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Beach holidays in October 2015: 5 offers not to be missed


The bye summer just do not like and you want to plan a beach holiday in this October 2015?


Beach holidays in October 2015: 5 offers not to be missed

The summer just greeted us by giving us again next year, but if you are not sure you can wait all those months you can always decide to make beautiful beach vacation in this October 2015 at the gates.

– If you say sea, one can not say the Balearics. These Spanish islands have always been the preferred destination for those who, besides the beauty of the look that even the nightlife here certainly not lacking. Palma de Mallorca is a certainty for tourists each year flock to in the summer and autumn, but not only.

– Holiday rhymes with Greece, all year except the winter when temperatures are more rigid. Here you will find beautiful Caribbean beaches and green landscapes to discover. Moreover, Greece is this, a mixture of nature and feelings.
– If you want to enjoy a fascinating journey and memorable Bali, Indonesia, it is the perfect destination for you. Here you will find beautiful landscapes that will remain in my heart as Kuta where we will visit its beach, one of the most famous and popular, the Temple of Ubud and you can not miss the sunset from his dream.

– Turkey is another destination to be included in the most interesting itineraries. Earth from history and ancient culture, has great suggestions for holidays, not only because the sea as well as beaches and waters postcard here you will have to cut the time for cultural visits. Alanya, the city most visited by tourists there will be discovered beauties like the Red Tower built in 1226 and the Castle at 250 meters above sea level.

– Meta low cost of the Mediterranean, Malta is always among the most popular even after the end of the summer because during this time the temperatures are still pleasant and the sun continues to warm. Its capital, Valletta is a place to discover, handsome and charming, where you will visit its waterfront, the National Museum of Archaeology, the Fort St. Angelo.

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The Harvest of Montenapoleone, great wines and great fashion

Launch of the sixth edition of the encounter between great wines and great brands of fashion and design in the heart of Milan

The Harvest of MonteNapoleone has become one of the most anticipated events of the Lombard capital and in particular of the Fashion District. Also this year many manufacturers have joined, 93 in all, and the same site boutiques of Via Montenapoleone, Via S’Andrea, Via Verri, Via Santo Spirito and Via Borgospesso. So some of the best Italian wine labels (there are, however, also Maison de Champagne and foreign wines) present their finest products.

In Milan, then, on 8 October from 19.30, nearly a hundred shops and wineries open to the public (in some boutiques entry is restricted), for a unique experience that aims to involve all the senses and to unite the the world of high fashion with that of wine and catering. In the week between Monday, October 5 and Sunday 11 also involves some of the most exclusive restaurants in Milan, with a menu of Harvest at a fixed price (30 and 50 Euros).

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I never gave up everything? Somebody did and went to Jamaica

Not only Bob Marley, beaches and cannabis. Andrea Cavallo Perin has dropped everything and left for six months exploring the Caribbean island every respect. His story

“Drop everything”. Hands up who has not thought at least once in their lifetime. Someone, in addition to having thought, has also done. Andrea Cavallo Perin, creative Turin of 29, he left for Jamaica in order to discover traditions and customs. And correct just clichés frequently. Let’s start with this: reeds, Bob Marley, breathtaking beaches, homophobia. “For heaven’s sake, all true, except racism: never look or an insult because they are white. Jamaica is far “, explains just returned from the Caribbean island after six months. “People have a great memory of the past because he lived and was freed from slavery. For Accompong Maroon for example, a man took me into the forest and showed me the place where his ancestors had fought for his life. That place, like many other things, is blessed with the rum, a rite of purification. ” It is thanks to a Jamaican rum, Appleton Rum, that Andrea was able to document everything.

“The rum in Jamaica is regarded as our wine, we do not miss my table and varies from Azona in the area, and also by social status.”
“Every day, wake up at 7:30, breakfast with ackee, tropical fruit and Saltfish, dried fish; then exploring the length and breadth of the island. ” The thing that struck him was the nature: “dominates the man with all its power and luxuriance” But even people, “now tell much about himself and their country, from the manager to the farmer, without distinctions. But also reggae, slavery and much more. ” But there is one aspect that Andrea did not like: the slowness. “It will be in the heat but we have totally different rhythms and I have not managed to adapt. Everyone says: “Jamaica no problem”. ” The only thing that Andrea will is a biped bird: the chicken. “They call it Jerk chicken and cooked in many different ways. I’d had enough. ”

The journey is over, but for six months Andrew has really dropped everything, beginning with his work that is now ready to take it back. Not behind a desk, but still with a video camera, “I’m leaving for the” Around the World in 80 Days “. That is a video project that will tell the generation of global shapers, those young people who have invented something relevant and living in the same city in the book by Jules Verne. “


Underground passions: the most beautiful caves in the world

On 3 and 4 October is celebrated the National Day of caving explorations tours and cultural events to discover the wonders of the underground Italian, from Lombardy to Sicily. Then admire the most spectacular cavity of the planet


Underground rivers and lakes, stalactites, stalagmites and spectacular crystal formations. Including roaming animals unknown. There is life down there. That deserves to be discovered and revealed, even to the general public. A good opportunity to become explorers of the underground is the National Day of caving, 3 and 4 October. In 22 locations, from Lombardy to Sicily, the Italian Speleological Society has organized cave tours, educational workshops for children, animated readings, film screenings and seminars.


To learn more about the many wonders that dot undeground Italy (but you will find in the gallery, next to the caves Italian, even the most famous abroad).
The National Day of caving is also a way to raise awareness of the neo-cave explorers on green issues: the initiative is, in fact, in environmental projects such as “Clean up the darkness”, an annual cleaning and reporting of natural cavities and underground artificial used as illegal dumping, and “The water that we drink” on the protection of groundwater deposits. Info:


Miami to the first party … without limits: Saturday, October 3 there is “Never + without”

Summer is unfortunately just a memory, but woe to say that the fun is over. Saturday, October 3, at the Miami Club of Monsano, opens one of the events that have already made their mark last year. It will not be outdone the 2015-2016 season. We are talking about Never + No.

The evening does not need any introduction, because the Never Without + is now an institution in the province and beyond. Animation, music, electro, deep, minimal and all the nuances of house sounds as to trigger the track really anyone. In short, the best way to spend an evening musically alternative, unconventional and definitely not beat. It Never Without the + is a vanguard party, a traveling show that has infected in a short time all the best clubs in the Marche region and beyond. An event without compromise, inspired by the sounds techouse, born in principle to a niche audience, but has now become the reference point for thousands of fans.

A party that calls the rhythms of the party of Ibiza, with the only DJs able to unleash the people of the night until the morning of the next day: David Scaloni, Loris and Luca Zerola Bufarini.

David Scaloni 28 years old, but if you think it’s too young to have a background of thick you are wrong. Already at 10 years he became interested in electronic music and to fall in love with the figure of the DJ, so at 15 he bought the first tools of the trade and closes in the studio. It comes out the following year more mature, more experienced. And part of his rise, playing the best party in the region. They want it all, Mamamia, Odyssey … And finally catching Noir which is now an institution on Saturday night. Today is one of the most popular electro house DJ in central Italy and beyond.

Loris Zerola, born in 1986, was introduced to music at 11 years through the piano, 15 begins to love music and hardcore techno, in 2008 he moved to Ibiza where he became interested in all ‘”other side” of the console: back in Italy He begins to mix the first records. In 2011 he began to organize the first party and collaborated with DJs / producers of international relevance: Ricky Ferri, Gabry Fasano and Matteo Gatti. This year he began to mix in clubs of Italy Noir (Jesi), Club24 (Senigallia), Naomi, Classic (Rimini), Bikini (Catholic), Home Club (Misano). In 2012 he began producing their own records coming out on various labels, to date his tracks are supported and played by artists such as Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Gel Abril, Sossa, Danny Tenaglia, Nick Darring, Lele Pasini, Bartholomew, Luis Martinez, Ario, Whodafuck and many others. For about three years he carries out the project NEVER WITHOUT a traveling party that has become a mainstay of the party Marche. The sound of Loris includes all the tech-house European.

Bufarini Luca, born in Chiaravalle 13 December 1981, as a child is fond of electronic music and is a real clubber. From 1996 he began attending the clubs of the Adriatic Riviera, growing part in many international festivals: Sensation, Time Warp, Love Family Park, Greenfieldes, Sunwaves, Awakenigs, Sonus, Fade in. These experiences inspired him and, in 2012, began to organize techno parties in his region with his friends as well as the first party (pool party owl) then disco nights at “Club Noir” of Jesi, “Miami disco club” of monsano and early afterparty at “The Club” of falconara Thus began the first collaborations in console with dj / producer International: Matthew cats, Gabry Fasano, Riccardo Ferri and Stefano Miceli. In 2013 he began his first experience behind the decks in the Adriatic Coast to the “Classic Club” and the “Bikini” in Rimini. Luke Bufarini sweeps his set deep musical genres / House, Minimal, Tech / House, techno.

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Shower Under A Frangipani Tree..
Villa, 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 8 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Kudju House is serene, relaxed and intimate. Overlooking a pristine crescent-shaped beach, the house offers four en-suite bedrooms, an Ayurvedic spa and an infinity pool with sweeping sea views. The design blends a simple tropical aesthetic with modern luxury. The five full-time staff includes a chef/housekeeper, steward, maid, gardener and night security. The house is located in a cashew grove just outside the fishing village of Tangalle and close to nature reserves and temples.


This villa is simple and visionary in its clarity.

Designed to blend seamlessly into its environment the villa is beautifully constructed from natural materials.

The inside blends with the outside.

Walk down to the white-sand beach and help a group of fishermen pull in a net of shining silver fish; afterwards, relax for a massage in the Ayurvedic spa, or swim in the infinity pool looking out over the Indian Ocean, framed by palm trees filled with parrots and monkeys. Pilot a flat-bottomed punt through a bird sanctuary in a mangrove lagoon; visit a preserve home to herds of elephants; or bathe in a nearby river and enjoy a picnic lunch wrapped in a banana leaf. When you return, fishermen have brought just-caught lobsters to the doorstep. Be silent, drink the milk from an orange coconut, and listen to the peacocks’ melancholy cry watching the sun go down.

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Fitbit Surge updates: battery doubled and new features

Fitbit has just released a new update for Fitbit Surge – one of the best wearable fitness on the market – which improves the battery life and introduces new training features. Below the update in detail.

Run Cues
This is a new feature that assists in training runners on the course, on the treadmill or on the road by providing automated alerts when they reach a time or a set distance during the race in order to adjust the pitch more effectively and help them perfect their training and improve their races.

Users can see pace, distance, speed and average heart rate in one glance, directly on the wrist. Fitbit the app you can now optionally set an alert based on the distance traveled or time spent. New features allow users to stay focused on your race while Surge plays hard work, helping them to quickly and easily compare their performance in different parts of the route making changes in real time to improve.

Improved battery life
With this update, the battery lasts longer and allows users to run, ride and hike longer, keeping track of your path and watching the heartbeat. The upgrade doubles about the battery life of Surge that now comes to 10 hours using GPS.

Timer and Stopwatch
A timer and a stopwatch have been added allowing users to search for the best performance to further improve their workouts by monitoring progress every minute, second or split second that brings them closer to their goals.


And if we passed it in the next vacation … Iran?


Declassified by guide books for a long time, back in vogue the country that was of Cyrus the Great. In addition to an old tradition, it has several things to offer. between sea, snow-capped mountains, and ancient ruins, we discover together today Persia!

The magical atmosphere of Flickr
Surely the Middle Eastern country remains an exotic destination of your dreams, as there are few in the world. Remained inaccessible for at least thirty years, isolated from the international community, he is slowly returning to normal, and its tourist flows are slowly increasing. The election in 2013 of the moderate Hassan Rohani has dampened a climate of Cold War, and the historic agreement on nuclear power has not been slow to arrive in 2014.

Kharanaq old city, Iran.

Kharanaq old city, Iran.

The latter has given rise to an international openness overdue. So the new Persia looks like a destination for everyone and for every budget. In fact it is one of the few countries that inspire the imagination of Europeans, evoking scenes from “Arabian Nights”, between the city-oasis, salt lakes, a city-museum open-air, deserts and archaeological sites of inestimable value. It is also a destination eclectic, unique, highly cultural and refined.

The fascinating architecture shutters
Travelers wishing to travel to the Middle Eastern country have certainly many doubts about safety, but also if it is possible to drive the car yourself, or how to dress, since it is a state where the main religion is Muslim. On the latter point, women should have absolutely the body and hair covered, this means bringing in public scarf, a long skirt, long sleeves, and are vietatissime necklines. Men should not wear shorts nor shorts.

Continuing the wave of bans, it is strictly forbidden to photograph official buildings and uniformed staff. For the rest of the Iranian people it is very helpful and welcoming, and tourists will feel perfectly at home. Usually the traveler to Iran, is a person navigated, who has been in many other places and want something different from the usual traditional destinations. We are talking about a country whose visit is normally focused on ancient remains and archaeological wealth, rather than on leisure and relaxation, although the ski resorts are truly remarkable.

Iran, therefore, is no longer a target niche, not suitable for mass tourism, but having only recently opened to tourism flows, can only attract more and more visitors, on the model of Burma and Vietnam, provided that the geopolitical situation remains stable. What asettate you too to be seduced by the Persian culture? Now Persepolis, Isfahan and Tehran are at hand, do not miss the chance to visit them!

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Autumn holiday, Advisor crowns houses in Sardinia

The portle Tripadvisor reveals what are the queens of the Italian Regions saving for a getaway home in autumn holiday. Puglia, Sardinia and Friuli Venezia Giulia on the podium.


Advisor with more than 720,000 houses worldwide, including more than 90,000 in Italy, reveals today that travelers can save up to 28% on the rental of a holiday house this fall, thanks to rates that fall across Italy hand up with the end of the summer season.

From North to South, prices have fallen in many regions. Puglia, Sardinia and Friuli Venezia Giulia are the areas where rents have fallen more significantly from the peak summer period, with savings by 28% for Puglia and Sardinia and 22% for the Friuli Venezia Giulia. Good news for Calabria, Sicily, Emilia-Romagna, Abruzzo, Marche, Campania and Tuscany, which complete the ranking of the queens of the Italian economy in the fall.

“A vacation to early fall is a great choice. The chances of finding good weather is still good and in fact, with the end of summer vacation, travelers can avoid the crowds and take advantage of more affordable prices for the houses” has commented Valentina Four, TripAdvisor spokesperson for Italy.




Lounging comfortably in a luxurious cabana in the beautiful beach of the Bay of Mazzaro: this is the last, incredible experience that the gems of the collection Sicilian Belmond offer their guests

The good news never comes alone to Belmond Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea and Grand Hotel Timeo. Having opened the season in 2015 with the acquisition of a larger portion of the beach, it is the turn of the new and luxurious cabanas. What could be more beautiful than to lie in the sun, sipping a drink or dozing in the shade of a palm tree? The brand new cabanas, equipped with every comfort and positioned in a reserved area of ​​the beach, they can make a holiday unforgettable.
We love to pamper our guests by offering them the best. For this reason we decided to make it even more pleasant time spent basking in the sun. The comfortable cabanas offer the chance to enjoy a cocktail lounging on comfortable beds, to sample some seasonal fruit or to relax and enjoy a massage by the sea. All this in absolute privacy.

Equipped to suit every need, the cabanas can be reserved on a daily basis or for the entire stay and are ideal for a person, a whole family or group of friends. They are perfect for celebrating special occasions in peace or to spend a relaxing day at sea. And why not get caught by the throat from the mouth-watering dishes that Chef Salvatore Gambuzza offers? Maybe with a menu based on typical products of our beautiful island. The magic of the place, the sea air, the blue sky, the warm sun, the delicious food and lots of fun will be the backdrop for an unforgettable holiday. Because life can be sweeter than you think!

Belmond is a global collection of unique hotels and luxury travel experiences in some of the most fascinating and interesting destinations in the world. Founded almost 40 years ago with the acquisition of Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice, the unique portfolio of Belmond today includes 46 hotels, routes by rail and river cruises in many of the most famous destinations worldwide. From the city landmark boutique resort, the collection includes Belmond Grand Hotel Europe in St. Petersburg; Belmond Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro; Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa in Riviera Maya; and Belmond El Encanto in Santa Barbara. Belmond also safari, six luxury trains, including the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, three river cruises. Belmond also manages the restaurant ’21’, one of the most iconic venues in New York.