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Valentino signature La Traviata

Sunday in Rome was held the first of Traviata, directed by Sofia Coppola and costumes by Valentino Garavani
A recessed so the Opera House of Rome l do not ‘had ever seen: one million and two hundred thousand euro.
Director: Sofia Coppola.
Art Direction: Nathan Crowely (the genius of the images, in curriculum: Batman Begins and The Dark Knight)
Costumes: Valentino Garavani who signed the Violetta gowns (and sewn in the studio); Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative directors of the House, have designed the Flora’s dresses and those worn by the choir (in collaboration with the tailoring of the Opera)

He told so, no one would imagine what it was but trattavasi de La Traviata. And in fact it was an unrepeatable spectacle. In Rome, Teatro dell’Opera.
Who was there said that Rome, on the first night, really looked like the old Rome of the great cinema.

Only fifteen evenings: from 24 May to 30 June.

Sofia Coppola’s Oscar for Lost in Translation, said, “I did not know to expect and I would not have found the courage to direct an opera, but then Valentino asked me” and apparently has not been able to say no.
Her stylist says, “has a strong musical sensibility and aesthetic sense. Sa grant classic and modern “.

Viewers of exception: virtually everyone.
Nobody wanted to miss such an event (arrived for the occasion, from Cannes, even Mr. and Mrs. West, Kim and Kanye).
In short, it becomes difficult not to want to go.

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The Neon Demon: Nicolas Winding Refn and his supermodel cannibals

The Neon Demon: Nicolas Winding Refn and his supermodel cannibals
Sex, blood, envy, primal instincts, necrophilia arrive in competition at Cannes 69. In a thriller without limits. booed

When shooting a movie it is fun as hell, and it shows. Provocative, irreverent, exaggerated, Nicolas Winding Refn is a mature author with his perfectly recognizable style.

The Neon Demon, in competition at the 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, is his first film totally feminine, with a harem of actresses of breathtaking beauty and uncommon charisma led by Elle Fanning and good Jena Malone. “In a film, the acting is everything: try to pay attention to every single detail, supervisions photography and set design, but if the performances of the actors are not convincing you take it and throw it,” said the director, proud of the choice of his protagonist. “Elle and ‘really very good, I’ve never met anyone like her.”

The film portrays an emerging model of sixteen with that “something more” that makes it special in the eyes of all, by the strictest photographers the most demanding stylists, make up to the lesbian artist (Malone, in fact) that he falls in love at first glance.

Rivalry and female attraction run hand in hand, in the unfolding of a thriller splatter colors that intends to make fun of the fashion world’s obsession with beauty and power, abuse of cosmetic surgery and the fierce competition between models .

The excess is the rule, together with the form and substance of the film. Cannibalism, necrophilia, whole naked: everything is permitted, everything is on display. So Refn: “The creativity of each of us harbored a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: When you create can exercise and practice all your desires, fetishes, things that images and in reality you can not do.” But yes to the movies, and you can be watching. Then the public will react in various ways: to press screenings in Cannes, in the meantime, the film was fischiatissimo and underappreciated.

At the end of check he credits the dedication to his wife, Liv Corfixen, author of a documentary about him. “I owe a lot to my wife are deeply dependent on her, are what they are because of her. Before meeting her I was too self-destructive. ” Curious, it was the feminine beauty to save him: “I am surrounded every day by the beauty of women: my wife, my daughters, actresses. In this film I wanted to tell the teenager that inhabits the soul of every human being, women as well as men. ”

Sex, blood, homoerotic passion, violation of corpses, Refn does not stop at nothing and ends up signing something of a hybrid, which is exactly half between a hopeless mess and an unlikely masterpiece. The rule trash alongside targeted directorial choices, the unintentional comedy dampens a substantial tension and palpable, the skill of the actresses stride with the tight space left to the actors much wasted / sacrificed (Keanu Reeves Karl Glusman, already seen in Love).

The rest is pure hedonistic taste for staging, with make-up, lighting and costumes by excessive colors, hyperbole scattered everywhere, no way to measure.

All the fault of Elia Kazan: “I met him twenty-five years – says Refn – He said, ‘Whatever you say, you make a film in your own way. Do not listen to anyone, no part of the system ‘. And so I continue to make my way to the cinema, never cover my films: once shot does not interest me. “

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Honda Project 2 & 4, a monster in half

It has the engine of a MotoGP and weighs a third of a normal car

What happens if you work for one department of research and development of the company’s most technologically advanced in the world, in the field of engines, and this issue a “race” between you and all of your colleagues in other R & D team to develop the coolest prototype that there is?

It happens that you can think of the most foolish things of the world and win the contest as well. Not just things like, we put the engine of a motorcycle on a car? But things like, we put the engine in a MotoGP on a machine? So your business in MotoGP it really runs. It also makes the best bike that has been around for about twenty years now.

It is more or less so than did the Honda Project 2 & 4, a kind of go-kartone, in line with the latest trends (KTM buzz and Lotus), moved by the powerful V4 which equips the RC213V engaged in the top class of Grand Prix racing.

999 cc, 215 hp at 13,000 rpm and 118 Nm at 10,500 rpm, for 405 Kg. Take account of having more than six hundred on your golf and you’ll have a rough idea of ​​what drives this business.

A real monster although, looking at it, you can not help but think about the fact that that same engine, equips a small missile on two wheels that pounds it weighs only 158. Ah, in that configuration, then, runs well in free power and horses makes 260. Who is the real monster then?

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The tv is crazy about Riley Keough,

With its escort of adventures in The Girlfriend Experience is more flames grandfather, establishing itself as a new scandalous star of the small screen. And not only, as the film that brought her to Cannes (American Honey)

“When it comes to being inhibited and things like that, that’s … .diciamo that are not.” So Riley Keough responded a few weeks ago to a journalist who asked her if she felt embarrassed to shoot some of the most “intimate scenes” by The Girlfriend Experience, the TV series about the world of escort aired in Italy on Infinity TV. The rest of the entertainment world, and its rules, Riley knows them since childhood. His grandfather Elvis, his mother Lisa Marie Presley, his father the musician Danny Keough and her stepfathers – only for short periods, however – Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

“For me, growing up in a famous environment has never been strange, but the norm. I had no other terms of comparison. ”
His debut in show business came about 14 years, 2003, parading in Italy for Dolce & Gabbana, the one to the movies in 2010 with The Runaways, with a small role opposite Kirsten Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

Since then, the model and actress in Los Angeles (and where else could it be?) Street has come, so that is one of the protagonists of the Cannes festival in 2016 with one of the most anticipated movies of the entire festival, American Honey. It tells the story of a teenager left to itself that decides to join a group of (frantic) sellers of a travel magazine that covers the US Midwest to do subscriptions. The journey becomes a pretext for a continuous basis to sex and drugs party. With rookie Sasha Lane as the protagonist, the cast then counts on Shia LaBeouf., While Keough is one of the party girls.

On the red carpet of Cannes Riley was already in 2014 to accompany Foxcatcher (but only for “friendship), while last year, despite its participation in Mad Max: Fury Road, he had not had time because of other commitments work. “I like the environment, but do not like the gossip or the tabloids. I try to avoid places where people are likely to come forografate “.

Maybe, but on Instagram it has over 107 thousand followers. “But it’s different. I choose when and where to shoot. ”

If in the past, thanks to the various projects in which he participated, the media focus on her was high, with the lead role in The Girlfriend Experience its popularity has experienced a boom that she did well accompanied with the interviews: “I was immediately intrigued by the character. It is not a nice person, is a borderline sociopath who really loves sex and has no interest in discussing emotions. Not your typical female role in short, it seems written for a man. How could not charm me? “.

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Music and holidays: 5 perfect destinations for those who love jazz

From classic New Orleans to Berchidda, Sardinia. Here are five destinations, and the same hotel, for trip of swing and good music
More than a music genre is a real philosophy of life, oriented to the inclusion, understanding and sharing. 30 April is celebrated the International Jazz Day, a global point of arrival of the Jazz Appreciation Month US: an initiative that aims to remember and promote worldwide the socializing role of jazz music, able to overcome cultural barriers , racial and generational to unite all those in key swing. The portal Booking.com has decided to advise five special hotel for as many goals that lead up jazz in the world, including architecture, traditions and festivals. Here you go.

The Bagueunade – Marciac, France
From July 29 to August 15, the French city of Marciac comes alive the unmistakable sounds of his traditional Jazz Festival. Here then wandering between music, colors and ideas, you can stumble in the Bed & Breakfast Le Bagueunade: a stylish property with an outdoor pool and continental breakfast.

It is sweet to shipwreck in this jazz.

Hotel Mazarin – New Orleans, United States
How about jazz, and you think now to New Orleans. Here, where everything moves at a funky rhythm, from roads to buildings, trees to restaurants, you can find at every turn a club where get lost in music and drinks. Hotel Mazarin, located in the French Quarters area, is a perfect hotel from which to explore the city and its premises.

La Pyramide – Vienne, France
The historic atmosphere of the French city goes hand in hand with a widespread and highly acclaimed jazz culture, culminating in the festival this year will be held from 28 June to 15 July. The La Pyramide, with its modern design and its luxurious rooms, allowing you to relax between a jam session and the next. Always in style.

B & B Hotel Peter und Paul – Willisau, Switzerland
Since 1975, the Willisau Jazz Festival is an event that attracts music lovers from all over the world. This year the event will take place August 26 to 30: the suggestions of jazz musicians more in the moment leg will be possible to alternate the picturesque landscape that you can enjoy from the rooms of the B & B Hotel Peter und Paul. Not bad.

B & B Domo De Resteblas – Berchidda, Sardinia, Italy
Even Italy is colored swing, thanks to the Time in Jazz festival which this year takes place in Berchidda, in the province of Olbia-Tempio, from 8 to 16 August. The summer sun and the wonders of the place will be able to combine lots of music and the outdoor swimming pool at the B & B Domo De Resteblas, a nineteenth-century farm surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, preserving intact all of its rustic charm. You may want something more from their holiday?

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Holiday 2016, 68% book online. But seven out of ten times something is wrong

The MarkMonitor report describes a now permanently migrated sector on the internet, even for the pre-start shopping. But data security remains a problem, and 37% report problems with the cards

Now the travel experience was created and developed exclusively online. He tells the MarkMonitor Barometer, carried out by Opinium, presented today in Milan, which indicates that 68% of consumers on an international scale (eight survey countries involved, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, France, Denmark, Spain and Netherlands over Italy) book travel and holidays only on the Internet. Too bad that one in three, ie 37%, experience negative signals. In other words: the channel is almost final, but the mechanisms can and should improve still much to create the right security situation of online shopping.

If the 64% reported having addressed directly to the sites of the airline, hotel or rental car, 50% have used instead of booking sites, comparison and aggregators, TripAdvisor to Trivago. Where obviously the main lever is the price. Among the users of the countries involved are just Italians (76%) prefer this type of platforms to find the deal for the holidays.

The overall balance sheet, however, is more serious: seven journeys out of ten – for one reason or another – do not meet expectations once in place. In these cases the users as they defend themselves? Posting negative reviews (42%), try to get a refund (40%) or are intended for consumer protection associations (35%). Although, in hindsight, the bulk of the problems is related in fact to the payment stage: the 37% who said earlier in fact reported the theft or misuse of the data of their own belief or debit card.

“With the growth of social media and a culture where consumers have the power to make widely known their displeasure through social networks – said Mark Frost, CEO of MarkMonitor – protecting brands online has never been so important. This is particularly evident when they are asked how to ensure the reliability of a travel website with nearly half (47%) of consumers say they read the reviews “.

In Italy and Spain, in addition to MarkMonitor, to book online are mostly young people, which are more sensitive to the price, while the more widespread use of e-commerce in Northern Europe and the United States, even among a more mature segment of the public and wealthy sensitized to digital, prefers the reliability and “reputation” to a purely economic advantage.

Not just travel. 75% of consumers who book online shopping network also continues to prepare for departure. Clothing and shoes (55%), event tickets and shows can be enjoyed at destination (53%), travel guides (33%), cases (25%) and glasses (21%) the most affected sectors. Also in this case the perceived safety, however, is low: 64% is in fact he says he is concerned by the transactions.

“When purchasing consumer goods as well as travel packages or hotel rooms – added Jerome Sicard, regional manager for South Europe MarkMonitor – is very important to pay attention to all the purchase process. It can happen that we start from a very attractive discount but in the various steps of the transaction the price increases until it becomes little or no competitive because in the supply chain will add excessive burdens, even if legal, or you may end, without realizing it, even illegal sites “.

Meanwhile, another report, this time signed by PhoCusWright, stresses that continue to travel so much. Despite terrorism fears. The European market should in fact close 2015 with a turnover deriving from the field of more than EUR 264 billion, surpassing a 2014 from a height of 251 billion records, with a 5% year over year. Even in 2016 and 2017, despite the tensions, continue on the same road with an annual growth of 3%. The online segment, meanwhile, flies: in 2015 grew by 13%.

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The pizza box made of 100% of pizza

Cardboard takeaway goodbye. Vinnie’s Pizza & Pasta in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the pizza is delivered in a box made of … pizza

The dream of all lovers of pizza has become a reality: a carton, made with 100% of pizza and edible much as its content, for twice the enjoyment. Where? In New York, of course, and to be precise in the Williamsburg neighborhood, Vinnie’s Pizzeria.


The experiment was born out of sheer boredom and environmentalist spirit: the owner, tired of seeing throwing cartons from customers outside the room, he thought of an edible box. A difference not only in material but also price: the cost of the pizza box is $ 40, and given the success of the initiative on social, we are sure that the environment will not be the only one to benefit.

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Unique Garden: relax, nature and the angels of Victoria’s Secrets

Earthly paradise just a few kilometers from Sao Paulo, ethical, health-conscious and high-top models rate

History and ethics: conceived and founded by entrepreneur Victor Siaulys like paradise where one of his daughters, born blind, could fully enjoy the other senses she had left, the resort is situated in well-eighty acres in the Cantareira National Park in a triumph of colors and stillness in an hour bustle of Sao Paulo. The spirit and ethics of the place remained intact after the death of Siaulys in 2009, thus Unique Garden is home to a shelter for abandoned dogs (with the possibility of adoption for interested guests) and a reserve of exotic animals rescued from illegal trade.

The food: thanks to the extraordinary purity of air and water in the region, the food, grown on site and cooked with skill by the chef Daniel Aquino, combines a gourmet sophistication to an extreme lightness. Biological, light and delicious is loved by movie stars and especially from the beautiful Izabel Goulart, who is preparing for the show Victoria’s Secret here.

Spa with twenty-one spacious rooms and more than eighty treatments Pandora SPA offer was created thinking of rest and relaxation, under the supervision of a team of specialized professionals. The treatments are a combination of the best of East and West, from Ayurveda medicine in the Chinese, with the know-how European and US.

Design: each villa and a chalet is different and unique. Ruy Ohtake, Brazilian superstars Siaulys and close friend of the family, has designed all the accommodation units with mind wellbeing, peace and fulfillment, giving great importance to the surrounding environment. From arrival to departure, health and beauty are the norm in every detail; it is not surprising that a couple very prominent in Sao Paulo has booked all weekend of the year.

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Sport and travel, 5 apps and sites for your next vacation in Italy

This year, when parts, follow their sporting passion. Here are five trips to do in Italy to practice a sport or to witness a great event

Sports tourism is one of the fastest growing segments: according to research of the International Tourism Exchange, more than 12 million Italians have declared that will program the next holiday to play a sport. An established niche not only in our country but also abroad, considering that the tourists from all over the world have chosen Italy as the destination of their trips 18% to witness a great event linked to the world of sport ( or to practice it in the first person). A turnover – estimated from an analysis of the Tourism Studies Centre of Florence – which together move about 10 million arrivals a year with an annual growth rate of 6%. Whether for a ride on a sailboat or watch the Tour of Italy, we decided to focus on this line, choosing five trips to do in our country only thinking sport.

Follow the Tour of Italy. Musement is the leading platform to choose the best things to live in the world.

Museums, concerts up to the packages for organized trips. This year is the official tour operator of the cycling race that will wind along Italy May 6 to 29: the cycling fans can reserve tender packages Vip (with car and helicopter) to follow all the stages of the race, or to access the village of departure and arrival, as well as special solutions for the departure in the Netherlands and for the most beautiful stages “wine & food”, like that of Chianti May 15.

A ride on a sailboat. Sailsquare traveling is a social site that allows you to take a trip on a sailing boat can meet other enthusiasts. The combinations are lots to choose from: you can create holidays that only invite their friends, or open to all users that meet precise requirements. Thanks to the site interested users can create a customized holiday choosing destination, holiday style, budget and crew members, plan the holiday details and also rent the boat, choosing among over 3 thousand in the whole Mediterranean.

Play golf on the Ryder Cup golf. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a stay at the Residence Carpediem Relais, an exclusive resort, located at the estate of Laura Biagiotti where there is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Italy, the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club, home of the Ryder Cup 2022. a dream location to enjoy a wonderful golfing break, only half an hour away from Rome.

Ecotrail circuit in Sicily. Through Ecotrail Sicily you can join the circuit in 2016: eighteen stages which include conducting Trail Running activities, trekking and guided excursions inside the parks and nature reserves of the island. One way to run and keep fit in contact with nature, discovering the hidden corners of Sicily.

A mountain bike tour with Sharewood. The Italian start-up which puts the sharing economy at the service of sport, so you can rent sports equipment of other users saving money than in the store. It is a bicycle, a surfboard, a pair of skis or a raft boat, this portal will allow you to choose the best all the material you need for the next trip.

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Best hotels overlooking the sea on the Amalfi Coast

From the charming hotel overlooking the Bay of Positano old Art Nouveau villa via the “gem” nestled on the Lattari Mountains that enchanted Wagner and Greta Garbo, Trivago has compiled a top ten list of the best facilities with breathtaking views

Is there a more romantic place in Paris where you can spend an unforgettable weekend, perhaps admiring from the City of Lights and Tour Eiffeil having dinner by candlelight? It exists, and it is the Amalfi Coast, “balcony” overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, for its beauty and its natural and topographical characteristics is a UNESCO World Heritage List.

All sixteen municipalities (Amalfi, Atrani, Cava de ‘Tirreni, Cetara, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, Minori, Positano, Praiano, Raito, Ravello, Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino, Scala, Sunsets, Vietri sul Mare) that are located in the province of Salerno, the stretch of coast between the Gulf same name and that of Naples, are worth a visit, because each of them has different and unique landscape and cultural characteristics. Hotels are not lacking, of course, and there are solutions for all tastes and all budgets. However, if you are looking for a truly stunning hotel, where you can admire the most beautiful sunset of your life, that combines the excellence of hospitality in a stunning setting (not to mention a top level cuisine), then take a look at the 10 proposals.

Five Hotel Casa Angelina Praiano stars of great charm and design, choose the absolute white to bring out the beauty of the landscape. Among the services available to guests is a fitness / wellness center, two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor whirlpool with sun terrace), private beach and romantic restaurant “A plane in the sky”. In Amalfi, however, is one of the best five star hotels reviewed the “Coast”: This is the Santa Caterina, an old Art Nouveau villa surrounded by the blue sea and sky and lush bougainvillea, with private beach and beach club (with seawater pool), where it is compulsory to taste the typical dishes of the Neapolitan cuisine (at the “at sea” restaurant). Le Sirenuse, charming hotel overlooking the Bay of Positano, on the other hand has a history and flavor: created in 1951 by brothers Sersale, who decided to turn their house into a small charming hotel, has 58 rooms and keeps intact the atmosphere of a private house, whose refinement also inspired an eponymous clothing collection and a line of perfumes and beauty products. If you want a hotel overlooking the sea, however, the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa is the place for you: built on an ancient monastery of 1600 only has 20 accommodations (rooms and suites) that feature original vaulted ceilings and which bear the name of the medicinal plants grown in the garden. The infinity pool, the sloping terraced gardens, a fully equipped spa and fine dining facilities to its range of services offered by this five star hotel is located in Conca dei Marini. In Ravello, the “jewel” perched on the Lattari Mountains which also enchanted Wagner and Greta Garbo, among historical buildings of the eleventh century, is the resounding Belmond Hotel Caruso, furnished with antique furniture which also has a rooftop pool pool with water vaporizers and bars and two excellent restaurants (one on the terrace to enjoy the magnificent views). The frescoes that characterize the structure and dating back to the nineteenth century also inspire a valuable collection of clothing in silk and crepon. Every day the hotel organizes boat tours (free) to explore the Amalfi Coast. Always in Ravello is the Best Western Marmorata, a four-star suitable for the whole family, with its nautical-themed décor will make you live a wonderful relaxing holiday: a private access to the sea, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, free parking, room fitness and meeting room complete the offer of the WB which also serves traditional cuisine. A family run, in typical Mediterranean style, the Hotel Golden Sunset Praiano offers, as the name suggests, an unforgettable panorama that spans Positano, the island “Li Galli” and the stacks of Capri. Each of the 40 rooms, beautifully equipped, is decorated in a different style and many are decorated with artistic ceramics of Vietri. Excellent and cured (even towards those who suffer from food intolerances) cuisine served in the panoramic restaurant. If you want to organize a fairytale wedding – as well as a dream vacation – you can choose the Covo dei Saraceni Hotel, the only five-star hotel on the beach at Positano, in the heart of the shopping street; perched on the steep mountain slopes down to the sea and offers 66 rooms all overlooking the blue, as well as swimming pool with bar, two restaurants, brasseries and boat trips. Vertical sea of ​​Positano Hotel Agaves has equipped beach and private docks reached through a quaint inclined lift, one of a kind, three restaurants, all rooms with balcony or terrace overlooking the sea, fitness, and a full range of services They include weddings “five stars”. Last but not least, the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, nestled on a cliff 80 meters above the sea level, is one of the most evocative of the Amalfi Coast. The five-star, in fact, is a monastery of the thirteenth century and retains – fully restored – the Arab-Norman cloister, the magnificent Lodge and the “Passeggiata dei Monaci” which over the years have made it a point of reference for tourism d ‘ elite. All rooms have private terrace or balcony overlooking the sea, restaurant, or on the private beach, the beach club service, massage room and meeting rooms.

The offer is wide, the choice difficult, but whatever your goal, one thing is certain: you will not be disappointed by the romantic and incomparable beauty of the Amalfi Coast.