GTC4 Luxury Ferrari, with four-wheel steering wheel

GTC4 Luxury Ferrari, with four-wheel steering wheel
Here is the new four-seater model that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show
The new Ferrari has GTC4Lusso the unpublished controllo4RM-S system, in full: four driving and steering wheels. The system patented by Ferrari allows the driver to exploit the super couple on wet, snowy and very low grip. But also the eye wants its part and the new car designed by Ferrari Design does not disappoint at all (look Fotoi above). The speed ‘maximum is 335 Km / h and goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 sec.


The reign of madness and terror of the Black Baron

Austrian nobleman, tsarist official, reincarnation of Mahakala, theocrat. The history of Roman von Sternberg and his reign of terror
“I was in Kiev, I saw Warsaw and Budapest (…) Once before, in the past, the knife of your Mongolian horses have walked the streets of those cities. The West is dying, infected by the revolutionary plague. No more principles, no more armies. It’s time to rebuild the empire of the great khan “.
The fall of the Tsar, the Russian Civil War, the tragic end of the Romanovs, the Bolshevik government were perhaps only details in the head of Roman von Sternberg, Austrian nobleman known to history as the Bloody Baron. A name, his, evoking worlds and distant events, but even so: in Russia a little less than a century ago, an Austrian artistocratico, Catholic and Buddhist, he dreamed of rebuilding the Mongol empire.
Roman Nicolaus von Ungern-Sternberg was born in Graz in 1886 from an ancient family of junkers (Prussian military aristocracy) Baltic. Grew up in Tallinn, he enlisted in the Army in the early years of the twentieth century Tsarist. A choice, its common to other noble Germanic: German Levin Bennigsen August, for example, had been one of the best known Russian army commanders during the campaigns against Napoleon.
But in the minds of Roman smoldering something else: much bigger dreams of driving the regiments of Nicholas II, who began to surface in Siberia where, in 1908, was seconded his department and where the young officer came into contact with the Asian culture, in particular with the Mongolian.
After the interlude of the First World War, its leader parable, as bold as ruthless, begins between the lands of Siberia where, to the Gregorij Semenov orders, sided against the revolutionaries of Lenin (who had taken power in October 1917) , however, not failing to fight even against the “whites” of Admiral Alexander Kolchak …
Separated by Semenov in 1920, the head of the Mongolian and Tibetan departments ago en route to Mongolia, after the end of the Qing monarchy (1911), he had been occupied by the Republic of China.
Conquered and liberated Urga Bogdo Khan, the living Buddha, Roman rose to political and religious leader, by imposing on the lands conquered a theocratic regime. Soldier, aristocratic and even gods, for this “fault” of the Dalai Lama who declared emanation of Mahakala, the Great Black of Buddhist culture from six arms and the crown with five skulls.
A reign of madness, of glory and terror raids von Stenberg entered immediately in the collective imagination of the time. Under the banner of the “U”, the Asian riders, modern hordes of the steppe, assaulted villages, the Red Army units and the white one, leaving behind blood and death.
Less than a century before the borders between Iraq and Syria black flags Isis accompany the birth of the Caliphate, another “Black” was building his empire, very religious and ephemeral, in which the Western culture of the Austrian nobility embraced the myth of knights of Genghis Khan.
Ephemeral, because the world had changed and the new state, the Soviet Union, there was no more space to ancient legends, ancestral cults and newly Mahakala.
Betrayed by a klan leader, Baron is delivered into the hands of the Bolsheviks in August 1921. Sentenced to death, before the discharge of the firing squad (he was shot in Novonikolajevsk September 21, 1921, author’s note) swallows of St. George Medal, last act of defiance of the tradition of chivalry junker against the new Republic.
His legacy is lost in time and space, obscured by the long shadows of the Soviet dictatorship and the problems that plague the winners and losers of the Great War.
Forgotten, then, but not quite all. Corto Maltese, who already at Ancona had met Stalin in an unusual role, also crosses the Baron, the adventure Court Sconta called Arcana (there’s also a film adaptation, written by the director Pascal Morelli, author’s note).
So instead, I recalled another character from the novel, Count Pio Filippani Ronconi, academic, Orientalist, Corriere della Sera, a former officer of the SS:
“(The Baron) in his short period of government to Urga (from 2 February to 11 July 1921) tried to transform this moment into a” no time “that would allow the Hutuktus (spiritual leader of the Tibetan Lamaism, author’s note) to perform his spiritual work, freeing it from the external pressure of the two powers that loomed: China of “Masters of War” from the South, and the Bolshevik unstoppable avalanche that moved from the north, from Siberia … “(Article” At one time, a destiny “1987).
Words for many of us incomprehensible, but that well describe the absolute uniqueness of a man so convinced of the feasibility of his dreams to be built follies by well firm foundation in the reality … of the early twentieth century.


Spain, Ibiza

Amazing Panoramic Views To The Sea And Spectacular Sun Rises
Villa, 6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms, 13 persons, Pool, Garden, WiFi

Beautiful 6 bedroom minimalistic villa is built in a local traditional style and has superb views across the entire valley of Morna and the sea to the East, as well as an amazing swimming pool with spacious chill out areas.

The property which has been designed by Irish architect John Meagher is nestled into the Morna Valley hillside, this house is accessed by a paved road just off the main road that connects San Carlos with the San Lorenzo/San Juan road .

The property location benefits from amazing panoramic views to the sea and spectacular sun rises, especially from the master bedroom which sits on the top floor of the house.


The main house consists of a double-height living room, a gallery that overlooks the sitting room, a state of the art kitchen which is fully functional with the latest high-tech equipment, an outdoor kitchen and a huge outdoor dining area, perfect for entertaining guests.

The master bedroom on the 1st floor has a private terrace and a stunning en-suite bathroom which also has an outdoor shower. There is also a single bedroom on first floor which can share the master en-suite if necessary.

The further 5 double bedrooms, all en-suite, are situated alongside the pool, each with their own outdoor showers. These 5 rooms can be made up as twin rooms or doubles, to suit the party.


A sanctuary in the lagoon. Polynesia, here is the most booked hotels in the world

The news of these days: the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora in French Polynesia (yes, the one where Jennifer Aniston spent the Honeymoon!) Received the largest number of reservation requests on TripAdvisor among hotels worldwide.
A dream come holiday. In addition, an icon dell’mmaginario. An archetype. The Four Seasons in Bora Bora. Already landing close to the tiny airport in Bora Bora, in the heart of the Pacific, in the archipelago of Society Islands, French Polynesia. seeing the spectacular lagoons with incredible nuances, you realize what paradise is coming! After all we are in a land myth, supermodels in the Victoria’s Secret lingerie you have just been to the last photo shoot!
Then, the Four Season’s staff comes up to me with the classical and fragrant necklace welcome tiare flowers and takes me to the boat that, in about twenty minutes, leads me to the destination.
Sure, it’s not a destination for everyone. And not just because it is not affordable for all budgets. The journey is not easy: after the long trip from Papeete fact then you have to take a small plane to Bora Bora and then make a final stretch speedboat.
Then, however, the view is unforgettable. The resort – just past the headlines for the Moon of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux last summer Honey – lies on one of the longest and picturesque beaches on the island, is located in an idyllic location in the lagoon in front of Mount Otemanu, a volcano off. Surrounded by the embrace of a lush tropical vegetation contains within it a private lagoon, The Ruahatu Lagoon Sanctuary, with more than a hundred species of colorful fish. Dive in these waters is like swimming in an aquarium. We organize tours, also for children, with a marine biologist who gives lessons on how to graft a coral, feed the octopus and the Polynesian ecosystem.

French Polynesia: 15 experiences to do where summer never ends: Learn more
115 the “shelters”, of which between 15 and 100 water bungalows suites and villas with private pools. All built in a style that reflects the local architecture, with characteristic high ceilings and roofs covered with pandanus leaves, teak furniture and Polynesian artifacts. And coveted, on the Tripadvisor site is by far the most booked hotel on the planet in 2015.
Mine is an Over-Water Bungalow Suite with views of Mount Otemanu. 100 square meters with separate living and bedroom, a bathroom, and a terrace which leads directly into the water. Diving into this sea turquoise directly from its terrace, being at one with nature, fall asleep with the sound of the sea is extraordinary.
There are four restaurants. The Arii Moana, overlooking the waters of the lagoon and overlooking Mount Otemanu, elegant and romantic, open for dinner only, for an international creative cuisine with seafood dishes, contaminated with local flavors. The Tere Nui, near the beach, which offers international cuisine with Mediterranean influences and particular grill. The Farè Hoa Beach Bar, close to the pool and beach prepare tropical cocktails and fresh salads. Finally, the Sunset Restaurant & Bar offers Asian-inspired dishes with sushi.
Of course, during the day or night, you can always order lunch or dinner in the privacy of your bungalow or private villa. Do not miss the breakfast, served in its own terrace, which comes directly from the sea, on a typical Polynesian canoe. A show of colors and scents! For the well-being is a holistic spa which features a sauna, jacuzzi and 7 rooms, Polynesian style, treatment, also the torque that can be applied on request, at the beach or in villa. There are many activities that can be practiced during the day: sailing, water skiing, scuba diving, hang gliding and paddling.


Fusion: the Yokohama restaurant in Milan is said to Foodoracle

The first chapter of Foodoracle, the new series of startups for home delivery of quality food Foodora, takes us in the kitchen of Rosy Chin. Among uramaki with black truffles and Parmesan eggplant with tuna and seaweed

Enter the Rosy Chin restaurant is a bit ‘like going to visit a friend in high school, those who revise from time to time and that riabbracci always willingly. Because even if you’ve never known, even if you’ve never sat at a table in his Yokohama (local gracious to a handful of steps from the Duomo of Milan) the time of the last formalities at most up to ordering water , and then give way to sincere smiles and valuable advice to juggle the proposals in its menu. A menu that Rosy, very Italian Chinese businesswoman third generation, processes and reprocesses along with her husband Paul, Sicilian-Apulian origins: so a lucky combination of love, creativity and different cultures born a kitchen which combines the exotic elegance East with the flavors and ingredients typical of our local tradition. The carbonara becomes seafood, with shrimp and noodles with green tea, eggplant parmigiana meets the seared tuna and Japanese seaweed, the uramaki are embellished with black truffle.

Fusion, in short, in the truest sense of the word. And Rosy knows how to tell it all, making you feel part of their local, his family, his plans for the future.

It is no coincidence, then, that Foodora, the startup is currently active in Milan and Turin for the home delivery of meals and drinks, has chosen her and her restaurant Yokohama to inaugurate Europe-wide web series Foodoracle: a project that It brings the cameras in restaurant kitchens, to reveal the stories, the faces and the passions that lie behind those dishes received directly at home or in the office. “I’m glad I started this partnership with Foodora – said Rosy – because it gives me the assurance that my specialties are delivered in a reasonable time, with the care and courtesy that we would put the waiters of my staff.”

“Besides, our service is different from the alternatives for this reason – continued Matthew Lentini and Gianluca Cocco, country manager of Foodora Italy -. We choose to work exclusively quality restaurants, and why those who order through our app can feel comfortable. Never receive poor food, or cold, or ruined on the way somewhere shake too: the delivery takes place within half an hour, and the dish is always in perfect condition, as if it came straight from the restaurant’s “kitchen. Goal: try to get even with a delivery that effect “wow”


NikeLab presents the Lux High Dunk sneakers signed by Riccardo Tisci

The American brand of sportswear presents the new model of footwear produced in collaboration with the creative director of Givenchy. Available from 11 February 2016

Riccardo Tisci designer for NikeLab again, after the success of the Air Force 1 last year. The creative director of the fashion house Givenchy has partnered with the American brand of sportswear to realize the new iconic sneakers model. “The Nike Dunk brings with it a fascinating story,” says the creative. “In the world of sportswear, this shoe has been both a mainstream product that niche, adopted by several community. Regardless of the considered variants, this sneaker has always had a strong cultural identity. And that, as designers, intrigued me a lot. ” Designed to meet the requirements of performance, this shoe is characterized by a full grain leather that ensures durability, drop-in Lunarlon sockliner for cushioning ultra-soft, memory foam in the shoe collar and tongue in quilted leather, for a safe and comfortable fit.

The Lux NikeLab Dunk High x RT will be available exclusively in North America, at NikeLab retailers, and nike.com/nikelab February 11th.


I tried to get AIDS on the Internet, and in less than 24 hours I was ready to meet my “donor.” That’s how easy it is

To be honest, when I brought this article to my boss I was hoping it refuses, instead his response was more exciting than when I proposed an interview with a Brazilian supermodel with semi-naked photos supplied. I have to. The first step was to try to understand, through my friend Google, what is the reason that drives these people to practice bugchasing, or “a sexual practice whereby some individuals would practice unsafe sex with HIV-positive individuals, with ‘ deliberate intent of contracting the HIV virus. ”
After I documented by various sources, from CNN documentaries to Wired’s articles, I realized that the theme of this activity related to Bareback (the practice of sexual relations without protection), is the contracting HIV and then have sex total “peace”, and yes, because after contracting a virus since its discovery has killed more than 25 million people you are really quiet.
I started looking for places (virtual) where I could find the Bugchaser; initially they came across Bug Chaser Personal, Mecca of the followers of this “movement”, but I later discovered that the closure has been prepared. Never mind, in less than five minutes I discovered GayBareback, a portal where after registering you can meet “donors” or “seekers.” As well as a showcase for the various profiles, there is a text chat and a video, even if users are connected few, three including myself. I think to myself, “Just as well, it means that there are few interested.”
It was enough to move on Google’s American location to see sites of this kind multiply. Having found that the facilities were always the same, ie “Forum”, “Chat” and “Showcase,” I started to move toward a first approach to some “donor.” The largest community is currently active Poz Convert, and has several hundred active users every day. As a good heterosexual I immediately looked for some damsel with whom understand this question and understand how when you get really real. My enthusiasm has subsided after only five minutes when I realized that I would not have views of vaginas. Not one, not even as a joke.
This practice, dare I say fortunately, seems to be widespread among men, strictly homosexual. Armed with courage I decided to sign up, and after a pretty varied questionnaire that ranged from skin color to being addicted or not, I contacted a guy, this Rick05, where 05 represents hope the day of birth and not the year, that after about six hours he replied. Pretending to live in London, I let him handle it, and the first questions were very general, then move on to much more explicit questions about previous experiences which of course I had not. After a series of electronic correspondences asked me if I’d like to meet him, to even talk about. Since that time I have not responded, but I realized how easy and fast (about 12 hours in my case) to find a “donor” of AIDS.
Conducting further research I could not notice the dates of the first blogs on these practices, some in fact are dated 2002/2003, although only recently it has started to talk, perhaps thanks to social networks. Finally, does reflect the answer that Dr. Frascino gave 13 years ago, when social networks did not exist, for a guy who he suspected of having a “Bugchaser” as a boyfriend: “I personally believe that your boyfriend has just a fantasy, and fantasies are dangerous only if put into practice. Studies have found that often these are just fantasies. ” Today, 13 years later, I took a few hours and an Internet connection to “catch AIDS.”
If you want more information about AIDS, ask for help, or confide visit the LILA, Italian League for the Fight against AIDS.


Cindy Crawford, but as a retreat! His 50 years since super model

A phrase extrapolated from an interview triggers the alarm: “Cindy Crawford retires.” But it’s just a joke (already repeated and refuted)

Cindy Crawford retires from the set, from the covers and fashion? The voice and spreads the alarm. Which falls in less than 24 hours, thanks to the clarification of the same supermodel who laughs on Instagram: “Boys,” it is just a joke.

Crawford, during the promotion of his new book (Becoming), had given an interview to the magazine of United Airlines’ Hemispheres Rhapsody talking about the impending birthday, that of 50, as one of those events that could mean “to say goodbye to the days as a model. ” And down all talk of early retirement. The speech, in fact, still seemingly cryptic: “[…] Or maybe do not say goodbye. But go ahead. I had no idea that the book would be part of the trip. […] I am certain that you take my picture for another 10 years, maybe not as a model. Alright then. I did that, I worked with many amazing photographers … But I can not continue to reinvent myself, to put myself to the test.
No matter what he meant really say Cindy at that time because in the end … it was all a joke, as the same Crawford was quick to emphasize on social publishing his personal enlightenment.

“Every year, I tell my children that I retire. It’s a joke in the family. But then, every year, they are jumping out exciting opportunity for me. Although it is true that I can not wait to move my attention and focus on my things, family and friends – I am not making any final declaration (not all the headlines tell the whole story!). I loved being part of the fashion world in the last 30 years and if this time has taught me anything, it is: never say never. Thanks for the support, I am so excited for what 2016 will bring! “


The new Porsche 718 Boxster runs more with the four-cylinder

The Stuttgart says goodbye to the six-cylinder boxer engine in favor of a brand new turbocharged. Higher performance, lower power consumption at the expense of tradition

After the introduction of the liquid cooling and the adoption of a supercharging system throughout the range 911, another sea change hits the story of Porsche branded sports, thanks to the debut of the new Boxster 718. With her, in fact, He sees the light of the first four-cylinder turbo in the history of Stuttgart, pace of traditionalists and lovers of the good old six-cylinder boxer, a synonym, to date, of sportsmanship Teutonic.

The update of mid-life cycle of the entry level of the house Ferdnand Porsche comes, first of all, with a series of innovations from the aesthetic point of view. Are new light clusters front and rear, the air intakes, the door handles and sills revisited. Also the interior of the passenger compartment has been the subject of attention. The dashboard shows the air vents magazines in the forms. The steering wheel is now a three-spoke style 918 Spyder and the infotainment system can now count on latest Porsche Communication Management system.

But it is the hood – back – to hide the most important innovations. Inside is now set for the basic version, a four-cylinder boxer 2.0-liter turbo capable of delivering 300 hp and 380 Nm of torque, available for as little as 1,950 rpm. Despite the two cylinders less, therefore, they are well the 35 hp and 100 Nm available in more than the previous version. At the 2.0-liter engine joins then a 2.5-liter, 350 hp and 420 Nm, provided for the variant S. Also in this case, the gain, in terms of power is 35 hp, while torque up by 60 nm.

For both versions, Porsche claims a gain, in terms of overall efficiency of 13%, despite the increase in performance. With dual clutch PDK and Sport Chrono Package (optional), the standard version is able to remove a 0-100 km / h in 4.7 seconds (eight tenths less than the previous model), with a top speed of 275 km / h. The S version reaches 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds (six tenths better than the version it replaces) and 285 Km / h.

For mettervene a garage will serve at least 56,213 Euros for the basic configuration and 69,176 Euros for the most powerful St.


Elisabetta Canalis super hot topless at the debutante ball

His eyes were all for her, but maybe it was not enough. And so the former tissue remained topless during dances

The Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner has a habit. The Grand Ball debutante of Vienna is always presented with a queen of showbiz arm. He did it with Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and well with Ruby Heartbreaker. This year they chose Elisabetta Canalis. “I enjoyed that,” he told her. Perhaps too much. It is so hot action during the dances, took what the Americans call “wardrobe failure”. Or, it remained topless in front of everyone. “The waltz is not my forte, but I did my best,” she said. Better than that, in fact, it is hard to think so.