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Beautiful but unknown. Are the 12 islands in the Mediterranean ideal to visit this summer

.Here they are:
Sifnos Greece. It is part of the Cyclades, but is not as famous as her sisters Mykonos and Santorini. You get here by sea from Crete, from the port of Piraeus and to other islands not far away.
Lissa Croatia. It is part of the Split-Dalmatia region and throughout its history has also belonged to the Republic of Venice and Napoleon imposed the use of the Italian language.
Pasman Croatia. The best known is the center of Komiza, the true focus of the lives of fishermen.
Polyaigos Croatia. You can say it is the largest of the uninhabited islands of the Aegean and one of those of Greece the most spectacular beaches in which to bask for hours.
Leros Greece. On this time seems to have stopped. Small taverns new everyday delicacies, the mountain scenery and secluded bays are a valuable resource and the quiet life of the people, an example to follow willingly.
Simy Greece. Although there are many tourists who appreciate the beauty, Simy continues to maintain its authenticity and a simple approach towards life.
Korcula Croatia. On the island you can visit the birthplace of Marco Polo, but also castles, abbeys, the cathedral of San Marco and get lost in the lush, before reaching the blue sea.
Losinj Croatia. The inhabitants of Lošinj are about 8000 and there is a small Italian community stationed on the island.
Cabrera Spain. Today is an exclusive destination and the increasingly fashionable, that few attend, if we think of the numbers of visitors headed to Ibiza and Formentera, but of which all are fascinated.
Aegina Greece. Temples dedicated to Zeus and Apollo, castles and monasteries, but also beaches and pristine bays. It giune here from Piraeus Athens is, in fact, only 50km.
Rab Croatia. Sandy beaches, and crystal clear turquoise sea, restaurants and the simple life of the village of Kampor, will make you think you do not want to go away anymore.
Kythira Greece. We are south of the Peloponnese, where, by clear waters would be born Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love for the ancient Greeks. It is part of the Ionian islands and has a population of about 3,000 inhabitants. If you are looking for scenery, clear water and pure nature, you’ll have to jump around here soon.

Il mare di Formentera, nelle Baleari (foto Johnathan Smith / Alamy)

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Ryanair Glasgow-Ibiza is the route most alcoholic of Europe

Ryanair prohibits the consumption of alcohol on the flight from Glasgow to Ibiza.
Video of 20 February 2015, entitled “Standard Flight from Glasgow to Ibiza.
Let’s play: if I ask you where you can drink beer, which city comes to mind first? Monaco of Bavaria, Dublin, Krakow? And if I ask you where you drink wine? Milan, Paris, Barcelona? More whiskey? Here we might have less doubt: probably somewhere in Scotland.
And if I were to ask, where are found in Europe boys and girls, to dance and revelry? One of the many Greek islands? Ios or Mykonos? Zrće on the island of Pag in Croatia or Ibiza in the Balearic Islands?
I like to win easy, but if Ryanair has decided to ban the consumption of alcohol on its flights from Glasgow to Ibiza, some truth there. There the boys exaggerate with alcohol consumption, and there is that Ryanair got fed, and introduced the ban, even at the cost of losing a bit ‘: in terms of pennies and popularity among fans of flights low cost.
Many airlines, including rival EasyJet, allow passengers to bring their own alcoholic beverages on board, even if, perhaps, do not allow to consume them once on board: if you really want a beer, you have to buy it between drinks of their service standards. Now on the flight Glasgow-Ibiza no more, since no one will be able to bring more alcoholic drinks on board.
For once, I would say, I want that other airlines would follow the example of Ryanair.


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Caselle Torin, all low cost


Good news for the Turin airport.

If Easter just past figures showed an increase compared to last year, with reservations on flights of more than 80%, no shortage of news for the summer.

Every now periodic companies calling the Hub of the Mole announce new flights: we see three together. Meanwhile, he returned to the Transavia Amsterdam, alternatica low to KLM. The airline flies a Boeing 737 with 142 seats, just to give some figures.

Not only lovers of the Balearics can rejoice: from June 14th Vueling organizes the operation of flights to Palma de Mallorca. A single frequency weekly, on Sundays. That however is not a bad day for those who have booked villages or apartments on the Island. Times: departures are at 10.20 to 12.30 from Turin and from Palma.
And then, from 1 May, Blue Air will open the season with two Low Cost for Boxes and boxes. The following airports are Bari and Ibiza, as Ryanair seems to have given up on it.

42.90 EUR the minimum amount for Puglia, 10 euro more for Spain, but beware: you fly to Ibiza from early June (from 4 to be exact)


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“Cuba will never be the same in a few years, the best advantage to go on vacation.” The next time someone will make this proposal, you could azzardarvi answer is perhaps best to think twice, since the archipelago was classified as “high risk” to the health of tourists. Code Red also for Madagascar, the Himalayan region of Bhutan and the vast majority of African states. To ask prudence is a recent Index of International SOS, which has created a world map to highlight the geographic areas where tourists can be difficult – if not dangerous – find sanitary facilities and adequate hospital.

International SOS is an organization that deals with health care for trips abroad. The construction of this World Map is based on its more than 300 thousand medical accidents that have been reported along last year. Parameters to define a state at risk “low”, “medium”, “high” or “extreme” were, in addition to the condition of health services, quantity and quality of facilities, frequency of accidents and the presence of infectious diseases in the region.

But what is the continent where the risk to the health of tourists is greater? Africa has the black shirt, with almost half of the Member classified in “extreme risk” (with particular attention to the West African States, the epicenter of the spread of the Ebola virus), while only Tunisia, Morocco and South Africa have ” medium risk “. Also according to the index, countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Namibia and Nigeria remain “high risk” but have seen an improvement between 2013 and 2014.

Europe still seems the safest continent – along with the United States, Canada and Australia – to the health of travelers, though surrounded on the east by a cordon of states to “medium risk” (from the Czech Republic to Poland, Croatia, Hungary and Romania) which becomes “high” in Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia and Ukraine. Most countries of the Brics, instead (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are colored brown because they are considered States in developing hard to classify the diversity of the health care system in the major cities and in the rural centers.

An index that did discuss, as we read in the Washington Post, where one wonders why Cuba – an archipelago where doctors are internationally known for their skill – both classified as “high risk” health. But according to International SOS, in rural areas of Cuba emergency services health and access to medicines are limited while the threat of serious infectious diseases remains high. These are the reasons that led to the archipelago orange color on the map, advising people to choose it as a destination for a trip only if you plan not to move from the main city centers and tourist.

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Burchell's zebra (Equus burchellii); Etosha National Park, Namibia
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Namibia: visit the most beautiful parks


All you need to know to visit the nature reserves of the former German colony without drawbacks
A set of ethnic groups, languages ​​and landscapes that alternate between high deserts and natural parks: so looks Namibia, charming country crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Namibia gained independence only in 1990, so it is a country that is still little known: its towns and villages are Europeans and Africans, the people kind and truly boundless spaces. From May to October is the dry winter season, certainly the most pleasant to visit the country and remain dazzled by the stunning natural beauty.

The capital Windhoek retains the imprint of German colonization: located in the center of the country on a plateau at 1660 meters, offers nice shops and restaurants and turns pleasant walk through a pedestrian path. The Christuskirche, the German Lutheran church, is a strange mixture of Art Nouveau and neo-Gothic style, and other interesting buildings are the parliament building, Tintenpalast; Alte Feste, an old fort whitewashed which now houses a museum and the railway station, in the Cape Dutch style, dating back to 1912. In Swakopmund, the main resort marina Namibian, it is sensible to birdwatching thanks to the presence of numerous species like flamingos, pelicans, plovers, sandpipers and other migratory waders, and the endemic Damara serna. Moving towards Spitzkoppe you cross an area rich in suggestive rock formations while in the territory of Alpec you come into contact with the tribe of Himpa. But who says says Namibia safari nell’Etosha Natural Park, one of the most celebrated of the entire Africa, where parading elephants, lions, rhinos, kudu, giraffe and huge herds of zebra, springbok, wildebeest. The Fish River Canyon National Park is located in the southern part of the country and is second in size only to the Grand Canyon of the United States offers a natural spectacle really amazing and impressive and can be visited on foot or by car. One of the largest parks of Namibia is the Namib Naukluft Park, which includes much of the Namib Desert and the surrounding gravel plains and the impressive massif Naukluft.

Considering that the seasons are the opposite of ours is to be borne in mind that, if the temperature in the summer even touching 40 degrees, in winter the average daytime is around 22 ° and one night on the 2nd. So in addition to cotton clothes like trousers and shirts in soft colors, light and practical for hiking and sneakers or hiking closed, are to be included jacket and heads a bit ‘heavier as a sweater or a jacket, without forget binoculars, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat.


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Perennial desire to travel? The whole issue of DNA

Matter of DNA: the predisposition starting or remain comfortable at home is all wrapped up in our genes.
Some have called Wanderlust this love of travel, that does not end after the last goal achieved.
According to research, all these factors are linked to a gene in our DNA. The perennial desire to travel, in fact, you can reconnect to
a genetic derivative of the DRD4 gene, which is associated to the levels of dopamine in the brain. The gene itself, called DRD4-7R was
renamed the gene of Wanderlust, due to its correlation with large levels of curiosity and restlessness.
However, this gene is not present in all: only 20% of the population has it and is more common in the regions in which the past and history have
pushed people to migrate.
Another 1999 study, says that the people who have moved away from the African continent are more likely to have this gene
in their DNA. Another research done by David Dobbs of National Geographic, however, argues that the gene DND4-7R belongs to people who
are “more prone to risk, to explore new places, foods, ideas, relationships, drugs or sexual opportunity.” Dobbs also confirms that this
gene is more common among modern peoples who have faced a history of movements and transfers over time.
Jim Noonan, however, treats the subject making it a matter of race: skill, dexterity, legs allow us to travel long distances
and a brain can process imaginative processes “make up a unique set of features, suitable to stimulate exploration.”
The latest research is to Garret Lo Porto Huffington Post who argues that the gene DRD4-7R is caused by conduct
dates back to the times of the Neanderthals. Who owns it so it would be “out of control”


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Summer time

Dear friends mortals who are working and dreaming of summer holidays as you dream a bar of chocolate in full weight-loss diet, do not read this article if your day is already intense sluggish, tired and nervous.

We will not discuss issues related to the world of work or how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you, but anyway we touch a hot topic: we speak of VIPs flown at sea and on social are already filling in the blanks with their photos in costume. Obviously, you do not read this article if you just missing those two kg to find the perfect shape for summer, because here we are dealing with women who never knew the meaning of the word ‘diet’, the verb ‘slim’ and of ‘expression’ I close my mouth and reopen in September ‘.

It goes without saying that curiosity is so woman who sometimes prefer to swallow a toad but at least see if it really Cecilia Rodriguez dress costumes Me was, if Federica Nargi has a tan perennial or whatever.
Liars. We look at the photos to look for that difettuccio physical that makes us a bit ‘all friends among us, so that if we were ever going to find in Formentera and alongside one of the showgirls, at least we can feel them as VIPs: cellulite and peel Orange will make us forge lasting relationships over time, we are sure.

Although we are still only at the beginning of spring, someone has already thought of abandoning the city to enjoy the sun, sand, suntan lotion and sea. Type Belen Rodriguez, just back from a holiday (reparative?) With her husband Stefano De Martino, has gladdened morning of followers are posting pictures of her beautiful and sensual, with a background heavenly. In short, if you already got up thinking about how many macaroni less would have to eat the night before to prevent swelling in the stomach – then starting the day with loads of negativity, he thought about the landscape of the Maldives to make matters worse with the energy envy.

And what about Alessia Marcuzzi, that after the island of Fame decided to abandon stories of sunburn, mosquitos, coconuts and bottoms braised in the sun to be pampered by the sand in Dubai? Elegant well in costume, which are basically a bra and a pair of underwear, it is left to photograph while sporting a perfect line Although it leaves a little glimpse ‘of ribs. Dear Alessia, follow our advice: the sea brought a nice sandwich with tomato and mozzarella, you make us feel good about ourselves.

The former tissue Elena Barolo from the Seychelles greeted us wishing us good morning. If a good day starts in the morning, his will be done with oysters and champagne, with our … soup and chamomile to relax before bedtime.
Bar Rafaeli would not apologize if we were to base the clubs ‘Envy for its B-side’ and the picture speaks for itself. A nice 10 and praise, however, do not let anyone off. Beautiful.
Cristina Chiabotto wants us to believe that it was in Zanzibar, but judging by the person who is with her, seems to have been simply away to see Juventus. Oh no, wait … that behind him is not the Juventus Stadium. Wow.
If you come to the end of the article without yelling or throwing blunt objects against male colleague in the meantime it will be glazed eyes, congratulations: you have a karma that is scary and yoga you fear.

If you have finished reading thinking about how many sessions of abs you have lost in the name of a pizza with friends, congratulations anyway because we want to imagine yourself smiling while commented every single photo.


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It will be a summer Mediterranean

The t.o. invest sul Mare Italy, Spain and Greece, reinforce commitments and increase the offer of clubs. The trend is already rewarding these areas. There waiting for the sea to our house, but from the front of the network there are those who warn about the risk disintermediation, because the alternative destinations in North Africa by the proposals to are prone to DIY
The product on the shelves is not lacking. Policy t.o. for this summer is to strengthen the commitments of Italy and the Mediterranean Sea.
Choices that are not always a direct result of the current situation, due to the facts that have affected North Africa. In some cases, strategies are decided upstream, in time.
The effects are already felt and the trend rewards Spain and Greece, but, among the favorites there is also the Mare Italy, though not all are in agreement that there can be a substantial transfer of flows from Tunisia to the Italian coast. The reason? The price.
Then there is that this year have come to terms with an Easter slower, coming first as a date, and a lack of bridges that have, however, enlivened the calendar last year. All this, therefore, will shift most of the below given in terms of reservations.
Expectations Sea Italy confirmed high, though not all traders are convinced that the events that are affecting the area of ​​North Africa can bring more traffic in Italy this summer.
Meanwhile, the capacity grows in the Mediterranean area with more investment. Strengthening means new clubs and facilities in Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca, Formentera. In some cases, we talk about a doubling of the hotel availability in the Balearics. Greece also has been strengthened in terms of number of rooms and availability.
If product supply does not fail, you have to understand how to increase the flow in the agency. From the front of the network there is who puts the spotlight on this issue and, by analyzing how you will redraw the scenery summer as a result of what happened in Tunisia, is done that “the move made by the front of the cruise has already moved the whole market” says to Travel Guide Giorgio Lotti, commercial director Open Travel Network.
Some claim that Tunisia will block almost final for the summer, “there will be a recovery in the short term – says Gian Paolo Vairo, to Welcome Travel. The t.o. have tried to reprogram on Greece and the Balearic Islands, others have made the move of additional departures and additional availability. On these markets, the current decline of Russian presence generates greater attention to the Italian market, in the face of the weakness of the ruble. ”
There will be so much in Italy this summer according to Vairo, but be careful, because you might run into a risk disintermediation. If before there was an intention to go to Tunisia, the customer went in adv to purchase the package organized, now the opportunity to come into a store to buy a package for Sicily “is drastically reduced.”
It should also be borne in mind the price of alternative destinations, they may suffer inflation. The hope is that this does not lead “to speculation action on the management of pricing,” noted Piergiorgio Reggio, towards network Gattinoni World Vacations.
There are also fears. In particular Luca Caraffini, A.D. Geo Travel Network, is concerned that the events in Tunis may fall to rain on areas or products, including cruises, they may lose on appeal. It is true that the responsiveness demonstrated is read from Reggio as chance “to mitigate the impact on sales in the days immediately following the facts.”


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Summer 2015

Travel Summer 2015: ideal holidays for singles, couples, with children Here are some ideas on where to spend the summer holidays in 2015, equipped destinations for singles, couples, children. Travel Summer 2015: around the world Travel Summer 2015: around the world

Are you ready for the Summer Holidays 2015? The summer season is now to come and you will be many struggling with the reservation of the ideal vacation and you’re probably wondering what destination to choose and how to choose the place that meets your needs. However in this article I will post the best places where you can spend a summer relaxing and fun, whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or with children.
For people who prefer to travel alone, one of the most beautiful islands in Europe could be, perhaps taking advantage of the low cost travel. But about some of the great locations to visit at least once in their life.

Spain-Cies Islands: here is a group of well 3 islands of Galicia, which was once a great hideout for pirates. Currently it is located a wonderful national park and we have to consider the fact that the environment is fully intact. In these places, the beaches are characterized by a very fine sand, water color blue-green and amber sun.

Mljet-Croatia: the island is dotted with forests and tiny villages, where you can contemplate the lake Malo Jezero and Velko Jezero, the Benedictine Abbey, the ruins of a Roman palace and a Christian cathedral. The town seems to have stopped in time, so much so that it evokes the legendary Ulysses and it is said that he stayed in this place for 7 years.
For couples who love the sea, here is some dream destinations where you can share a situation unique, far from the classical and chaotic location where usually most people are targeting.

Madagascar: this place consists of beautiful beaches of white color and one of the main features is the reef, also thanks to the Indian Ocean, there is a tropical climate ideal for diving. To point out that thanks to national parks located in this location, Madagascar is considered the country with the richest natural heritage to the world.

Seychelles: here are 16 islands known for its beaches of very white color and crystal clear waters. In addition to relaxation, in this place you can have fun doing rock climbing and exploration of various types, discovering vegetation and animal species of a certain rarity, almost unique in the world.
Usually before leaving for a trip, families with children looking for suitable facilities to receive entire families, so we will show you some places where you can entertain everyone, including mom and dad.

Adriatic coast: this is a location that stands out just to be equipped and designed for families, so much so that between Rimini and Riccione, there are the famous water parks including the most famous of all Europe, Aquafan. Not to mention the various folk performances and many shops ideal for shopping.
Bavaria: one can say with certainty that this country is ideal for children, among the vast meadows, mountains and beautiful lakes. The villages are typical places where you can sample the traditional cakes and for lovers of the beverage blonde beer. And you, where will you go? For other updates you click the “Follow” at the top right next to the name of the author.


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Reopen the Caminito del Rey, trekking for brave hearts

In Malaga from March 28 back to life the world’s most dangerous path, a walkway thrilling that allows you to live in a privileged way the canyons Andalusian.
Spring is already among us and the mind starts to wander to the discovery of new city break to stay up to date. Thanks to the offers of cheap flights required only a weekend to take flight and follow a dream. When talking about Spain, the mind immediately associates the country to the city sparkling like Barcelona and Madrid, in seaside resorts such as Ibiza and Formentera but the offer is really wide and really worth expand horizons and why not get to hunt novelty. One of the cult that tourists are targeting when the sun keeps company and brightens the days is Andalusia, laughing actually overlooking the Mediterranean and one of the points of reference for those who want to visit the Costa del Sol and enjoy the bustle of the resort as Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola and Mijas.


Not only sea, sunbathing and a wild nightlife, there is another interesting idea for those who love season with a pinch of pepper a holiday: near Malaga to dominate the scene is the Caminito del Rey, or the Path of the King, and 2015 seems to be his year, it also says the Lonely Planet that entered the destination among the 10 unforgettable experiences to live in the coming months. Just in time for spring, on March 28, 2015, will reopen to the public what many call a paradise for hikers. That’s right, this walkway built on the walls of Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gives 3 km thrilling where space for walking results in wide ramps, or should I say narrow, only 1 meter, all obviously hanging in the air, up to 100 meters high above the river Guadalhorce.


Many are curious but, given the conditions reached decidedly risky, given the absence of balustrades and the presence of unsafe traits that have caused several fatalities, we come to the end of the journey. We are in El Chorro, near Álora about an hour’s drive from Malaga where, between 1901 and 1905, in order to create a channel of communication necessary to Sociedad Hidroeléctrica del Chorro to transport materials between the Leap Salto del Chorro and Gaitanejo, this walkway was built: the platform took its present name following the passage of the Spanish king Alfonso XIII who traveled in the inauguration of the dam Conde del Guadalhorce.

After fifteen years of closure is the time to look around on that wonderful window on the world that no longer severed his breath for fear but only for the beauty of what the eyes see, a new perspective, an adventure secured thanks to new rules developed in order not to put more at risk the lives of those who come to experience this magic. This is not just a gimmick for tourism, rehabilitate this is also means to return a piece of history to all those who inhabit the area and who have always lived this link as a bridge of direct contact with the population beyond the site mountains surrounding these places. These are the reasons that led the Board of Malaga, in collaboration with the three Councils of Alora, Antequera and Ardales and several ministries, to work on the recovery of what was a real institution that deserved to be pulled out of the degradation in where he was.


The trail is accessible from two entrances on the north by Ardales while, on the south by Alora: before you start driving it is good to keep in mind that the distance is limited to a presence of up to 600 people a day, for up to 50 every half hour, and data spaces decidedly meager, is passable only in one direction. Eye to the times, it is good to be generous and assess how they could but, in principle, the whole journey takes about four to five hours to complete. To enchant the view not only the route itself but also everything that surrounds, do not forget that the Caminito del Rey is located in a beautiful natural area dominated by a stunning flora and fauna living face to you with beauty as pine, oak, pine and eucalyptus still juniper trees, broom, reeds, oleanders and tamarisk, natural habitat of wild birds mountain like the vulture, golden eagle, the honey buzzard as well as several species of amphibians and reptiles.

The adventure whets your appetite and, to delight the more adventurous, the Kiosko so called because, in the beginning, in the 50s, it was simply a kiosk where you can find something to refresh the palate but, today, after more than fifty ‘ years, has turned into a real refreshment dedicated to all those who reach the area of ​​Desfiladero de los Gaitanes and they earned a gastronomic experience to do the full of energy after so much effort.