Milan, lights off at Porta Nuova


Penthouses and villas “out of business.” The luxury homes and six maxi-colored villas tabaccoalle shoulders of skyscrapers have not yet been marketed by choice

Lights out the windows at night, work in progress by day in bare spaces, uninhabited, by choice still spectators of the coming and going of workers, real estate professionals and interior designers. It is the least known face of the symbol of the Milanese Renaissance district: Porta Nuova, investments for more than two billion, 30 sustainable buildings for many architects from around the world. But beyond the awards of the designers, the accolades of citizenship and even the collective imagination, just lift your head at night toward the skyscrapers of the Vertical Forest Island, the towers Solaria, Solea and Air in the raised square Alvar Alto to find that those storey high object of desire are still uninhabited. Or stroll along the way Joe Colombo, on the areas of the former Varesine behind the skyscrapers filled offices, between Via Melchiorre Gioia and the hotel Principe di Savoia, to sense that the six maxi-tobacco-colored villas are still under works and thoughts . Not unsold, mind you: never put on mercato.Milano, lights off at Porta Nuova

Lights out the windows at night, work in progress by day in bare spaces, uninhabited, by choice still spectators of the coming and going of workers, real estate professionals and interior designers. It is the least known face of the symbol of the Milanese Renaissance district: Porta Nuova, investments for more than two billion, 30 sustainable buildings for many architects from around the world. But beyond the awards of the designers, the accolades of citizenship and even the collective imagination, just lift your head at night toward the skyscrapers of the Vertical Forest Island, the towers Solaria, Solea and Air in the raised square Alvar Alto to find that those storey high object of desire are still uninhabited. Or stroll along the way Joe Colombo, on the areas of the former Varesine behind the skyscrapers filled offices, between Via Melchiorre Gioia and the hotel Principe di Savoia, to sense that the six maxi-tobacco-colored villas are still under works and thoughts . Not unsold, mind you: never put on the market.


Trip to Ibiza off season: on foot, by bike and kayak


Ibiza: what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name of this island in the Balearics? Music, rocking, parties, clubs, alcohol? Sure. Even the sea and beaches of course. Ibiza is all this, but not only. Indeed, much more. Especially out of season or summer months apart. From mid-September until the end of May in fact the climate in Ibiza becomes less hot, the stupid crowds and you can immerse yourself in nature. From beach to beach, but also from hill to hill, in the woods and countryside.
Green is the dominant color, then from October to early June. Because the temperature difference day night, settles milliliters dew on the ground and the plants drink greedily precious water droplets to grow lush.

The other Ibiza short, is a discovery to make day after day. To enjoy it in slow mode. A walking and cycling. As well as kayaking to have another point of view on the coast, squeeze in some cave and down to earth in the most hidden coves.

Each short, can choose the activities they prefer. Only trekking. Only riding two wheels (also electrical). Or only by sea, paddling. Better yet, alternating with each other depending on the place to visit.

The routes to be done can be one or more days depending on the time available and training. In a week you manage to get a general idea of ​​the island. With ten days you can linger better in all areas.

Where to start? From the acropolis of Dalt Vila or Ibiza town. Declared World Heritage by UNESCO is a pleasure to discover walking in lane street, along the Renaissance city walls with seven bastions. Always alive and vibrant, from 11 in the morning forwarded night, the ancient city is the place to shop and have fun. Open all year, for those who love live music, it is the Teatro Pereyra Cafe Concert, a stone’s throw from the harbor.
The most beautiful beaches, however, are located in the town of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia: 80 km, including creeks. Two of all, inside the Ses Salines Natural Park (The Salines). It is Es Cavallet, a kilometer white beach, the first in Europe frequented by gay men he officially seventies and today the number one for nudists; and Ses Salines, gently sloping water, dunes behind.

To do in a kayak is the west coast.

Here, at sea level, “they quarried” blocks to build fortifications and houses. The waters, crystal clear, thanks to Poseidon (also proclaimed World Heritage Site) invite you to dive and snorkel.
Paddling again and again to the north, on the coast itself, here is Cala Vedella, collection and quiet.


Like glasses in history have changed

Overview The exhibition at the Design Museum Holon, Israel, traces the key stages of evolution of the seventeenth century to the present glasses, looking at the future through the lens of virtual reality
“Sometimes we tend to forget that the primary purpose of the glasses has always been to correct a defect; but in fact the glasses do not hide the defect, in fact, I emphasize through design.

The exhibition will not only allow to observe the cultural history of the glasses, but also to discover the role of designers in their evolution. ” The speaker is Maya Dvash, curator of the exhibition Overview of Design Museum Holon.

Until April 29, the exhibition will penetrate between the Israeli museum galleries for discovering the curious world of glasses, and sunglasses, in an overview of past, present and future.

The past, to be precise, is represented from the private collection of French Claude Samuel, through which you can see the changes that have marked these precious accessories from the seventeenth century to today: over 400 species that become symbols of eras, new discoveries and of cultural phenomena, including for example those worn by pop icons such as Elton John and John Lennon, the traditional snow goggles bone worn by Eskimos populations or sketches designed for fashion house Pierre Cardin by the father of Samuel.

In addition to this valuable retrospective, the exhibition also features a creative part dedicated to this, entitled “What are eyeglasses?”, With models developed by 40 Israeli artists from fashion, jewelery and industrial design.

The future is represented by the space dedicated to virtual reality that the museum’s Design Lab has set up in collaboration with the French Institute of Israel, the Forum des image and the Holon Cinematheque.
But there’s also a touch of Italy in this exhibition, and it is probably the most intriguing: the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Embassy in Israel contributed to the creation of the section entitled “Vision Test” which allows visitors to discover the interaction between sight and design through activities and optical illusions that play with perspective, colors and observation points.



Food & Drinks

Christmas 2016: the traditions according Bombay Sapphire
5 cocktails for 5 designers, called upon to interpret the London Dry Gin Queen Victoria

Traditions are important but sometimes stretch the rules can only do him good. It stems from this premise The New Tradition Collection, the project for Christmas thought by Bombay Sapphire. The “collection of new tradition” includes five design projects by as many top British designers called upon to interpret the iconic blue bottle London Dry Gin of Queen Victoria. As the series of five Christmas sweaters made from Brooke Roberts – in collaboration with the creative agency DBLG – that, instead of ordinary trees and Santa Clauses, reindeer and everything else imaginary “Jingle Bells” has thought of a landscape winter and its own bestiary reproduced digitally and made with beads and crystals applied on a mixed fabric made of cashmere, viscose, cotton, wool, polyamide and lurex. The cocktail made from Bombay to match is just as original, because caldo.L’Hot Gin Mocha, in addition to gin, requires cocoa cream, coffee and dark chocolate.

The young duo Bompas & Parr has instead thought of a fireworks festival in the true sense of the word: a kind of lamp exploding gold confetti and blue, just like the color of the bottle. “We had the idea that it would be really fun to celebrate Christmas or even more the BEGINNING of the new year under a rain of confetti while dancing,” they told us. For them the most suitable cocktail called Star 75, made from Bombay Star, lemon juice, prosecco and maraschino. From real stars.

Glass and steel are the materials chosen by Stephen Hendee, for his “candle” Led Free Form Candle lights. The more in tune accompanying cocktails is the Spiced Apple Warmer, very fragrant, thanks to apple juice, and very aromatic due to the presence of cinnamon and anise. Cold hot.

It’s all glass instead, the one chosen by both Studio Boo is by Richard Clarkson, respectively authors of the Christmas cracker, containing a juniper twig in 3D, and Bombay Sapphire’s Bauble, the glass ball with a juniper seedling inside , to hang on the Christmas tree. For the revival of traditional British Christmas gift, the cocktail suggested is the Winter Pine Twist, the cassico gin and tonic with cranberries and a sprig of pine. As for the sphere the idea is a gin & tonic flavored cranberry and ginger, Cranberry Ginger Twist. Then sure, Ogun can drink it at home as and when he wants. The recipes and the entire project can be followed on the Facebook profile of Bombay or on the official website.


Pacha, la migliore musica ‘made in Ibiza’

Anna Tur sarà la protagonista di un altro appuntamento con Ibiza globale Showcase e domani alle dieci
Sarà un fine settimana con un sapore locale e tutta la qualità che ha fatto di Ibiza e la sua musica è conosciuta in tutto il mondo.
Inizia il fine settimana con una nuova puntata di Ibiza globale  questa volta con il suo direttore Anna Tur ai comandi.

Anna, sempre in tour in Europa . Anna rostra alla sum passione per la musica e il suo tocco personale, una miscela di suoni che vanno dal presente al techno più melodico. il suo  suono unico, e il suo atteggiamento elegante e divertente, sono diventati uno degli artisti più carismatici di tutta l’isola.

Questa volta, saranno in cabina con Anna Maria Jose Ramon, Miguel Garji, Eli Rojas

Pacha si prepara a celebrare le vacanze di Natale.
Abbiamo completato un giro di fine settimana con residenza mensile Ten. Oriol Calvo porta questa volta a Ibiza per DJ e produttore brasiliano Fischetti. Mario Fischetti è uno dei dj più rispettati e influenti in Brasile, dove ha un fitto calendario di spettacoli dal 2000. Nel 2004 ha ricevuto il premio come miglior dj casa del Brasile ed è diventato ambasciatore di questo stile in tutto il mondo . Insieme a loro sarà pungere dj Baum e Graham Sahara.


Uber makes you (re) discover Milan UberTour

Through the app you can book a photo tour of 50 minutes in search of the most significant places in the city

After the success in Rome, UberTour doubles and arrives in Milan. From today, the service that allows you to rent a van to discover closely the monuments and the beauty of a city is also available in Milan. The service is very simple: spending 80 Euros, you can offer to a maximum of 6 people a photographic and cultural tour of 50 minutes going through places that have marked the history and the architectural evolution of the city.
It will tour starting at the historic Milan – Castello Sforzesco in San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, Milan Stock Exchange and the Cathedral and then on to the Teatro alla Scala in Brera coming out – and then move on to the modern beauty of Piazza Gae Aulenti and skyscraper Vertical Forest and conclude turning around Arco della Pace and the Triennale, the undisputed realm of design. A tour developed and developed by Hidden City, a non-profit organization founded in 2010 with the aim of rediscovering Milan and its hidden treasures and which Uber has partnered.

To book your path, simply click on the new icon in the app Uber dedicated to the Tour, which is complementary to other rental services already available as Black, Lux or Van. No matter being found at the Castle, the machine will pick the group at any point inside the Milan external circular and, once on board, will activate a special electronic card inside the Uber app will give you access to content Hidden City which has developed specially for travelers.

Right in the day when Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber, he joined the Strategic Forum of Economic Advisers of the president elect of the United States, Donald Trump, the app is located in front of a series of strategic choices to be made to continue grow. First of all the service differentiation, experiencing the car 360 degrees, from food delivery with UberEats to premium services with UberLux, who debuted in Milan in recent months. Then trying to keep a look on the future which is called artificial intelligence, a field where the US giant would invest a lot: the acquisition of two startups in the field of artificial – the Geometric Intelligence and Eight – could help to develop algorithms enabling drivers to choose better your own path. At least until it is up the machine to make this choice, without requiring the pilot: Uber There is already thinking and has already begun the first tests with autonomous vehicles in San Francisco.

Lifestyle, luxury

Mandarin Oriental, Milan. The cocktail party Caviar & Champagne

The Caviar & Champagne cocktail party with many guests to anticipate the celebration of the Christmas holidays. But the best is yet to come

A little over a year after opening, the 5-star luxury Mandarin Oriental, Milan has been able to win the heart of the city. To prove the presence of numerous guests present last night at the “Caviar & Champagne – Cocktail dinatoire” dress code “glamorous attire”. A cocktail party that has seen protagonists the Italian Calvisius caviar and champagne Perrier-Jouët. Following delicious plates prepared by the hands of the chef with two Michelin stars Antonio Guide: rice with squid ink with caviar up to some delicious fruit mignon. But this is just a taste of what the hotel most frequented by some customers in the city proposes for the festivities.
December 25, the Silk restaurant offers a menu of six courses where the Italian traditional recipes meet modern tastes like in the tortelli stuffed pheasant, cheese fondue and white truffle or with the tempura shrimp with trumpets of the dead and sour sauce .

While celebrating the arrival of the new year the courses are eight: from shrimps with spices wrapped in sweet potato leaf, ravioli stuffed with lobster and basil, Mallard lime and pink grapefruit and proposals of the tradition as the classic pig’s feet and lentils. To conclude this gastronomic event a dessert from the winter flavors, the chocolate with mascarpone cream, chestnuts and mandarin ice cream. For a more “young” menu, you can always choose the proposal of the Mandarin Bar & Bistro for the occasion will come alive, shimmering and 60s music.



Ibiza, October 7, 2016 – The most popular island in the Mediterranean for its night life and its beauty is as a natural backdrop for the last act of the Mediteranean M32 Series, here they found themselves – in conjunction with the closing weekend socialite island season – closing the series of regattas that have touched: Porto Venere, Monte Carlo, Riva del Garda, Genoa and Ibiza.

Guest of the Club Nautico de Ibiza, the paddock of the M32 colored dock of Marina Botafoch with its catamarans and the village to the ground, the central point of the shore life. At today’s races they attended 6 catamarans representing Sweden, England, Italy, Switzerland and the Principality of Monaco.

The initials conditions of the day, almost summer, led the race committee to place the field in the port of Ibiza for a first race ‘in favor of the public’. Success with catamarans darting a few meters from the promenade and offering a show uncommon; the wind drops and the port has then forced the organization to move in a new field of the beaches, where the wind was still weak, but stretched out and adjust.

At 14:30 the preparatory signal for the start of the first of four races today, all carried out with light winds about 5 knots, but that did not prevent the catamarans to fly on one hull just over 10 knots. For the second test, the hot seats, with a group of lucky guests who were able to participate in the regatta on board the M32 were provided.

Hard-fought races on the tried and tested format of a fast path; between the start and the arrival of the first boat, it is difficult to exceed 15 minutes. The catamarans leave the beam at full power to go round a mark of disengagement, then the stern, bowline, stern and finish line.

Today’s races have excelled the British crew GAC Pindar-sealing the first day with seven points (2,2,1,2 the partial day), followed very close by the Swiss Section 16 of Richard Davies to 9 points and therefore the Italo Monegasque crew of Team Neverland Guido Miani to 12 points.

Appointment tomorrow in Ibiza waters for the second session of racing that will continue until Sunday, and they will see, finally, the assignment of Mediterranean


Ibiza, assumes the new Flakka and crazy drug “Naked and dangerous, seemed a zombie”

1457362571_facebook1-1280x628“Isolated case” the doctors say but do not give total figures: “Ibiza is not the place where you experiment with drugs”.
IBIZA – has taken on a new, potent, synthetic drug and has become an extremely violent zombies. A British tourist, which are not disclosed the identity, was stopped by police while naked Ibiza was between the hotel Piscis Park and the bus station of the famous resort town San Antonio.

Police said that the man, completely naked and beside himself, was violent and harassing to the people he met. The man was arrested and loaded onto an ambulance to the hospital where he is hospitalized under arrest.

Police suspect the man may have taken Flakka that produces euphoria, sexual arousal, panic attacks, paranoia and a lot of aggression. Doctors have made it known that this is an isolated case and rejected the idea that Ibiza is becoming an island for experimental new drugs. Island nightlife par excellence this year there has been a sharp increase in the consumption of ketamine, known in the clubs as Special K or Cat Valium.

The Flakka hand is reaching epidemic proportions in London and Florida. It can be devastating, even fatal consequences, and is very economical. It is a substance that distorts the perception of images and sound and produces feelings of detachment. There have been cases where rape victims have remembered that they were drugged reporting very similar effects. Doctors have declined to say how many cases of this type have been recorded on the island this summer.

Lifestyle, luxury


Your Private Mountain Paradise !
Villa, 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 10 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Enjoy a family holiday in style in this large and luxurious Catalan farmhouse or masía, completely rebuilt as a sustainable modern family home by a renowned Barcelona architect. The main house sleeps 8 in 4 double bedrooms. The separate annex house sleeps 2 with a private bathroom and kitchen/studio overlooking the forest.

Stunning mountain views, hilltop location
Natural swimming pool (no salt or chlorine)
Peace and beauty all around
Girona 20 mins, beaches 25 mins, Barcelona 75 mins
Top-class details

This exclusive restoration oozes quality and style. The beautiful open kitchen has top-end equipment and a huge island. The bathrooms are fitted with exquisite Bisazza tiles. Outside, there are fabulous mediterranean gardens, an incredible infinity pool and miles of space all around. The cool, modern interiors with vivid textiles combine beautifully with classic mid-century furniture.

Fabulous beds for a wonderful night’s sleep

Good beds are really important! The beds throughout the house are top of the range. There is a Coco-Mat “Emperor” size bed (2m wide!) in the master suite and high quality new latex mattresses on all other double beds. The double bed in the annex is a Japanese futon mattress on a beech wood frame. Summers here are hot and you will appreciate the cool, pleasant temperatures inside the house, especially in the bedrooms at night (cooled floors are much nicer than air conditioning!)

Disabled access

There is disabled access to most parts of the house and garden. The house is ideal for families although it is important to note that very small children who can’t swim must be carefully supervised at all timesbecause the pool is not protected by a fence.

Natural swimming pool

The pool is for your private, exclusive use. It is fresh water, with no salt or chlorine. The water comes from a well on the property and is filtered and cleaned by aquatic plants such as water lilies, which are in a separate zone from the swimming area. These plants naturally remove the minerals which would allow algae to grow. Swimming in natural water with no salt or chemicals, your skin and hair will feel fabulous!


The nearest shops, banks and a farmers’ market are 10 mins by car.

The Gavarres natural park is a mixed forest of cork and pine that has been here for thousands of years. The house looks out to the sea over a beautiful green landscape that stretches for miles and miles. The house has its own garden and also 25 hectares (60 acres) of private forest for you to explore. Walk or cycle along shaded paths and you’re unlikely to come across anyone else for hours. And beyond, there are literally thousands of hectares of the Gavarres, guaranteeing fresh air, scented warm evenings and lots of peace and quiet.


There’s a shaded barbecue area next to the pool for outside dining. The gardens are well maintained with mediterranean planting and fruit trees, lots of places to sit in the shade or sunbathe by the pool, plus plenty of hammocks to sling between the trees in your favourite spot and siesta.


There’s a large trampoline, table tennis, table football ‘futbolín’, mountain bikes and of course the natural swimming pool. In the unlikely event of a rainy afternoon there are also board games, chess, etc, as well as a small DVD collection for both kids and adults.


Instead of plaster the interior walls are covered with natural clay, which is better for people with dust allergies. (It’s also rather beautiful!) And one of the double beds has hypo-allergenic duvet and pillows, too.


Sustainability is central to the house’s design, from the reed beds that recycle water for garden irrigation, to the walls that are insulated on the interior with natural cork that comes from the trees that grow literally on the doorstep.

Getting around

You really need a car. There is free parking on the property. For cycling, walking and jogging, there are hundreds of paths to discover in the surrounding forest, where you are free to explore. There are 4 mountain bikes you can use.