

Chrome-legged chairs feel slightly glam in the dining area, while the adjoining fully equipped kitchen is all minimalist with its flat-fronted cabinetry.

Smart-home technology, underfloor heating and an elevator give this vacation rental high-tech cred to match its high-end chic.

Each of the villa’s five bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom and opens to a terrace or balcony.

There are two master suites with queen beds and fireplaces, one of which has its own lounge area, and one other queen bedroom.

In the other two bedrooms, you’ll find a double bed and two twin beds.

From the home’s exclusive hillside setting, it’s only a short drive to sandy, sheltered Camp de Mar Beach and Camp de Mar Golf Course.

Just down the hill, Port d’Andratx is a formerly sleepy fishing village that’s found new life as a glamorous resort town,

where you can book a honeymoon-worthy dinner at a waterfront restaurant, join in the celebrations of local festivals or simply stroll along the charming harbor,

admiring the yachts docked there.

Take yourself far out of the ordinary at Villa.


From this luxury villa’s perch above a quiet cove on the Andaman Sea, only one other set of lights is visible at night—the ultimate in a scenic private location.

A full staff and the contemporary, Asian-influenced interiors of this vacation rental will ease you into the laid-back Phuket lifestyle in no time.

Your holiday at Villa begins with an airport transfer and includes the services of a chef, housekeeper, security staff and property manager, making it the perfect

destination for a relaxed family getaway or honeymoon away from it all.

Spend your time taking in the views—and soaking in the tropical sun—from the expansive outdoor living area,

which includes rows of loungers by an infinity pool, shaded sitting and dining areas, and a barbecue.

Inside, the property features spa and exercise rooms, a bar and lounge, a sound system, and even a library.

Simple elegance defines the look and feel of the villa’s interiors.

Neutral-toned sofas and sectionals, cool charcoal-hued tile floors and walls of windows keep the multiple living rooms

refined yet airy, while built-in cabinets add an understated, thoughtful touch to a dining room that seats sixteen.

Flat-fronted white cabinets and contrasting black countertops in the fully equipped kitchen are a study in minimalist chic.

The seven bedrooms at Villa are split between the guest pavilion and the arrival pavilion; all have en-suite bathrooms, balconies and ocean views.

There are six bedrooms in the guest pavilion: four with king beds, lounge areas and al-fresco showers, and two with two twin beds each.

The arrival pavilion has one bedroom with a king bed, its own living area and an outdoor shower.

In spite of the villa’s hidden-away location on a quiet cove, it’s only a 10-minute drive from Kamala Beach, known for its beautiful sand and trendy beach clubs.

The property is also close to Patong Beach,

Surin Beach, FantaSea and even Laguna Golf Phuket. Make the short drive into central Phuket and board an excursion from the Royal Phuket

Marina or sample local specialties from the night market.

The short


Dressing for office in summer and not die trying

In winter, when blazers and classic cut men’s shirts can join; When everything can be covered under a pair of tweezers and jackets,

dressing for the office being carried away by the formal vocation is (at least in general) much simpler than in summer.

The summer implies a progressive loss of layers that finish looks and even take it to another plane, making the

morning confrontation with the closet a feat worthy of epic.

At least, until you save these images of inspiration and recreate these tips.
The miniskirt is a garment so associated in summer as by many feared in the labor field; Logical, if you take into account that it connects

Spring Sound: the surprise edition ends!

With Grace Jones (Stainless), Riz Amhed Swet Shop Boys, powerful and political, and Haim, for all but classy (which in these days is not a bad thing)

So the Spring Sound is over.
There is still another day of parties and concerts around the city, but at the no-place par excellence that is the Parc of Forùm we will be back in a year,

with the excitement, the curiosity and the unbelief of ever.

Of this spring, we will surely remember the surprises: Backstage Palaces Backstage Concerts and DJs, 360 degree Arcade Fire show,

Mogwai’s touch and escape, and yesterday’s incredible pop festival of Haim sisters.

We will remember why, if they were still needed, confirm and reinforce the idea that Spring Sound is first of all an experiential festival.
A festival that has long been responsible for rules that are just his – just see what happens every time the bill is announced – and that moves according to

established logic over time.

Spring can be allowed to have as headliner bands that would not be headliners anywhere else. Every year there is at least one of these.

And now Primavera can also afford to play and not to announce people who in every other festival would shred on the poster with the task of releasing tickets.

With the 2017 edition, somehow, it is overtaken by the classical festivals model and is heading towards a

future where the concept of surprise that has changed forever the record market could have a significant impact even in the way they are perceived And organize

such reviews.
We’ll see.

Meanwhile, we already know that we will remember the incredible and timeless show of Grace Jones yesterday.

He climbed to the stage for sixty-eight years, practically naked and covered with body painting, and put a perfect pop show between an

allusion to cocaine and the other. Glam in the pure state.

And we will remember the sing along collectively during the Teenage Fanclub concert with

their three guitars and the public waving flags of Scotland while the Madridists present at the Forum suddenly unveiled after the Cup victory.

And then King Krule you see it and you ask where it is that pulls out that voice and that it first goes upstairs with a dj,

but then you get to a band – with so much sax – and a concert that already It was nice to become a – ehm – surprise.

To the point that having only seen the end of the Arcade Fire does not cause any regrets. Just as it does not make you regretful, you have chosen

to follow the live of Angel Olsen, which goes so far, but going ahead becomes more psychedelic

and conquers all song after song. A good way to recover from the disappointment of the re-founding Royal Trux and their garage rock escape.
The sound and the aptitude are those of all times, it is a shame that Jennifer Herrema could not do it anymore and it seemed to

Loredana Berté in her most problematic period.

The palm of the most fun concert of the day if they bring home the Swet Shop Boys by Riz Amhed.
Perhaps the most successful live rappove of the festival for power, public empathy and impact. A show of great political value

– recover the words with which they closed the concert – and that with news coming from London, but also with Turin’s panic-panic,

represents the here-and-now more than anything else Past those stages these days.

Head rocking up and down even for Skeptic who made the many Englishmen who filled the Forum Parc.
And then the Haim, what to say: I am a force of nature.
And you do not need to appreciate a kind of pop to understand it.
They are modern and contemporary although they sound like a tribute to the Fleetwood Mac set up by fans of E.L.O.
For all, but classy and in these times, it’s not really anything.
Their was a fast show: the singles of the new album and the hits of the previous album. Just.
A real party, I repeat!

Haulover Bay, St. John, Caribbean

On the unspoiled east end of Saint John’s, perched just 110 feet above the live coral reefs, white sands and soothing surf of Dreekets Bay, sits the tropical residence .

The grounds at this bijou villa feature papaya, passion fruit, banana, lemon and lime trees for you to pick and enjoy seasonally.

Among its charms, outside one bedroom pavilion is a wooden staircase that leads to a trail zigzagging all the way down to Haulover Bay.

The landscaped courtyard at Villa includes a pergola, lap pool, hot tub and a terrace welcoming guests into an aura of tranquil serenity swept by cooling trade winds.

Its three pavilions, washed with cool green hues, are situated to overlook the sparkling panorama of Sir Francis Drake Channel

with the verdant island of Tortola beyond. A hammock awaits the sway of quieter moments.

The villa also features a barbeque grill.

The indoors are loaded with entertainment options including electronic screening, satellite TV, a movie collection, books, games and a PlayStation 2.

Wi-Fi access is complimentary.

The neighbor is too loud, Messi buys the house

A solution as only he can to a terribly common problem. It was revealed by a teammate

If your neighbor does too much noise what do you do? Knock on the wall, maybe without fixing it.

But in the end, just buy him home. It is the solution adopted by Leo Messi in Barcelona to protect privacy and tranquility in the residence of Castelldefels.

Ivan Rakitic’s teammate told him in an interview with the Croatian magazine Novi List, which he also wanted to explain how he sees the differences

between Seville and the Catalan capital: “In Andalusia people are like us in Dalmatia, People take it calmly, fuck coffee together and chatter in the street.

In Barcelona they are more ‘Swiss’, they are respected, but they always keep a certain distance.

The Ramblas? I only saw them a couple of times from the team coach when we celebrated the triumphs,

because the club advised us not to go to grim places. ”
Rakitic also emphasized superstar humanity as Neymar and Suarez: “They are people like everyone else even though people think the players’

life is all about glamor and party.

Suarez invited me for his birthday and it was a normal evening: we bought gifts, dined, conversed, and almost all of us were with our families. “

The top 5 new app to make, share and watch videos

From Apple to GoPro Clips Quik five apps to package and view the best movies for sharing via message or social network

If today Facebook, Messenger and YouTube are the three most downloaded applications on the App Store history with millions of users a day, nothing prohibits new startups dream undermine them and become the new queens of the world social or video editing.

Thousands of new apps make their debut every day: some fail immediately, others have an initial boom but fail to ride the wave, and only very few are able to establish itself as a player in the market.

What is certain is that the future of the company can not be separated from the video, now considered a form of communication for excellence in the world of the Internet: all major app messaging have an internal tool for video management, but there are several software take care to pack for you the pictures or draw the best social content to around the net.

Just think of the phenomenon of Social Stars, users who have distinguished themselves on social networks for product quality content, often video, and the number of followers who can engage.

Before being replaced by Japanese artificial intelligence, we have selected the five best apps to download on iOS and Android to manage photos and videos to social networks.

Apple Clips. He spoke since last summer, in the end Apple launched its app for video sharing, while giving up to create their own social networks.

Clips works independently from the main camera, and inherits the basic functions of Snapchat, Prisma and Instagram: you can add videos, photos, emoji, or tracks of songs from Youtube and share the result with any existing company.

You can add the time of day or location, while the unprecedented ability to add text directly with a voice command, without typing anything.

It’s a mashup of all existing video editing app with an extra option: if you send the movie to iMessage, the software will recognize the faces and will advise you to send them the link sharing. It should arrive in April for free, along with the other applications you have purchased yesterday by Apple, Workflow.

GoPro Quik. The app chooses the films to be included and the soundtrack and then automatically mount the long movie. By leveraging an algorithm, Quik is capable of locating the best moments of the movie, select and add transitions, visual effects and audio to compress the whole shot in a few minutes.

If you want you can also set the automatic mode that weekly scans your smartphone, detects new videos and mounts them, separating different places and events based on geolocation and timeframe. In the new version it allows you to access all the photos and all videos stored on your account GoPro GoPro Plus.

And with the new Quik function, the user can download only the time you most want, thus avoiding download the entire video and saving time and transfer data. When you buy a Huawei P10 is already the default in the smartphone gallery.

Viple. An app Italian all that gives a nod to the millennials and aims to become the first social TV for smartphones. Viple creates numerous thematic channels using the best videos posted by the company stars on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Music, football, fashion, extreme sports, surf, skate, famous animals, and many others: whatever your passion on TV Viple the user finds the best video can enhance it.

With the Viple bonus Today, the daily look at the world through the eyes of social stars, a canal built every day by the editors who select the best topical video.

Scorp. This app is a kind of Twitter in video – the most successful of the Vine deceased. The Turkish startup that has developed it has decided to create a kind of video conversation between users around the world that can record short films from 15 seconds on any subject – from Trump to the London bombings to the national football – and share them Network.

Anyone can see them, can answer and can share you in turn also on other social networks. From January to now it has earned 3.5 million active users, with an average of 100 thousand downloads per day.

YouTube UpTime. Born inside the Google incubator, UpTime is the attempt to turn YouTube into a real company where you can share watching a movie with friends in real time.

You can send messages, emoji, and reactions you can find a range of content chosen specially for you according to your tastes or preferences of your friends. For now it is little more than an experiment, but it could become the new way to watch movies and TV series