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Espadrilles inaugurates in Ibiza and points to new stores and e-commerce

The footwear brand was born in Bologna. “We were the first to market them in Italy”

From the Pyrenees to the Bolognese hills. From the world of multi-brand retail to the new single-brand and online market scenarios. Ferrari Zenobi, an emilian company founded in the 1970s by two shoe industry agents, has always associated its name with Espadrilles, a registered trademark in Casalecchio di Reno, synonymous with a summer and naif shoe capable of cross the modes of each time. “We were one of the first to market this product in Italy,” says Martino Ferrari. He is today, along with his brother Lorenzo, in charge of this company founded by his father and his partner, who left the family in the early 1990’s. Specializing in the marketing and distribution of the espadrilles (or espadrillas) notes, in addition to seasonal collections, Ferrari Zenobi recorded a turnover of 3 million euros in 2016. And 90% came just thanks to a kind of footwear invented by the peasants of the Pyrenees around the fifteenth century and today spread in virtually every corner of the planet.

HOW THEY ARE DONE – “In Spain there is a factory that makes them for us using the traditional sewing technique,” Ferrari continues. It is a light, summer, fresh product made with natural products. ” The sole, in fact, is made of spelled or hemp, while the top of the shoe is sewn by hand with the cotton cloth. Just as peasant people did between France and the Iberian Peninsula but with different variations to satisfy the different tastes of the general public. “We also distribute other brands, such as the American Walker acquired in the 1980s,” continues Ferrari, “but the main one remains Espadrilles.” In Italy, where 90% of revenue is received, the Spaniard brand of the Bolognese company is distributed in around 600 multi-brand stores, while overseas major customers are located in Japan, Switzerland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Dubai and Bahrain . “In most cases, they are chains that sell Espadrilles in a number of stores,” he says. “Traditionally, we’re very close to our multi-brand retail customers, but the first experiences with the online shop since 2013 have brought satisfactory results and so we decided to spend more and more. At present – continues – the share of revenue from e-commerce is between 6 and 7%: by the end of the year we hope to reach at least 10. ” On the net, therefore, the ecological shoes marketed by the small Ferrari Zenobi (five employees) are gaining momentum, so the company has decided to launch more and more targeted in this area. But this is not the only strategy adopted to continue to grow. In March and June, the first two Espadrilles one-stop shops were inaugurated: one at Olbia airport, the other in Ibiza, for a total investment of around 100 thousand euros. “There will certainly be other such sales outlets, but for the moment it is still to be defined – concludes Ferrari -: we first want to evaluate the results of the first two. Espadrilles is a product strongly linked to the summer season, choosing to leave Sardinia and Ibiza was not casual: for sure, even for the next openings, we will look at similar areas. In Italy and abroad”.

Ibiza, an infinite season

From mid-May to mid-October. Summer 2017 in Ibiza is the longest time ever. Hotels, resorts, beaches and clubs have been arranged to provide customers with maximum comfort even off season. And that 2018 could start already on Easter weekend.

Ibiza in winter is a concept that thought does not consider, I told you last January. Soon we will have to re-evaluate the idea. For years, the island of Balearic is not content with just a beautiful season. In August 2014 Ibiza, along with Formentera, had recorded the historic record of attendance: 375,140. The data had led institutions and traders to reflect on the possibility that it would have been a good and just good thing to spread the season over four months. We’re five now.

In the last three years Ibiza has changed profoundly. Fun has become aware, spouses afternoon parties (those ending at midnight) and attention to the quality of life is not only about young European shooters but also the family size, which can find in Ibiza every comfort possible, even for the their creatures, even out of season.

Socio-demographic-economic impact on the tourism of the Usaua Beach Hotel on the island I have talked to you for a long time and its shock has not stopped to be felt.

Right in front of the giant of Playa D’En Bossa a few weeks ago its spin-off night, HI Ibiza, over what once was the legendary Space. From the first impressions it seems we will forget it before the expected but it is too early to spit judgments. Ibiza was given to death. Many observers have underestimated their power to regenerate, to shape their body to make the signs of time disappear.

Comfortable a slow but significant exodus, even occasional, Ibiza lives discreetly even before and after the two solstices. Artists, entrepreneurs, writers, designers. They are more and more the ones who have chosen the island, if not as headquarters, as a supportive study. How to give it wrong. A favorable climate, a particular air, which knows magic, makes it all easier. Who can afford to work remotely, even for short periods, should not think about it for a moment. Goddess, the New Year’s experience was very special but just have patience a few weeks to see the island blossom.

The Pacha is open all year round. And this is already comforting. This year, in the week of May 15, it was already very hot. The 19 Marco Carola at the Magnesia, the 20th anniversary of Pacha, celebrating the fifty seasons on the island, the 21 Guy Gerber at Destiny. I’m not talking about July or August. I’m talking about May, with the 2017 season officially kicked off in her last weekend, where craftsmen find themselves at the Ibiza Music Summit, a conference for jobseekers who is depopulating and becoming more and more a reference to industry, so to the business, so for the people.

Ibiza sometimes gives the impression of being more empty than usual. Nothing more wrong. The offer has diversified, expanded and spread over five months. There are more things to do over a longer period of time. The Easter weekend is one of the favorites from the new, independent and unconventional tourist model, perhaps unmoved by office dynamics. Technology allows some physical delay at work but wi-fi is everywhere oxygen for our keyboards. It goes on until October 15 when Solomun will close the Pacha, holding a copy of the keys in his pocket. They could serve very soon.

Ibiza and Formentera

They are the two most beloved Balearic islands – and known – by the Italians, yet they are much richer than the clichés that over the years have afflicted them. Ibiza is not just discos and yachts; Formentera is not just football players and sting: it’s enough to know when and where to go. Hippie Guide to the Two Pitiüses

Ibiza is a total casino – a casino every year more expensive – and in Formentera are all Italians. It would be more or less this budget that you would get back from one of the two Balearic islands if you were there in August, but also in July, and partly in June and September. You would think that nothing or nothing left of their past hippie, libertarian and desnudo. And you would be wrong for two orders of space-time reasons. Meanwhile, in Ibiza and Formentera, if you really care about Ibiza and Formentera, you have to go out of season: in May, even better in October. Secondly, even though the Pitiusas or Pitiüses (“Pine Reserves”, as the two islands named Pliny the old one) came down in the middle of August, there would still be a way of getting out of it without having to dodge energy with sunglasses night between the harbor, the marina and Dalt Vila, the beautiful old town.

Aerial view of Formentera. Island near Ibiza.

Because if this is the case – where in the 1970s Ibiza’s myth was born with the first nightclubs, El Amfora and Lola’s, and where the “princess” Smilja Mihailovitch was born adlib (ad libitum) fashion – it is by now some exceptionally rare exceptions we will see, a good-tasting off-limits zone, is also true that there is yet another Ibiza to discover, still payesa (peasant) and hippie like 50 years ago, yet very geographically recognizable: let’s say from the village of Santa Gertrudis up, north, to the sea border. Here the island has remained wild and beautiful, the women of Bizenke carry the amazing emprendadas (traditional necklaces) on the chest and popular architecture is virtually untouched, with that rugged white on the thick stone walls arranged in shapes that reflect the Saracen cultural heritage.

Salento, Ibiza.

Between beaches and local tops here is how it became queen of summer
By day in the crystal coves, at dinner in the masseria and then all to dance

Salento, Ibiza. At least a couple of years and summer 2017 seems to be the one of consecration, the heel of Italy has established itself as the attractive polo of Italian summer entertainment with famous discos, dance festivals, exclusive venues in a happening to all pockets and all the different dance decodings just like in Ibiza, the Balearic Island that attracts millions of people each year for nighttime entertainment.

And just like Ibiza, the Salento has two faces that coexist, complement, do not bother and contribute to uniqueness. In the daytime the crystalline sea – here are the 15 beaches and top coves of the Salento: on the Adriatic side Gagliano del Capo, Castro, Santa Cesarea Terme, Baia dei Turchi, Frassanito, Otranto with its fantastic sea in the city and on the ionic Marina of Pescoluse (the famous Maldives of Salento) and on Torre San Giovanni, Riva d’Ugento, the beautiful Torre Pizzo and Punta della Suina, Santa Maria al Bagno, the natural reserve of Porto Selvaggio, S.Isidoro, Torre Chianca, conclude with the top at Torre Lapillo. A sea for everyone, including families in the island of Balearic, where you go free with the beach or rent the umbrella and where you do not need to have the yacht to enjoy it. Places to choose second like pulls the wind or you want to beach or rock.

It is a remarkable offer of fruit and vegetable products, local cheese factories, oil, wine and between restaurants and farms, a food and wine tour that has become one of the reasons for years of affirmation of this area. In a preserved naturalistic landscape, featuring 80 military towers built in the late 1500s to defend Salento from the invasions by sea of ​​Turks and Saracens. Of these majestic towers the background of every photo framing the sea is two are restored and open to the public throughout Salento: the towers of Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo and Torre Chianca. Inside it is also the center of first rescue of Tartarughe Marine while on the upper floor is the exhibition on the statue of god Thot, precious, found again in the sea in the 1930s. Both are terraces on the wall and from there, as in many other areas of the area, depart for boat excursions by boat (from Porto Cesareo to the Roman Columns, columns of 9 meters stale in the shipwreck of a Roman lapidary ship and there remained, practically a submarine museum to visit by snorkeling) or to walk to the natural reserve of the Captain Swamp.

Samsara Beach: is a reminder for thousands of young people. It is Salento’s most hot beach, the symbol of Gallipoli’s fun, the Ionian pearl, and during the fall and winter the staff goes on tour throughout Italy making her dance. In June 2016, the staff also opened a deluxe branch in Montenegro, in Budva. Since June 2017, however, the Samsara rhythm has also come to Riccione, on the beach of Marano. Open every day already in spring and winter 2016-17 often also in the winter (at Gallipoli the parties of St. Stephen and New Year are now a habit), the Samsara Beach Party known throughout Italy, are free – parties ! – to live by jumping with your feet in the sand. David Cicchella heads a team with Danilo Seclì, Andrea Maggino, Marco Santoro, Dj Spike as dj; Luigi Abateusso, Max Baccano, Fabio Marzo, Dino Brown alternate with the microphone, percussion is Luca Bovino, trumpet Gabriele Blandini. Sergio Sylvestre, who won the Amici 2015-2016 and participated in Sanremo 2017, is one of the talented talent by Samsara staff.

Ibiza Sabor 2016. Discovering the cuisine of the island with the Forum of Mediterranean Gastronomy

Ibiza’s kitchen

A popular island for its nightly nightmare, trendy venues and modern nightclubs, is one of the most popular tourist destinations for the summer, especially young people, but still a luxuriant land rich in exceptional raw materials, uncontaminated nature and crops that respect the rhythm of the seasons. It is a Ibiza soul-based resort, but if the island entertainment industry is well-known to tourists all over the world, it is still unknown its gastronomic tradition. The ibizenca kitchen fully reflects the history of the island, crossroads between Spanish culture and that of North Africa, and is the result of a variety of cultural contaminations. There are tapas, chorizo, montaditos, typical dishes of the Iberian Peninsula that live here of their own identity. Great attention to fish products, of course, between fish fried, bullit de peix – a stew of seafood – and tonyna to eivissence, tuna with pine nuts, spices, raisins, eggs, lemon juice and dry white wine. And then the sweets, first of all the flaó, made from fresh cheese, eggs, sugar and mint. Specialize also wine production and that of aniseed spirits and other aromatic and spontaneous herbs in the area.

To shed light on the fascinating enogastronomic history of the place, the island of Ibiza will host, until May 28, Ibiza Sabor, a show that has come to the fifth edition, which aims to enhance the typical products of the bizens and the oldest recipes through a series seminars, forums, guided tastings, tasting, showcooking and dedicated forums. A festival that began on April 20th, which has already gathered the enthusiasm of enthusiastic gourmets, chefs and more curious consumers, with events, visits to local wineries and gourmet food tours in a few weeks. 51 restaurants, coasts and indoor areas, which for the occasion offer at special prices tasting menu and traditional tapas tapas. The heart of the event is the Professional Forum of Mediterranean Gastronomy, on stage on May 15 at the Grand Hotel of the island, an appointment with chefs and local producers to the specialized national and foreign press. Theme debates, showcooking and workshops will present industry journalists the taste and taste of local recipes. To accompany the dishes, wines of the territory, organic and natural, all with special attention to the territory. To introduce and present the event, two exceptional figures, the culinary critics and organizers of one of the world’s most important culinary congresses, Madrid Fusion, José Carlos Capel and Julia Pérez Lozano.

At the forum we will also participate in Gambero Rosso, which will soon tell you in more detail the history and complexity of this island, which is amazing for personality and character.

Airplan Netflix arrives in Europe

Surf Air costs a lot, but paying a monthly fee allows you to travel as often as you want, arriving at the airport 15 minutes before

For a few weeks, Air Surf Air has also operated in Europe, an airline with a particular business model. With Surf Air you do not have to buy a ticket, check in, get to the airport early hours and queue check on departure and on arrival. Instead you pay a monthly fixed price that allows you to take all the aircraft you want to catch, arriving at the terminal fifteen minutes before the departure of the flight and traveling on a small plane carrying about a dozen people. At the moment, Surf Air has active connections between London Luton, Zurich and Ibiza airports, but in the coming weeks they will open with about fifteen European cities, including Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Monaco and Milan.

How much it costs and how it works
Surf Air is not cheap: the standard subscription costs around € 3,500 a month. Soon you should be able to subscribe for a small subscription that will account for about half of the total, allowing you to take all flights over a distance of 600 kilometers. In return, however, the airline offers a long list of advantages as well as being able to travel as often as you want. To embark on a Surf Air plane you do not have to face the normal flow of controls at the main terminal: its planes leave from private terminals, so all you need is to get to the airport a quarter of an hour before flying and entrust your luggage to flight crew. According to the company, this procedure saves an average of two hours on travel: and for those who have to travel a lot in the course of a month, it can also save money. Ten journeys per month are around 350 euros per trip, ie less than traditional airlines are asking for a first class ticket for a trip between two European capitals.

The ideal customers of Surf Air are therefore companies and business people who travel often for work, or wealthy people who often enjoy their own home to the sea (this is why one of the first open routes is London-Ibiza). The company’s managers hope that Brexit will make good gains: many companies will move to the continent, forcing their leaders to make commuters between cities like Munich and Frankfurt and their homes in London. The company also aims to create links that other companies have not invested so far. For example, the Milan-Geneva line, which is currently not served by any regular route.

Surf Air was born in California in 2013 and uses the Pilatus PC-12, a small airplane produced in Switzerland and usually used as a private jet. This is not the first time an airline attempts to introduce a business model based on a monthly subscription, and previous experiments have almost never been very successful. Beacon, an airline based on a similar idea, closed in the summer of 2016. Surf Air seems to be fine right now, mainly due to the choice of connecting American airports with a reduced traffic. This summer he bought RISE, a Texan airline based on a similar principle. After the acquisition, Surf Air claims to have over 4,000 members. His goal for Europe is to get 50 planes in service in the coming months.

David Guetta

David Guetta is 50 years old: the French ambassador of the house
DJs also get older. David Guetta, one of those who contributed to the large-scale distribution of electronic music, is 50 years old. Born on November 7, 1967 in Paris, Moroccan father of Jewish origin and Belgian mother, today is considered one of the world’s electronics ambassadors thanks to the hits This one’s for you, Love is gone and When love takes over.

His musical career began in the 90s in the Paris clubs, when the genre house was still unknown in France. Guetta has always been the DJ work with the producer. His debut album, in 2002, is Just a little more love selling over 300,000 copies. But world success comes in 2005 with The world is mine, a track based on a sampling of Simple Minds. In 2007, the third record, Pop Life, brought him first in Europe and then in the US. In 2009, she released her fourth album, One Love: The single singer becomes a tormenton of the summer.

After receiving five Grammy nominations for gotta feeling, Black Eyed Peas song, in 2011 comes the new album Nothing but the beat, featuring Akon, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, Usher and Chris Brown. It follows then in 2014 Listen.

David Guetta Wallpaper

David Guetta is one of the world’s most sought-after djs and, in addition to performing all over the world, is now home to Ibiza where he plays at Pacha and Usaua. The evening of which Pacha is protagonist is called F *** me I’m famous. As for her private life, Guetta was married to Cathy with whom she had two children: Tim Elvis, born in 2004, and Alizee, born in 2007. After the separation, in 2014 she formalized her relationship with the young model Jessica Ledon.

With more than 30 years of career in the world of music, the DJ has not bribed from an unregulated life, so that in an interview he said, “I’m like a Jedi monk: I do not drink, I do not smoke and I do not drink. sports and I follow a diet. “

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender: Surprise Wedding?

Sea, sun and bridal gear. Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender married in Ibiza?

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender married. Or at least this is what they seem to tell the famous “three clues” that make a test. The two actors, who have been dating since 2014, when they met on the La Light on the Oceans set, have given a sort of extensive demonstration of something very important to Ibiza in the weekend and which had been voicing for a long time.

The three clues refer to this: the first, as reported by the Daily Mail (and documented by the photos) is the fact that both at the weekend wore bridal gowns; the second is tied to the great amount of friends who gathered in Ibiza for a big party organized by the couple and the third is the number of paparazzi present.

So Alicia and Michael are officially husband and wife? We look forward to knowing it in the next few hours, or in the next few days. Certainly they are not the only ones who have chosen the way of marriage in great secrecy.

Ibiza: the island that makes everyone happy

Nights and music festivals. But also relax in beaches far from the crowd. And a surprising campaign. Discover all the faces of Isla Blanca

Who did not think at least once in the life of spending a vacation in Ibiza? Isla Blanca has always been one of the most popular summer destinations, especially among the Italians. It will be that the star of the Balearic Islands is the island for everyone. Nightlife, entertainment, clubs and discos where to get up until dawn are not the only attraction: just knowing the right places and Ibiza is a suitable destination for those who do not like the crowds, a perfect place to relax and retrieve energies, walking, pedaling, paddling and swimming, without being overwhelmed by tourists.

A holiday in Ibiza can not be missed by Dalt Vila, the acropolis of the Ibiza / Eivissa capital, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site: a maze of narrow streets enclosed by impressive walled enclosures filled with restaurants and locals. Vibrant at any time of day and night, the old town is the perfect place to have fun and make some healthy shopping. Among the historical monuments that come along the trail, the Almudaina Castle, the Cathedral Santa Maria de les Neus and the Teatro Pereyra where every summer evening is attended by live music concerts. You must climb to the top of one of the seven bastions that intercept the walls to admire spectacular views of the bay surrounding the city and contemplate Formentera in the distance. For a break, the choice falls on La Comida San Juan, a local institution, an authentic osteria with rustic atmosphere where you can eat a great fish of the day.

The beaches of the capital are Talamanca and Playa d’en Bossa. And in its vicinity is also the famous Sa Caleta. However, it is necessary to move to the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia to come across a dream sea and in particular within the Ses Salines Natural Park. Here, the Es Cavallet beach, chosen from the gay community as a meeting point for the gay community, is now mainly popular with nudists, while Ses Salines is famous for multicolored water and soft dunes. For the more sporty, the beautiful park is perfect for hiking and mountain biking. Also worth a visit is the beach of Cala Lentrisca, known for its green turquoise waters and the Mediterranean scrubland. When you return, after a sunny day, sit at Fish Shack tables, a restaurant hidden in the rocks of Playa Talamanca, to admire a spectacular sunset and enjoy fresh fish.

You travel along the west coast to reach Cala d’Hort, from where, with two hours of kayaking, you will reach the islet of Es Vedrà, majestic rock rising from the sea on which stories and legends flow, part of a nature reserve. Another “legendary” place nearby, Sa Pedrera, a kind of cliff overlooking the sea, which is famous for its name Atlantis and linked to the history of the island, colonized by hippies in the 1960s.
Along the west coast, but further north, here is the quiet Cala Vedella and the most world-famous Platges de Comte, which gives postcard water and sunsets. From here to Sa Conillera Island, the step is short: if you like to isolate yourself in nature, this is the place for you.

Urban art lovers do not miss a stop at Sant Antoni de Portmany where for some years street artists are invited to leave the mark on the city walls and the result is a rainbow of colors that illuminates the village.

The north-eastern part of Ibiza, between Santa Eulària des Riu and San Joan de Labritja, surprises inside: the real show, in fact, here is the campaign. Oranges, lemons, mangoes, almonds. Narrow trails, non-existent traffic and a thousand shades of green: the Ibiza you do not expect.

From June to September all the most famous venues of the island host internationally renowned Djs and themed evenings. To have fun in great style, the famous Pacha, Ushuaïa and Amnesia remain the three compelling steps. The Bloop Festival, as well as the Lonely Planet as one of the eight best urban art festivals in the world, will be on the agenda from August 23 to September 16 in Sant Antoni.

Being a very famous and tourist island, it is not difficult to find accommodation in Ibiza suitable for all tastes. For a postcard sea view you need to book a room at Hotel Torre del Mar in Eivissa city (double b & b from 100 to 130 €). Las Mariposas (double from 80 to 150 €), instead, in the municipality of Sant Antoni de Portmany, is a typical ibizenca finca converted into b & b and managed by an Italian family. A true oasis of tranquility, with lovely colorful rooms and a swimming pool where you can even swim at night. Nature lovers can not book a room in Can X

Party Calendar Ibiza 2017

This page lists all the events scheduled for the 2017 season in Ibiza at the main discos and clubs of the island. You will find on this page find the most popular and popular Ibiza parties, but also the most extravagant and alternative parties.

By selecting the party that suits you best, you can buy online disco tickets in a safe and fast way. Search for the Ibiza 2017 evenings and buy an online ticket, just so you’ll jump in the queue in front of the club’s doors.

In collaboration with, users of our site will be able to buy tickets in total security within the circuit we are part of.

In 2016, the Cocoon celebrated the anniversary of its 14-year-old unforgettable and unforgettable celebrations: we can not deny that 2016 was its biggest summer. And the wake of that glorious …

Flower Party
Among the evenings that are held at the Pacha, Flower Power is one of the most noteworthy ones, and yet the most underrated among Ibiza’s festivals. To make this party so remarkable, …

Hed Kandi
2015 saw a home shift for party Hed Kandi: its new home is now Ocean Beach, which has been able to provide a glam and chic location that adapts to …
Maceo Plex

For those who love techno, Maceo Plex was the evening of Ibiza, which in the music scene has brought some of the most important moments on the Pacha dance floor and in 2017 is replicated with …
2017 will be the third season of HYTE at Amnesia, and having established in the last two seasons the foundations of this Techno event this year will be a consolidated and impressive evening. A joint production …
My house Martin Solveig
Martin Solveig is not a stranger to the White Island or the Pacha, returns to the famous cherry club, for the great DJ a residence of 19 dates every Wednesday at Pacha from May 31 until October 4, 2017. …
F *** Me I’m Famous
The evening of David Guetta, which has a name that is already a program, causes real traffic jams both inside and outside the Pacha, all Thursday, chosen day to host this party …

Irina Shayk presents her after-baby glow

New-Mom Irina Shayk proves she does not need a styling team for a stunning performance

Irina Shayk presented her after-baby glow on New York’s streets!

The top model, which had only become mother on 21 March this year, showed up during a walk with girlfriends through Manhattan.

Your beauty styling? Uncomplicated! A sporty and elegant trenchcoat crowned

with a casual half-bun and a natural no-make-up look – the color-free manicure enclosed.

The new mummy demonstrates once again that she exemplifies the after-baby Glow and does not need a complete styling and make-up team

for breathtaking performances!

Shayk recently took a picture of Instagram, which she posted just a few weeks after the birth of her daughter Lea de Seine.

In a tight bikini and lying on an air mattress in the pool, the fish-bred mom presented a trained Wow body!

Ibiza Mood

Spain, Ibiza

Architectural Gem, Magnificent Sea View, Walking Distance To An Amazingly Beautiful And Uncontaminated Beach

Villa, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 12 persons, Pool, Spa, Garden, WiFi


Spectacular six-bedroom villa situated in Ibiza.

This formidable residence, optimized for comfort and magnificently luxurious space, helps to redefine the term ‘luxury’ and is preeminently placed within a new, e

xclusive and gated compound in exclusive Cala Conta, on the island’s beautiful West coast.

From the mansion there is a magnificent sea view and the villa is excellently sited to present a sweeping panorama that includes the islands of S’illa des Bosc and Conejera,

as well as the famous Balearic sunset. Everything is carefully considered and all is designed for immediate comfort, while cutting edge technology

will make any stay here all that more special.

Glazed walls seamlessly merge the expansive living areas and outdoor spaces, which are geometrically defined and pleasantly arranged along with the paved stone

pathways dissecting the sprawling well-tended lawns.

The property is neither overlooked nor has any obstructed views.

There is a long and lean long swimming pool, bordered and shaded to one side by high trees and enticingly placed at one end is wide sun terrace offering a superb

panorama of landscape and sea views.

MotoGP Lorenzo: “In Ducati to win, even against the clock”

Just started the new adventure on the “red”, the Spanish champion (Tissot ambassador) talks about goals and opponents

Elimination of aerodynamic fins, the intermediate rubber rain and limit to two hulls: if the technical innovations of the MotoGP World

Championship in 2017 are minimal, those that concern the team revolutionize the starting grid.

In addition to the debut of the Red Bull KTM rider Jonas Folger and Sam Lowes, Alex Rins and Johann Zarco, the stable exchange rate

between star players make this super exciting season.

Andrea Iannone has passed from Ducati to Suzuki Ecstar replacing Maverick Viñales, now in the box Movistar Yamaha with Valentino

Rossi and, twist, Jorge Lorenzo runs for the Borgo Panigale factory, after 9 years and 3 titles won on the Yamaha.

Who knows whether it is for this courageous decision Tissot, timekeeper of the World Championship, he enlisted as a testimonial.

Not only that, has realized the Tissot T-Race Jorge Lorenzo Limited Edition 2017. Sold in a box in the shape of a helmet, the clock has

counters that are inspired by the dashboard, while the buttons reminiscent of the platforms, the nut draws the disc of brake and the strap

carries the tread grooves.

“I chose the graphics of my race number, 99, and my name appearing screen printed on the back. More color: red is the symbol of Ducati,

“said the Spanish champion, born in 1987.

That concludes by launching a challenge:” This quartz chronograph measures time to the tenth of a second. I will try to beat him too. ”

On the track who your first opponent?
“The” enemy “is always the number one team-mate, before Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso now. To aspire to great results, I know that

I have to reach the level of Andrea and will not be easy: now has experience on the Desmosedici, the leadership in 2013, and is in excellent

physical and mental condition, as demonstrated by the second place in Qatar. ”

What is the most complete rider in the paddock, in your opinion?
“No one, each of the top riders have unique qualities. The perfect pilot should have the aggressiveness of Marc Márquez, improvisation

Rossi, the resourcefulness of Viñales, clean style of Dani Pedrosa and constancy “Dovi”. I? I keep out. ”

What I made you want to leave the best bike for someone who has won only one title, in 2007?
“Just the idea to be the one to bring it to the summit. From Ducati I had received a proposal for a decinda of years ago and I did not feel

ready to risk. Forte dei won five World Championships (between 250 and MotoGP, ed), I now have full confidence in myself. The talent I

do not miss nor the dedication to work with the engineers also up 13 hours a day. ”

What is your relationship with Casey Stoner, test luxury of “red”?
“Great, I hear it often: nesssuno better than he can give me advice on driving technique, he was the only one to win a World Cup with this

bike and riding is still a phenomenon. Shame not to have convinced him to follow me in all stages of the circuit; on the other hand he

supports me his crew chief, Cristian Gabarrini. ”

A short compirai 30 years and you’ve already taken a lot of satisfaction: think of running long?
“I do not know, I will continue until I’ll enjoy. However, I see Nico Rosberg, who retired at age 31, just won the World Cup: after a lifetime

to run for circuits, we dream all a bit ‘of tranquility. “


The property is built on several levels.
Entrance level:
1 large living room with a satellite TV, and stereo with speakers all over the house and on the pool terrace
1 dining area open on the living room with a large terrace facing the sea
1 fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, oven, microwave and fridge
1 guest toilet
1 bedroom with 2 single beds and ensuite bathroom with a shower.

Level +1:
roof terrace with a chillout area, sun beds and an extraordinary sea and sunset view.

Level -1:
1 bedroom with 1 bed size 180cm and ensuite bathroom with a shower
1 large terrace with sofas and chairs, a large LCD TV and a stairs that take down to the pool. Thois covered terrace faces the pool and has a panoramic sea and sunset view
1 bedroom with 1 bed size 180cm and ensuite bathroom with a shower and direct access to the large terrace facing the sea
1 bedroom with 2 single beds and an ensuite bathroom with a shower
1 laundry room

Level -2 (pool level):
1 bedroom with 1 bed size 180 and an ensuite bathroom with a shower

1 independent bedroom with a bed size 180cm and an ensuite bathroom with a shower.

All the bedrooms have an LCD TV and a large door to door wardrobes

Air conditioning in all the house
Internet WIFI, alarm and safe deposit.

Luxury Guide

This island at the center of the Mediterranean Sea has a great reputation among the international jet set and enjoys great prestige as to the luxury real estate sector.
Despite being a small island, you can find different environments to meet the diverse needs of its visitors. They are eagerly sought after prestigious homes on the beaches of Talamanga, Figueretas and Playa d’en Bossa, offering many services and all kinds of fun.
Ibiza is an island that never sleeps: its exclusive clubs stay open after dawn.
See the sunrise in the famous Café del Mar is now an island classic. The typical evening includes dinner at one of the many luxurious restaurants and then continue the night in the private room of the most exclusive clubs, not to mention the numerous private parties in the prestigious villas on the sea front. But this magnificent island offers not only entertainment.
Sant Josep is the perfect place to spend a day outdoors among a select audience that chooses this resort to buying a valuable property. Rent a luxury yacht for a day with friends is another of the many possibilities offered by this island.

Carl Cox Ibiza

Carl Cox and his imminent return to Ibiza, between former Privilege and Space
The techno producer speaks to an interview on May Mix of his return this summer on the island, how would want things to change and what has already changed

In an interview with Mix Mag, he speaks one of the big boss of the American techno. Carl Cox, after fifteen years’ experience as a resident at Space, will return to Ibiza, housed in the new spaces of the same club, now known as Hi, in May, before heading to the Pure party at Privilege.

“The point was never to leave the island, but what I would have done the same to create a suitable home for Carl Cox and my music. We are experiencing a new era, and Ibiza is changing for the better. ”

Cox spoke about his ideal future for the island, how would that Ibiza pulled away a bit ‘that atmosphere celebrities who has always been suited and with which she became famous.

“As soon as people come into each one of these clubs, the first thing they say is ‘where we can sit down?’ Thing??? Where we can sit ?? Please, I do not want nobody sitting in my club, I think people are standing in support of music and entertainment. I do not want to pull people off the phone, or start skipping because it is the DJ who so requests. We do not do those things. We do listen to music techno and pure, genuine house. If we’re not in, do not come either, do not bother. ”

He then speaks of the new HI, which takes the place of the historic Space. For him it would be best to completely tear down the old building and build something new on.

“They just want to give some advice. If there are new parties, new DJs, new ideas, that support them. Do not think that if it does not arrive soon so many people the project is to be cut, because this happens quite often on the island when the evenings are not going well. ”

If, however, will be the next experiments of Carl Cox in Ibiza to go the right way, we will have to wait for this third event in 2017.


There is no one alive in Ibiza

The price per square meter has soared in the last two years. In the island they begin to have problems to replace the positions of doctor or police

“The rent has risen so much in the last two or three years, spurred by the increase in tourists, that we can not afford to live in. I know people who have to share a flat between five or six People, even doctors, because few can afford a rent of 1,600 euros for a two-room apartment. In Ibiza we are going to die of success: this summer there will be more tourists than employees, we may not be able to maintain the services. ”
This summary of the dramatic situation suffered by the island is signed by Luis Gonzaga, a spokesman for the platform affected by rents, an association that brings together 8,000 citizens around the need for a regulation on rents. They have gone out on numerous occasions to the street, starring in the front pages of the local press, but have not yet obtained a clear response from the Insular Housing Counseling. “The institutions are people who own property and have their interests,” said the spokesman.
The figures are strong in this respect. At present, Ibiza has no vacant public housing and, what is worse, the price of the square meter soared two years ago and has no prospect of letting up. According to data from the real estate portal Fotocasa, the island of the Mediterranean already has the most expensive soil in Spain with 12.34 e / m2, ahead of historical figures such as San Sebastián (12,17 e / m2) or Barcelona (11 , 58 e / m2). Thus, a house in Ibiza of 80 m2 has an output price of 987 euros, which has to add the usual surcharge because it is a top tourist destination. “The average price is 1,600 euros per month, a barbarity if you compare it with the main cities of Spain,” laments Gonzaga.

It is not, as in the case of the Costa Blanca and other inland summer resorts, a phenomenon affecting only certain areas. A study by Idealista shows, taking three reference municipalities such as the center, Santa Eulalia del Río and Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, that rentals have grown by around 30% on average since 2013.
The situation is so profitable for homeowners who are allowed to change furniture every year. This dizzying rise of the island has confronted the neighbors; It is the old conflict between landlords and tenants, a sort of Marxist class struggle with brick-colored dyes. To the former the situation favors them enormously. Hector P. has two houses in the Port of San Miguel, in the north of Ibiza. Thanks to the first, she was able to buy the second one: “In 2012, after having housed a family for nine years in my house, I decided to dedicate myself to tourists alone. With the family I would pay around 7,500 euros a year, and the first summer using it As tourist housing, in just two months, I made more than 6,000, “he explains to this newspaper.
Few owners want to talk to the media. Héctor, who prefers to preserve his family name, understands the situation his neighbors live in, although he asks respect for the owners: “We are all day sticking to Facebook and news forums, do not they understand us? Between May and October I earn a lot more than before, triple, even if I have the house empty during the winter.Not even bother about the typical things of a landlord: I buy every season all new furniture in Ikea and throw them at the end, Because it is a very profitable situation and I take it legally.Will they [the neighbors without properties] not do the same if they were in my place? “, Sharp ditch.

For Gonzaga there are three causes why the rents have been disbursed. “With the sinking of similar destinations such as Tunisia due to security problems, Ibiza has become saturated with holidaymakers. The demand is so great that any space is rented, even if it is a terrace or A bed for 500 euros, many times breaking the law, “says the spokesman. “A string of intermediaries are also emerging, landing on the island, renting a house for a whole year and being re-sold to vacationers inflating the price even more,” says Gonzaga. Finally, from the affected platform they lament that there is a large bag of empty houses while many citizens are unable to find an economic ceiling, but simply a lease for a year.

The other months are “season”, the lapse of time in which the Ibizans make their August with Germans and Britons. Most of the owners play it to have empty the house during the winter because the accounts come out to them. At this point, the Balearic Housing Institute (IVIBA) wants to act: “We are in the process of filing a law, which is in the stage of allegations, which has as its object that any housing that has been vacant for two years must be transferred to the park. Public housing, “they say from the institution. The idea would be to check the supplies (light, water) to check if the property houses life and, if not, to set for it a regulated price at the same level as the official protection. In addition, the housing counselor has expressly asked the Ministry of Development to transfer to Ibiza 20% of the homes acquired by Sareb after failed real estate developments. Alexandra has been forced to live in a tent with her youngest son AgeThe case of the Belgian Alexandra Duchateau serves to evidence the housing deficit. She arrived 23 years ago to the island to work as a child cheerleader in the hotels in the area. For years he was changing his address every summer paying as much as 600 euros a month “and it was already expensive,” he says. In 2006 he moved to England for a few months, and on his return the situation had changed: “It took me a long time to find a flat in San Antonio, and it cost me 700 euros. There I started to see a big change,” he told the newspaper. “At the time I was a cashier, I paid 800 euros and I could not keep my two children, so I had to move to a single room for 500 euros.” Here he began his ordeal. The social services of the Balearic Islands showed up at his house and told him that he would lose custody of his youngest son if he did not find a building that had at least two rooms. “I got a job at a real estate company and I moved to a flat offered by my boss. Then I discovered that the whole building was seized by Hacienda, every time they came from Endesa because we had the light hooked up we had to hide in the kitchen my children and I, “he explains. In the face of such a scenario, Alexandra threw the towel and went to Italy with a sister: “But my little son wanted to return, he grew up in Ibiza, there are his friends, his basketball team … and we come back”. Which Alexandra Duchateau and her son were forced to live in. The store where Alexandra Duchateau and her son were forced to live landed in the Pitiusas in June 2016. This time they found no floor. “She was willing to pay up to 900 euros for 20 m2, but nothing. For months she was living in a tent installed in the garden of a lady who cared for the children.” The landlords in Ibiza are very attentive to the number of people Who live in every house. If they think that there is more than one family, they immediately raise the rent, so I preferred to be in the garden so as not to cause problems, “says the Belgian, who even gives an image of the meager supplies with which he lived at that time. “Put ads, leave papers in the empty houses and try to rent the few homes that went to the market and were placed in 20 minutes,” Duchateau found where to live with his son for 600 euros a month.Has trick: the owner, a British citizen , Only signed him until August, but he has repented and wants to evict her. “He says that I have to go with the excuse that we live 50 people, but we are only two, and most of the day we are out.” The reason is, Once again, the lucrative summer ibicenco: “It has offered me to stay the six months of season for 12,500 euros, to more than 2,000 euros per month” says the Belgian, who to the top has discovered that it is re-negotiated.Renounce the work for lack of ceilingIsabel Llácer has worked since 2007 as an Italian teacher at the Official Language School of Formentera, the island bordering Ibiza. At first, like so many other teachers in the Balearic Islands, I shared a flat with a partner for 500 euros. Two years later she moved alone; Paid 600 euros for a room, but he could afford it with his payroll of 1,900 euros net. “At the time my landlord told me that I had to leave because I was going to sell the flat. It was a lie, the next year I rented it for a lot more money,” says Llácer.Llácer, in his last stay in Ibiza Llácer, Ibiza Three years ago, she had a child and was forced to discard the studio apartments, the big rent-a-car on the island. “I could not get in with my partner and the boy in a single room, so I started looking for nothing, but nothing.” We had to accept a small apartment in Platja d’en Bossa for 700 euros that came from salt water taps. And, of course, only until April, because

Delightful, Modern, Private Villa With Impressive Sea Views, Short Drive To Cala Jondal.

Spain, Ibiza

Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

The property is located in the exclusive area of Puig den Redo, a pine covered hill in between Cala Jondal and San Jose on ibiza’s beautiful south coast.

it is located near the highest point of the hill and the villa has wide Southern views to Cap des Falco and to the island of Formentera.
It is perfectly located being close to the village of San Jose and Ibiza town and only minutes from the best beach restaurants on the island.

From Madonna to Paris Hilton: for VIPs holiday choose the Mediterranean Sea.

From Madonna to Paris Hilton: for VIPs holiday choose the Mediterranean Sea.

From Salento, via Ibiza, Capri, Ponza and Greece.

There are many celebrities who for the summer holidays this year have chosen the Mediterranean Sea.

Madonna in Salento with her daughter Lourdes, Mariah Carey carries around her children on a mega yacht, Paris Hilton has fun at parties between the island of Ibiza and


Mediterranean Sea for the model Irina Shayk and Ibiza for his former Cristiano Ronaldo.


SAS is increasing flights to southern Europe in the summer. Compared to the summer schedule of the last few years, 370,000 more seats will be available in Portugal, Croatia, Spain, Italy and Greece (170,000 more in the peak summer period). As of June 28, SAS will be the only airline to fly a direct route between Stockholm and Ibiza, with departures every Wednesday during the summer season (until August 9). In addition to other destinations such as Malaga, Palma, Palermo, Nice and Split. “We see a continuous demand to popular destinations for leisure and we continue to develop our network and our destinations. This summer we are happy to offer our travelers a range of new direct routes and an increase in flights and seats to Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Some of our new direct routes from Scandinavia to Lisbon, Malta, the Faroe Islands, Pristina and Shannon, “says Fredrik Henriksson, head of media relations at SAS. In addition to the new routes, SAS is introducing new cabins on all short-haul and medium-haul. The new cabins will be installed between 2017 and 2019. From the second half of 2017 will begin the installation of high-speed Wi-Fi. Internet on board on short and medium-haul flights (domestic, Scandinavia and Europe) flights will be free for all 4.7 million SAS EuroBonus members and for those who travel by SAS Plus. You can become members on board.